Choosing a hoist for the construction site

The hoist is a lifting equipment. It has compact dimensions and allows lifting, holding and moving various loads as quickly and safely as possible. In functional terms, the equipment has many similarities with standard hoist, but has one significant advantage over it – electric drive. Mechanisms of this plan are widely used in production, but they are most in demand at various construction sites..

Despite the fact that now there are a lot of modern lifting mechanisms, hoists do not lose their relevance. This is largely due to the fact that with the help of this equipment it is possible to carry out the movement of goods both in the vertical and horizontal plane.

The hoist should be selected taking into account the specifics of its future application – the features of the technological process and the climatic conditions of the area where it will occur. You can use such equipment both indoors and outdoors.

Operation is possible at temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees. Choosing telphers for the construction industry, preference should be given to two-speed models. They can switch to a slower rate of raising and lowering the load. Single-speed capable of working in a single mode.

By type of installation, telphers are divided into mobile and stationary. The latter are of two types:

• with support legs;

• outboard.

Suspended models are usually attached to the upper beam. To ensure reliable fixation, special loops or hooks are provided in them. The mobile hoist moves on a rail trolley. In the construction sector, both stationary and mobile models are used. Which option is more preferable is determined by the specifics and volumes of lifting work at the facility.

Also, hoists with a reduced construction height (SPM) are widely used. They are adapted for use in rooms with low ceilings. They are distinguished by high load capacity..

For construction sites with non-standard climatic conditions, models with appropriate qualities should be purchased. On sale are frost-resistant telphers designed for use in the Arctic, as well as models resistant to dust, high humidity, fire, etc..

Choosing a hoist for the construction site

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