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Now, many citizens think about installingmeter, because it helps reduce the cost of utility bills. Recently acquired a special significance of water metering devices. When installing such devices as water meters consumer reviews to help make the right choice.

Water meters are used throughout: to account for the water in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as municipal and communal area. With them being the power consumption and monitoring of waste water (hot and cold) as well as a coolant.


  • Good reasons for the installation of flow meters
  • What are water meters on the market
  • Manufacturers of water meters
  • Subtleties choice of water meter

Good reasons for the installation of flow meters

Everyone pays the utility bills. A separate line in the payment takes charge of water supply, which usually accounts for about 20% of the total amount. At the same time it does not matter, whether living in the apartment owners and whether they use water, or temporarily absent. You have to pay for as many people as spelled out in the house. Thus, it is possible to install water meters apartment, so as not to overpay

Owners say that they use watermuch smaller than the public service is credited in the payment. According to unofficial data revealed that Vodokanal in different regions and localities in the loss of laying up to 30% of the cost of the natural resource, which is explained by a high proportion of non-payers. Save can only filling of water meter that allows you to pay only for the amount of water that you use.

In some houses practiced payment for consumptionWater on actual consumption: amount of natural resources is divided into the number of people who are registered in a particular house. And in such a situation, even the most frugal person will at the same time pay for themselves and for their neighbors, taking a bath for days.

In addition, the living space can be leased to a privaterent, apartments in other water can waste away because of the flow pipe. To pay for this expense out of pocket, water meters should be sure to install in his apartment.

Brief History. In Soviet times, the measuring instruments used exclusively industrial enterprises. Even speech was not about water consumption registered in homes and individual flats. Demand for counters began to grow in the mid-nineties, when increased water prices. People gradually began to think about saving expenses on utilities by installing meters.

What are water meters on the market

In the domestic market is currentlyrepresented by many different water meters. Depending on the operating principle of the commercially available mechanical models, anti-magnetic and electromagnetic water meters, vortex and ultrasonic variations, as well as the pulse water meter. For the water meter needs to be powered, so all of these types of devices are divided into non-volatile, in the design of the battery which is built in, and volatile, they work from the outlet.

Standard equipment of the new counter

Standard equipment of the new counter: directly to the device, connection fittings, rubber O-rings. It is recommended to complement the assembly kit of mechanical cleaning filter and a check valve

In addition, there are a hot water metersa temperature sensor and a mechanical device to account for the cold water. They differ in the material of which the component parts - bearings and the impeller. Cold water meters intended for the natural resource, which is the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. Meters designed for hot water to account for the fluid with temperature not higher than 130 - 150 degrees.

Market range counters - very wide. water meters are divided into domestic and industrial. Water meters with a diameter of 15 - 25 mm are used for water metering in homes, small cottages and apartments, and water meters with the index 25 - 400 mm are designed to take account of the natural resource in municipal and industrial water supply systems.

Manufacturers of water meters

And so, water meters - which is better buy? In the Russian market today, there are water meters of all types of domestic and foreign manufacturers. In addition, the Russian Federation State Register of registered and certified nearly 500 species of water meters. Among the largest companies whose products are in great demand on the Russian market, highlight companies such as: Zenner-Vodopribor, ABB, Wehrle, Viterra, and heat supply network enterprise Mytishchi.

Among the most popular manufacturers have companythat their products collect in the country under the licenses of Western producers from imported components. There are also firms that use their own spare parts and domestic developments. Such an abundance of meters reflects the urgent market need for these devices.

Subtleties choice of water meter

What to buy water meters: how to choose the right model? Each user will have to choose from a large number of water meter models that are for sale. Among the wide range of instrumentation-deserved love of consumers, above all, enjoy the products of German firms. However, we note that the distinction between foreign and domestic goods in many cases, quite fine: domestic water meters are manufactured under foreign licenses or joint ventures.

For the person who set up the device andhas the right to seal the water meter, are important specifications - Operating temperature and pressure of the water, as well as the limiting value adder. Buying meter, should take into account the area of ​​accounting, the limit of its sensitivity and permissible pressure loss during installation.

Water meters are often bought in the market andindependently set. In extreme cases, it is responsible task entrusted familiar craftsmen. But if the meter is defective or non-observance of the technical conditions have a problem, blame will have only yourself!

Typical wiring diagram counters

Typical wiring diagram for counters Hot and cold water

Installing water meters according to the recommendedspecial rules for the implementation of the consumption of room counters of cold and hot water. After installation of the water meter should be put into operation - the procedure takes place with the participation of specialists of the respective service at the presence of the owner. In conclusion, there is oplombirovka water meters.

Now you know what counters of wateron the market, the differences between domestic and foreign models, as well as how the process of adoption of the device in operation. It should also be remembered and that shall be periodically checking the counters of water bodies of the State Standard.

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