Inflatable pools - what to choose, how to install and repair

Inflatable pools

One of the most popular forms of recreation for the summerMany of us - a holiday in the nature near the pond where you can swim on a hot day. For swimming was the most accessible and safe, many settle in their suburban areas, stationary pools. However, not everyone is ready for the construction of fairly complex engineering structures. A good alternative can be a stationary pools, inflatable pools, a large number of which appeared recently on the market. They are suitable for those who do not want to conceive a long building process, and for those who like to save time and money. Indeed, most of these basins is distinguished just the low price and ease of assembly.

Most people buy inflatable poolscottages to quickly organize a family holiday at the weekend. This inflatable pool is strongly associated with the concept for our country rest, because it is used only in summer, but in winter is parsed and stored, without taking up much space.


  • Construction of inflatable pools
  • Their competitive advantage
  • How to choose an inflatable swimming pool
  • What would bathe the children?
  • Mounting and installation of swimming pools
  • What and how to seal the damage
Pool cottages

Swimming pool in the country - the best for a family holiday

Construction of inflatable pools

As a rule, modern inflatable poolsnot made of rubber, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Three layers of PVC films provide durability and safety of the pool sides. The design of the pool is usually round or oval bowl, often with an inflatable ring at the top, which supports a translucent or opaque side. In some basins, mostly children, inflatable bottom, too.

Their competitive advantage

The benefit for choosing inflatable pool say many times:

  • Fast installation. It takes 10 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the pool.
  • Mobility. This pool can be installed almost anywhere and just as easily removed. If necessary, it is easy to move to another place.
  • Inflatable pool most transportable, assembled it lighter and smaller, for example, frame swimming pool.
  • For children, it is most suitable inflatable pools, since they will only heated water, they are soft safe side and a large number of design variations.
  • Pool PVC is very easy to clean by simply wiping it inside and out.
  • Price inflatable pool pretty low.

The main drawback of such a product - a certain fragility. The inflatable pool can last you 2-3 seasons. The benefits, of course, much more.

Therefore, the majority of customers who asked the question, how to serve them inflatable pools - the most positive reviews.

It is interesting! In the middle of the last century it appeared Intex company - a small company for the production of inflatable products. Now it is a huge corporation with a number of staff more than fifteen thousand people, which has branches in several European countries and in Hong Kong. The company's products are sold in dozens of countries around the world.

How to choose an inflatable swimming pool

So you've decided to buy it inflatablepool. What kind of pool to choose from a whole variety of options, now available on the market? In the selection process, you will find offers of two or three large companies that produce roughly the same quality and price pools, so, most likely, the problem is reduced to the choice of the pool you needed size and design. First we need to define the purpose of the pool. Will they use only the children, or do you want to spend there time with your family? Maybe you will have to gather a large company or you want to buy a spa pool, which will give you a massage with air bubbles?

The smallest pool

Swimming pool for kids with a small capacity

It's your choice, there are swimming pools in length from 90centimeters to 6 meters, with capacity from 45 liters up to 25 tons! If you are in the area is not very well organized water supply, then you will not be able to fill such a huge bowl, even for the whole day. Choose based on your real needs and opportunities. Decide on the color, shape and appearance of the pool. If you want to see the diversity of design, what are inflatable pools - photo in the advertising leaflet or online help to navigate and make selections.

The largest pool

The largest swimming pool. Capacity - about 25 tons

Also be sure to take into account the size of the pool, whether included in his set accessories.

  • filter pump which delivers water while purifying it,
  • bedding under the pool, to avoid damage to the bottom,
  • awning on the pool to protect the water from falling debris and insects,
  • net to remove debris,
  • ladder (for large pools)
  • set for maintenance,
  • repair kit,
  • hlorogenerator water disinfection,
  • water heater.

Not all of these accessories are necessary and not for everyonethey approach the pool. It is necessary to choose those who need you. For example, whether to buy a heater for the children's pool? Inflatable swimming pools for children, tend to be small, do not require additional hot water, besides electric heaters are used only for pools with a capacity of more than two tons.

Filter pump

Pump water filter

Tent and bedding for the pool

Essential Accessories - tent and bedding


Accessory for large pools - hlorogenerator

What would bathe the children?

Special mention should be inflatable paddling pool,since the main consumers of these products - it's still children. The main difference between the children's pool - it is his size and bright eye-catching design. How to choose an inflatable swimming pool for children? Of course, first of all need to focus on the child's age.

For kids there are very small pools inof which a little water, only 40-90 liters, and it heats up very quickly. For those who already know how to walk, manufacturers produce pools slip slippery bottom, and there are already quite roomy options for older children.

Pool for children and adults

Family pool

Among the variety you can even find kidsinflatable pool with a small canopy to protect from direct sunlight. Well, if your child is already quite independent, you can safely buy a family pool.

Inflatable pool with slide

Inflatable pool with slide

However, most any child like it is not just a regular pool as well, such as a swimming pool with a fountain or waterfall, inflatable pool with a slide, or even a gaming complex!

Inflatable play complex

Inflatable game set in the form Fields

It is interesting! Bestway company since 1993 produces PVC products, including inflatable swimming pools for children. It is a major producer, four plants which manufactured products for export around the world. Over dozens of swimming pools design specialists work, trying to take into account all the wishes of customers. Therefore, among the products of this company can be seen and inflatable paddling pool with slide and adult swimming pools, from small to large, and spa pools with air massage.

Mounting and installation of swimming pools

The first is very necessary to carefully prepare the placeto install the pool. From this period of his life will depend. You must select the most firm and flat place on the site, without bias. Do not install the pool on loose surfaces such as sand. Then you need to remove all sharp and hard objects - twigs, stones, lumps of earth. You can lay a strong pool thick cloth or special bedding under the pool, which is sold or bundled with some samples, or separately.

Swimming pool with a fountain and a slide

To prevent damage or breakage, can not bedrag the pool on the ground, it is better to bring it to the desired location and carefully selected to decompose it, smoothing out all wrinkles. If you are going to inflate the pool with the help of an electric pump sludge involves the use of the electrostatic precipitator, it is necessary to provide for the presence of electricity near the pool. Next you need to inflate the pool, following the instructions, do not pumping it above the norm. We must remember that when heated air is greatly expanded, and if you are very tight inflate the pool during the cooler hours in the afternoon, when the temperature rises strongly, it may break.

It is interesting! Inflatable pools Funny Sharky - this company's products Polygroup, known manufacturer of inflatable pools. The company was founded a quarter-century ago, and now it includes offices in the US, China, Europe.

What and how to seal the damage

Unfortunately, non-compliance with the installation rules andoperation of pools sometimes have to repair it. There are several options how to seal the inflatable pool. To find a puncture or rupture, inflate the pool needs a little and put it into the water, can be parts. Bubbles will show you the location of damage, it should be noted that a pen or marker. Complete with swimming pool usually has a set for repair. It is best to use it. If such was not, in the store you can buy a special repair kit car cameras. First you need to thoroughly clean the puncture with sandpaper, then remove the protective film from the patch and apply it to the affected area. After that, you must firmly hold this position a clamp, which can be removed in an hour.

If you are the owner of an inflatable pooltry to correctly install it, just drain the water, avoid heavy soiling. In winter, remove the storage pool in the right place, and he will serve for the joy you and your children a few years!

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