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Wireless Home Theater – An Overview of the Pros and Cons

Wireless home theater

Home cinema is the most popular entertainment tool at the moment. However, to choose among the huge number of models offered is not at all simple. The main criterion by which home theaters are distinguished is the presence of wires connecting all the components into a single system: either a wireless home theater or wires. That’s just the technology without wires, many still do not inspire confidence, even when you consider that the progress in this matter has gone very far.


  • Pros and Cons of Wireless Home Cinema
  • Main feature: high-quality sound

Pros and Cons of Wireless Home Cinema

A wireless home cinema is worth choosing if:

  • in the near future it is not planned to make repairs, during which it will be possible to hide the wires in the wall, but there are a sufficient number of outlets to optimally install the components of the cinema;
  • the appearance of multi-meter wire intricacies violates the aesthetic perception of the room and annoys the owner;
  • a “sophisticated” speaker system is purchased with a large number of speakers and several subwoofers for a specially designated and suitable room.
Wireless Home Theaters

Connection Evolution – No Wires

Do not dwell on this option if:

  • there is at least one other source of high-frequency radiation in the house or apartment, as the interference will affect the signal quality. A microwave or Wi-Fi router, even in another room, can change the sound quality. This factor must be taken into account, despite the fact that some manufacturers claim that the problem has already been solved;
  • for a complex speaker system there is no way to create conditions of maximum efficiency, for example, to free the room from furniture, to install speakers at an even distance from each other. The sound quality will drop sharply, and expensive equipment will not justify the funds invested in it.

Main feature: high-quality sound

The next stage of selection is the budget one and is associated with the amount that you plan to spend on a home theater.

A home cinema can be a set of expensive equipment, which includes an LCD or plasma TV, a high-quality speaker system, a disc player equipped with a multi-channel sound processor – all this is expensive, but you can’t create an authentic presence effect and save money.

If image quality is not a priority when choosing, then it is better to buy a standard DVD player and choose inexpensive speakers for it. The same option is suitable if the system is installed in a normal room. This is just the case when it makes no sense to purchase a home theater with wireless speakers.

Home Cinemas

Home cinema fits perfectly into the interior

In a full-fledged home theater, sound plays no less role than the image, therefore, the choice of speakers should be approached taking into account a number of requirements. A home theater with wireless speakers is ideal for those who prefer high-quality sound and are tired of getting confused in wires. It is believed that for the presence effect when viewing, the minimum number of sound channels is determined by the ratio of 5.1 (5 speakers and 1 subwoofer) and this is the amount that is offered in most speakers.

However, there are more complex systems (7.1 or even 9.2), the main task of which is to create such an ideal sound that it is very difficult for an amateur to catch all the sound nuances. But, if such a need arises, wireless acoustics for a home theater is almost the only acceptable solution, because the mere thought of connecting so many devices using wires can cause panic. However, do not flatter yourself: the system will not be completely wireless – all the same, speakers need an adapter to connect to the network, they can work on batteries for an extremely short time.

Home theater wireless

Lack of wires creates a sense of harmony

Important! Wireless speakers for a home theater have several drawbacks: sometimes the sound signal may be distorted by a slight noise, the speakers should be installed next to a power outlet, analog devices are sensitive to interference and so far only available in sets of expensive theater systems.

When choosing a home theater model, pay attention to the karaoke function, even if you don’t feel like singing at all now, and you never really wanted to. You don’t have to pay a lot for this function, but on occasion a wireless home theater with karaoke can please the owner and guests with the opportunity to have fun and interesting time, performing their favorite songs.

Given all the factors, it makes sense to purchase wireless home theaters if:

  • there is a desire to create a powerful acoustic effect;
  • all the necessary conditions have been created for its creation (the technical conditions are observed and the room is properly prepared);
  • there is no desire to constantly stumble over wires that entangled the room;
  • the financial side of the issue can be neglected;
  • professional skills place high demands on sound quality.

In any other case, it is better to dwell on a less complex system, which is quite capable of satisfying its owner with high-quality image and sound.


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