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What is better to choose a water heater? search landmarks

What is better to choose a water heater?

Most people decided to buywater heater in the summer, when the utilities shut off the hot water, to carry out repair and maintenance work. In addition, water heaters are vital to those who live in a country house, where the centralized hot water supply is absent. Then there is a keen interest in what some have water heaters - how to choose from a variety of existing devices suitable model. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic functions and features of the water heater, which are widely represented in the domestic market of home appliances. The first thing you need to decide what type of water heater will suit you, what fuel it will work. Here the choice is small - or a gas water heater or electric.


  • Economical gas water heater
  • Electric storage water heating device
  • Electric instantaneous water heater
  • Landmarks selection unit

Economical gas water heater

If the presence of gas in the house most convenientuse gas cylinder (column) - it heats the water faster than electric. These modern devices are safe to use: if the burner is suddenly extinguished, the gas supply is suspended.

The internal structure of the gas water heater

The internal structure of the gas water heater

The process is completely ignition deviceautomated gas burns completely during start-up. The main advantage of the gas water heater compared to electric is its efficiency (gas is cheaper than electricity).

The question is, how to install a gas water heater - flow or accumulation.

Table definitions cylinder volume

Table definitions cylinder volume

If a large family (7-10 people), you caninstall a storage unit with a capacity of over 200 liters. For a small family should choose a flow gas water heater, which heats the water almost instantly. be sure to ask about his capacity When selecting such a device. If there is no need to use the shower while washing dishes in the kitchen, it is possible to choose a gas unit with capacity of 18-19 kilowatts. And the parallel use of warm water in the bathroom and in the kitchen, water heater capacity shall be not less than 24 kW. By the way, for the electric water heaters such power is considered to be prohibitive, the thickness of the wires for a liner would be no less than the thickness of a finger. Therefore, if the house has a gas water heater question what is better - gas or electric - should not even arise. Of course, gas.

Water heater - the best choice

Water heater - the best choice

Low cost of gas water heatersIt makes them available for a wide range of customers. There is one caveat that you need to consider buying a gas water heater - you need to bring to the streets of gas combustion products. They tend to be discharged to the outside through the hood. On this issue, you need to consult with a specialist. If gas is no kitchen (which in recent years, unfortunately, increasingly common), you need to shift the focus on the electric water heaters. Then you need to decide is another question on which the water heater to stop - flow or storage?

Electric storage water heating device

The water heater (boiler) water35-38ºS heats up and its temperature is then maintained at this level automatically. When you open the tap warm water flows from the tank, but instead in the next portion of the tank with cold water enters. The duration of the heating water in the water heater the data depends on two parameters. This volume of the tank and the power of PETN. To the energy losses are minimized, water tanks insulating performed (as thermos), which does not allow water to give heat to warm the room where the heater is installed.

Typical unit water heater

Typical device accumulating electric water heater

Such a device can be connected to an ordinary wall socket,since no high power is required to gradually heat the water. For example, a 150-liter water heaters of this type consume no more than 2 kW. It is this fact makes these devices popular because they can be installed in almost any room. In addition, the high demand for them due to other advantages storage water heaters: the water can be spent from two intake points at the same time - and in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

On the other hand, and some boilers havelimitations. This large size, the need for periodic maintenance: cleaning of the heating elements of the scum, the replacement of the magnesium anode. It is no secret that any heater in operation is covered with scale, which reduces its heat and, hence, increasing power consumption for heating the water. To protect the heater from scale, next to it is inserted in the form of a magnesium anode rod. Dissolved in operation, it reduces the formation of scale. As wearability, and it depends on the frequency of use and the water hardness level, the anode changing. The amount of hot water depends on the capacity of the tank, so choosing a water heater, you need to navigate to the desired capacity.

At too large tank power consumptionthere will be more, and it will occupy too much space. Therefore it is necessary to think well, to select the device with the optimal capacity for you, do not spend the extra money and do not take up extra space. If the water heater is only required to supply warm water in case of periodic shutdowns will be sufficient volume of 10-15 liters. Only the shower is sufficient tank unit with a capacity of 50 liters. For hot tubs need to tank up to 150 liters. In a country house, where there is no centralized hot water supply, the required volume is 200 liters or more.

By the way: for a country house it is useful to the presence of such additional functions as to prevent freezing, which is indicated by the icon "snowflake" on the control panel.

Most manufacturers produce modelshorizontal and vertical design, recently created and modern universal design (installed on demand - either horizontally or vertically).

Electric instantaneous water heater

Flowing water heaters operate on the followingprinciple passes through the heating element, the water immediately flows from the hot tap (up to 60 ° C). These compact devices are easy to install and reset, if necessary, to a new location. Their big disadvantage - high capacity - from 3 to 24 kW. For this reason they can only ospolzovat in locations where electric network is provided to a high power. In homes with conventional wiring, where there are gas stoves, the maximum permissible load on the grid - 3 kW.

Schematic device instantaneous water heater

Schematic device instantaneous water heater

Therefore, choosing such a device, it is necessary not to changeOnly the wiring, but also counter induction machine, and install more additional machine directly to the water heater. These costs could exceed the cost of the water heater. In houses equipped with electric stoves, the maximum load on the network - 8 kW. In this case, the wiring boards can be connected to flow water heater, but the use of these devices can be alternately only. The main advantage of instantaneous water heaters is that they are capable of delivering hot water in unlimited quantities, well, the disadvantage is the inability to simultaneously provide multiple points of hot water.

Landmarks selection unit

1. Which device will suit you best: electric or gas.

2. Calculate how much hot water you need, select the amount of water heater or power flow.

3.Opredelites place with the installation of the device for heating water: on the wall above the sink or under it, and select the appropriate model.

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