Water supply

Water supply in the country with their own hands: the simplest methods of device

Water supply in the country with their own hands

The fact that water is needed in the country, to convinceone does not need. This is so obvious. That is why we immediately have a detailed look at how to make the water supply in the country with their own hands, in view of its use at different times of the year. Separately consider summer and winter water pipes, talk about the water intake devices, as well as provide a list of necessary tools.


  • Wells and boreholes
  • Summer water with his own hands
  • Winter cottage water
    • Laying of plastic water pipe
    • Pump Water connection
  • Water-folding device
  • A simplified scheme of water supply system
  • Installation tools

Wells and boreholes

The first step is to select the sourcewater. The cheapest and easiest way to ensure the garden is a fresh water well construction. It may have a different depth. It all depends on the depth of groundwater. Basically it does not exceed fifteen meters, but because of the well construction costs at minimal cost. However, such a construction provides a small amount of water (up to 200 liters per hour), in addition to it there are a variety of impurities (nitrates, heavy metals, bacteria).

Driving well device

Driving well device

A more acceptable option sandy well construction, the depth of which depends on the aquifer can be from 15 to 30 meters.

Such a structure per hour can produce about 1.5 cubic meters of water, enough for a small house.

What better a well or borehole?

What better a well or borehole?

Drilling wells is carried sand screwmethod - rock is removed to the surface. This typically takes 3 to 5 days. However, in a sandy aquifer contains a lot of clay and sand, and in this case because the filtration equipment required.

The construction of artesian wells

The deeper the well - the more likely the absence of undesirable impurities in the water

The best way to water isartesian well. Water rises from it under pressure. Such a well may produce about 10 cubic meters of water per hour. In this case necessarily cased use of metal pipes. The life of a well is about fifty years old.

Summer water with his own hands

First, consider the aqueduct device in the country, which will operate only during the summer period. Use this water for watering plants in the country, connecting summer shower and current household needs. In winter, its operation is not provided. Summer water supply in the country can be both permanent and demountable.

The most common is waterpipes (hoses) which lie directly on the ground. Make a simple water or silicone rubber hose, connected to each other adapters. Connection adapter is on sale, they are made of galvanized steel or plastic. On sale there are also special latches on the one hand, who "ruffs", which put the hose on the other hand handy spring-loaded connector. These latches can connect and disconnect in a single movement. They are quite capable to provide a reliable joint. Note that when purchasing hoses need to take rubber with thick walls, which are reinforced with kapron fibers. Of course, plastic water pipe in the country will be cheaper, but these pipes will last longer - 15 years, at least.

Summer water from plastic pipes

Summer cottage on the water from plastic pipes

For permanent summer water pipes needlaid in the ground, and on the surface of the display hydrants. In this case, you just a little bit to fill the pipe underground, so as not to stumble on them and for safety against theft.

The main drawback of a permanent summerrunning water - the need to respect the slope to the place of connection - to the main highway. In this lowest point of the aqueduct placed drain valve to drain the water for the winter. Otherwise, the water may freeze and break the tube.

Winter cottage water

Now on to the more solid and capitalschemes. Let's start with a description of the winter running water. Winter does not mean that it can be used only in the winter, just in this title means that water conducted on permanent basis and it can be operated at any time of the year.

Driving autonomous way winter aqueduct

An example of an autonomous water supply system in the country winter

For pumping water from a well, it is better to usesubmersible pump. Its power is selected depending on the depth at which the water will be supplied. rather small "stream" for the well to a depth of ten meters or "Aquarius." If water is supplied from a well, you have to buy a more powerful pump, which will cost considerably more expensive.

Due to the fact that during installation the winterrunning water pump must be connected to a voltage source, it is permissible to combine cabling and running water in a single casing of plastic sewer pipes. It is good to protect against freezing and mechanical damages.

Laying of plastic water pipe

For installation, you can use running waterplastic pipes with connections to the soldering or special plastic fittings. For connections to use a special soldering electrosolderers. It is worth it is not very expensive, in addition to specialty stores often offer such soldering irons in the rental. For the installation of the pipeline, a soldering iron is required not more than one day. Connections on the fittings perform "bare hands" without soldering. For a typical house, completely fit the pipe diameter of 20 or 25 millimeters.

