The choice of material for the walls of the bathroom

Finishing a bathroom is not an easy task: after all, besides the fact that we want the wall covering to serve for a long time in conditions of high humidity, it also must meet our requirements regarding appearance. What requirements should meet material for bathroom walls? Let’s look at the most popular types of coatings and determine their advantages and disadvantages..

Ceramic tile – a leader among wall finishes

Most often in our area, ceramic tiles are trusted. And this is quite deserved: it is water resistant, it is easy to provide proper care for it, in addition, the temperature changes are terrible for the tile and it does not conduct electric current. Although it costs more than some materials, its durability and reliability completely compensate for the difference in price. Today on sale you can find glass tiles. With its help, walls can be made voluminous, in addition, a pattern can be made under it, which will bring originality to the room.

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A worthy replacement for ceramic tiles is porcelain. It is made by firing dry ceramic sand. Finishing made from this material will be able to please you for a long time. Many note the high quality of porcelain stoneware made in China..

Quite rarely in the bathroom use wallpaper. Their main advantage is saving money. But this material is completely unsuitable for use in conditions of high humidity. Over time, increased humidity exerts its influence – the wallpaper begins to paste over at the seams and below. In addition, mold may appear on them. A way out of this situation may be fiberglass wallpaper, but preparing the walls and applying them will take a lot of time and effort.

Plastic panels and mirrors find their customers

Wall decoration in the bathroom can be done using plastic panels. They are convenient to use, quick to install, and are characterized by the possibility of replacement and low cost. Besides this material for bathroom walls has a wide selection of colors. But not everyone considers plastic finishing the most cozy and comfortable, in addition, it is sensitive to temperature changes..

The bathroom walls made of mirrors look quite original. With their help, you can finish the entire room, but you can only part of it. Mirrors give the room more light. But an important condition when choosing this material is good ventilation – because the mirrors are easily misted. In addition, this finish is in good harmony with other types of materials..

Another reliable modern material for bathroom walls is an agglomerate. It looks like a durable thin film. It is easy to cut, plastic. In addition, it is possible to apply agglomerate on walls that are not distinguished by special evenness. In addition, before applying the walls do not need pre-treatment. However, the cost of such finishes is slightly higher than ceramic tiles..

Other finishing materials

As a finishing material for the bathroom, you can use a mosaic. Its main advantages are durability, practicality, resistance to temperature extremes and excellent appearance. However, the application of this material on the wall is not the easiest, moreover, it will take a lot of time. First, the piece needs to be broken into small parts, and then lay out the pattern from them. One square meter of mosaic is usually stacked throughout the working day. Mosaic can be platinum, glass, gold and other types. Natural marble is very high quality, but at the same time expensive. It can give the room a unique elegance and serve for a long period of time..

Other options for wall decoration in the bathroom can be water-dispersion paint, glass blocks, decorative plaster and wood that has been treated with a waterproof coating.

You may notice that today there is a wide variety of finishing materials for walls in the bathroom. Each of them is characterized by its own indicators. It is worth noting that usually the desire to achieve maximum savings results in additional costs, because poor-quality coverage will soon require replacement. Therefore, when choosing material for the bathroom, try to weigh everything «behind» and «against».

The choice of material for the walls of the bathroom

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