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Water heaters for houses - how to make the right choice

Water heaters for questioning

Hot water - one of the main criteriacivilized living conditions, which a reasonable owner of the country house seeks to equip its temporary residence. Each of the manufacturers of the equipment, performing the heating of water, supplies the consumer market is now a number of different versions, allows you to purchase equipment with the required characteristics and design features. Due to which the owners of country houses may choose to give water heaters, decisive desired host range of tasks.


  • Gas, wood or electric?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of flow units
  • Storage water heaters, pros and cons
  • The most attractive for gardeners Equipment
An extensive range of water heaters for truckers

An extensive range of water heaters for truckers

A variety of models provides water heating units to owners of cottages possible to equip the house the most efficient installation, the choice of which depends on:

  • availability of network infrastructure, that is, fromconnectivity to the centralized gas and electric grids, as well as to the central water supply system, the probability of future connectivity;
  • of the required amount of hot water;
  • the possibility and the need to dismantle the equipment before the winter season;
  • of capacity, affecting the cost of electrical energy consumption on gas or wood;
  • the design features, such as connecting the water heater circuit in the country, the location of the fluid inlet and outlet points, amount of water intake and other points.

Gas, wood or electric?

Depending on the type of water heater constructionproducing hot water by the use of electrical energy, gas or wood. Simple water heaters for houses - wood, they are installed in the absence of in the region of the central electric and gas networks.

Functioning on the basis of old samovarsTitans need regular cleaning, in a stock of firewood. But they are reliable and suitable for independent water supply device. The disadvantage lies in their temperature regulation difficulties, the need to clean off the soot, ash clean, manually load the fuel.

Driving a gas water heater device

Driving a gas water heater device

Gas water heater - cottage typeequipment that feeds gas from a cylinder or from a centralized network. To connect for whatever scheme you need to equip selected models of the respective nozzles. When connected to a gas cylinder, it is well suited to equip the house, remote from the central communications. Instantaneous gas unit selected hosts that do not require large amounts of hot water. Its advantages include portability and the ability to use the warmed water almost immediately after turning on if the water pressure is great enough. Accumulative gas water heater appliances purchased hosts who need a large volume of hot water. With the processing of small amounts of water perfectly cope filler water heater for the cottages, which is often combined with a washstand type "Moidodyr".

The simplest filler water heater

The simplest inlet water heater - economical option with a small volume

Gas water heaterspreferred for economy. Expenses villas owners in the operation of electrical systems will be higher. But not enough to opt out of the hot water in the event of failure to establish in the country a gas water heater or other device. Now almost every electric water heater is equipped with devices to significantly reduce energy consumption. Heating the relatively large amount of water, equipment automatically shut down. Because electrical installations - quite suitable option that does not require the owner unbearable cost in operation.

For a long time for electric water heatersgarden did not want to buy because of the belief that they are dangerous for families with young children. This is not true, especially as developers of the latest modifications carefully considered all the nuances and aspects of security. Heating elements are located in the housing units, can not be accessed. Neither growing up inquisitive "technician" can not penetrate into the body.

Advantages and disadvantages of flow units

There is an unfounded view that theFlowing water heaters for villas to buy impractical due to the high energy consumption or fuel gas. According to calculations of the flow and storage installations consume energy in almost equal amounts.

Applications instantaneous water heaters

Applications instantaneous water heaters

The list of advantages of the main flow systems are:

  • unlimited amount of hot water supplied;
  • compact dimensions of structures;
  • efficiency as flow-through equipment only heats the water, it does not maintain a constant temperature, a funded system, energy is also consumed for heating the air in the room;
  • lack of need for maintenance;
  • democratic price.

The disadvantages of flowing water heating units include the inability to simultaneously serve multiple water intake points.

Storage water heaters, pros and cons

The popularity of the storage equipment substantiated low power heating elements that reduce operating costs.

Their installation can be performed in any of the suburban areas. The comfortable, functional water heater cumulative prefer to testify because:

  • Simultaneous delivery of hot water in some water intake points;
  • spontaneously produced replenish the volume of water in the process of spending on domestic needs;
  • Equipment fitted with dividers that prevent the mixing of hot water with the incoming spent to replace the volume of cold water.
Practical storage water heater for cottages

Practical storage water heater for cottages

The downside recognize a limited number of hotwater and the need to wait until the required temperature warms up again received by the equipment cold water. Accumulating units need servicing. It is necessary to periodically clean the heating elements of the scale, change anodes, wash the inner surface of the tank.

The need for maintenance is oftenIt leads to incorrect conclusions. Many gardeners think that because of this water heater to give is not worth buying. However, to clean tanks and heating elements are not too difficult. A corrosion-resistant and accumulation of precipitation on the walls of the new model protects the glass ceramic, enamel or enamel coating, enriched with titanium.

The most attractive for gardeners Equipment

Installation for water heating equipment andConnection of the heater in the country depends on the presence or absence of centralized water supply. The owners of summer cottages in the areas to be connected to the central communications may choose any water heater model, focusing only on their needs. Owners of country houses with independent water supply, wishing to install water heaters for a shower in the country, except the pump will need to acquire a holding tank. It will be supplied with water by a pump, and is already out of the outbuildings located mostly on the roof of the tank by gravity water will flow into the water heater. To collect water from a well or wells required pump capacity is to be calculated on the basis of the needs of the owners.

It is very important to gardeners constructivefeature is convenient water drainage design. Most units have a horizontal side inputs and outputs, which is why it is impossible to completely remove all of the water before the winter frosts. Water heaters with a lateral drainage system has to be dismantled before the winter, to give because often buy machines with vertical drain located at the bottom of the devices.

Due to the breadth of the assortment of choicewater heater to testify today is quite simple. It is necessary to pre-weigh the positive and negative qualities of a particular model, to assess the needs and site specific. It will only have to buy and install properly useful acquisition.

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