Fittings and Pipe

Fittings and Pipe

When laying the water pipe must be placed below the frost line. The value of this quantity for each climatic zone can be found in special directories.

But often, not to dig too deep trench, use one of the following methods:

  • Absorb laid at a depth of 60 centimeterspipe insulation 20-30 cm layer of foam crumb, furnace slag, expanded clay, etc. The main condition is that the insulation do not absorb moisture, and was strong enough.
  • Insulated pipe insulation systemconsisting of a special thermal insulation and casing made of corrugated polyethylene. With this system it is possible to make the depth of the trench is significantly smaller (about 30 centimeters).
  • Lay the heating cable, which allows and does lay the pipe to the surface. But I have a lot to pay for electricity.

Note that the trench should be close to home at a right angle, because the need to undermine the foundation, which is fraught with its draft and the formation of cracks in the wall.

Pump Water connection

To connect the pump to the water nearthe well is necessary to make a pit with a depth of one meter, and the size of 70x70 centimeters. The walls of the pit lay out a brick or reinforce other means, such as antiseptic-impregnated boards. The bottom of the pit would be more correct to fill in concrete or in extreme cases to fill with gravel and compacted.

Pump Water connection

Pump Water connection

The pit output and fix a water pipewith "ruff" for attaching the hose which comes from the pump as well as electrically. Function sump is that it is easy to disconnect and remove the pump if necessary. Pit insulated to prevent freezing of water in the hose pump.

An example of a pump connection

An example of a pump connection

To connect the pump setWeatherproof outlet or use a hermetic connector, better known as the "male-female". The main condition is that the pump at the same time can be safely connected and disconnected even if the cable will be energized.

Water-folding device

BALL VALVE bibcocks

BALL VALVE bibcocks

In order to make a water in the country, weundecided. Now a closer look at the water intake devices. For use in the streets should be fine bronze or cast iron gate valves, as well as conventional cranes Crane Books. In ball valves attractive appearance, but their use is not desirable when the crane is a long time in the open position, or vice versa - is closed, as well as the strong temperature fluctuations and the impact of atmospheric precipitation - these cranes can quickly fail.

The most difficult element is the water pipeWater-folding unit, which is located outdoors or in an unheated room. To him impose special requirements, because he has to work at low temperatures. Usually use standpipes. Lack column - installation labor and high cost.

A simplified scheme of water supply system

There is a simple scheme of water supply system,which is far from perfect, but it can also be recommended cottagers. Driving device with a so-called crane drainer shown in Fig.

Crane Driving with drainer

Crane Driving with drainer

The principle of operation is quite simple and straightforward. additional drain is placed in the lower part, which has a very small hole, pick up empirically. Typically, the hole diameter of one millimeter. When the valve is in the closed position, the water that fills the "jib" in this port flows into a pit and does not have time to freeze. When the valve is in the open position, some of the water, too, is in the pit, and there is absorbed into the ground, but, as the diameter of the hole is very small, the main flow of water goes through a hydrant. During the summer, the drain valve is fully overlap, "winter" valve remains open, and is only used "summer."

This aqueduct scheme in the country has a lot ofshortcomings, among which are the two main ones: a constant humidity in the pit and water loss. But thanks to the simplicity and reliability of this construction is actively used in the cottages.

Installation tools

To complete installation of running water in the country will need the following tools:

  • Cutter for cutting pipes
  • Monkey wrench
  • Sandpaper
  • Sets of gas and wrenches
  • Knife
  • Pencil
  • Roulette
  • A set of keys

In order not to rip off the skin of palms while tightening the fittings using a conventional pipe wrench number two. For earthworks useful good shovel with a small crowbar.

And finally, we note that the first thing you need to perform a breakdown of the future route running water on the ground, you need to measure and calculate the number of valves, tees, angles, tubes, etc.

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