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Pumps for wells - species specificity installation, valuable advice

Pumps for wells

The organization of water supply cottages or countryHousing is one of the main objectives of the owner. In the absence of centralized water production problem solve aqueduct wells or wells. Mine wells are built for the purpose of sampling free-flow of groundwater, which lie at a depth of 10 m. This does not mean that it is impossible to build wells deeper than simply not economically viable. In this case the drilled hole. In both cases it is necessary to choose the equipment that ensures the water supply. In his role as perform various pumps for wells that manufacturers produce different capacities for the pressure and the volume of injected water per minute.


  • The choice - a decision the fundamental question
  • Temporary use of the well
  • How to choose a pump for well
    • Determination of sufficient capacity
    • An important parameter - the pressure
    • Select the type of unit

  • Surface self-priming technique
  • Submersible Sump equipment
  • Fastening the pump in the well
  • What made the pumps?
  • Options and Accessories
  • Useful advice for installation and operation

The choice - a decision the fundamental question

Many do not know how to choose a pump from the wella rich range of equipment offered on the market by foreign and domestic manufacturers. To make the right choice, experts advise to answer a series of questions, namely:

  • What requires water (watering the garden, washing the car, filing into the house and other purposes)?
  • What are the parameters of the well (the level of groundwater, the depth of water in the well was built, the distance from the well to the house, its design capacity)?
  • What is the minimum required performance of the pump?
  • What is the current head, which should provide a pump?
  • How long pumps will be operated throughout the year?

Temporary use of the well

For the organization of the well water supply forthe provisional application of technical purposes (watering summer planting, maintenance of civil works, car wash) can be purchased for well pump submersible vibration type. This may be a "kid", "Summer resident" and other equipment with the same specifications. It must be borne in mind that a submersible pump is not vibrating strict requirements on performance and pressure. Seasonality application simplifies the operation of the pump. If you want to ensure a year-round high-grade water cottage, then pay attention to the more serious and powerful pumps.

How to choose a pump for well

Determination of sufficient capacity

To determine the required performancePump taken all available in house "delivery point", which include taps in the bathroom and the kitchen, shower, toilet, washing machine, as well as the installation of irrigation, which is outside the house. Summation of water consumption of all devices connected at once, and gives the required pump capacity. We already know that for a comfortable life running water taps should "issue" about 0.6 cubic meters of water per hour.

At the same time the performance of pumps that couldprovide water small cottage, should be an average of 2-4 cubic meters per hour. If you buy a pump below design capacity, then the peak hours it does not provide the necessary amount of water, which will affect the work set in the house equipment.

An important parameter - the pressure

The pump head, in their passport specified by the manufacturer in meters, should provide:

  • sufficient water pressure in the plumbing for household appliances;
  • water rise to a maximum height at which the draw-off point is in the house;
  • overcoming the resistance, which occurs in the pipe when the water flows.

Select the type of unit

In addition to considering the above options when selectingpay attention to the type of pump. Sump pump can be superficial and submersible. Thus each type having its own individual advantages is its field of application. How do you know what is best for the well pump to choose from these two types? It is necessary to deal with the peculiarities of their action.

The scheme of installation sump pump

The scheme of installation sump pump

Surface self-priming technique

These devices are widely distributed amongpopulation. One reason for the popularity is considered a feature of their location - is a source of water. In other words, setting the pump in the well is not required, which facilitates its maintenance and repair. Indeed, sometimes the surface pumps are installed in a building. This equipment is able to lift water, located at a depth of 7-9 meters. And the cost of such pumps a third and sometimes half, less than the cost of submersible equipment for equal performance metrics. Available CALPEDA companies, SPERONI, NOCCHI, SIX-TEAM (Italy), WILO (Germany), the GRUNDFOS (Denmark), "JEELEX" (Russia), EBARA (Italy, Japan).

The main disadvantage of surfaceself-priming pumps is limited suction lift. To increase this setting has to have the pump closer to the well or to increase the diameter of the pipe. Many people simply buy a submersible device to which the problem of unknown data.

Submersible Sump equipment

Submersible pump for well

Submersible pump for well

These devices are based on the name, designedwork underwater. Thus it provided the engine working cooling the pumped water in their structure. So when you turn on without water equipment can overheat, which will cause breakage. By mounting the pump in the well, it is necessary to be aware of the danger of the work "dry fly", and have the equipment so that it was always under water regardless of the fluctuations of its level. For hedging apply automation, switch off the pump when the catastrophic decline of the water level. Accordingly, after filling the well with water, the pump is automatically turned on.

Submersible sump pump is most often chosenfor the organization of water supply in the country cottages. They are characterized by reliability, simple design, low cost, when compared with the cost of other submersible models. Submersible sump pump can lift water from depths of up to 70, and sometimes 100 M. Produced by manufacturers WILO (series TW5/TW5-SE), LOWARA (series Scuba), EBARA (series Idrogo), NOCCHI (series Pratika), CALPEDA (series MXS), OFT (Italy, to Trend series), "JEELEX" (a series of "water jet»), KERSELF (Italy series Omega 12) and other manufacturers. Valued for these devices the ability to supply water at a fairly high altitude.

Fastening the pump in the well

Submersible pumps are suspended on a rope, whichis drawn through eyelets situated in the top cover of the well design. At the same time it is necessary to choose a rope very carefully. Using conventional metal cable is not considered appropriate, since the material will undergo corrosion and be destroyed within four years. Therefore, experts recommend to choose cables with a protective coating. Also to counter corrosion to be applied polymeric tube, which is connected via a pump to a discharge pipe.

Installation of pump

Installation of pump

Install a home deep well pumpso that water extraction was carried out not less than a meter from the bottom of the well. Otherwise, the pump will tighten with the water sand and other dirt that may damage it. Manufacturers will improve models of pumps, preventing the possibility of absorption of contaminated bottom water.

In some models, the water is provided through a fencepipe connected to a flexible hose with a floating filter. Due float filter always lies below the water table, which makes it impossible to suspended particles from entering the pump. Such designs are good for most wells with sand aquifer.

sump pump installation diagrams

sump pump installation diagrams

Experts recommend to buy the pumpfor centrifugal well as such a device is unpretentious and able to work in wells, in which the water does not possess a special quality. Suitable for intensive use over a long period of operation.

The horizontal wells usually practiceinstallation of pumping equipment. With horizontal installation it is recommended to use a protective cover. This will protect the motor against dirt deposits and sand. Also it will provide the desired flow rate, which takes place along the motor.

What made the pumps?

When choosing a pump, take account of materialwhich is used by manufacturers for manufacturing the casing and the impeller. More expensive and durable items made of stainless steel. The low-end models are often used plastic housing. Included with the pump is always electric cable whose length can reach 20 meters, as well as a check valve. In the absence of complete pump float switch is recommended to buy it separately.

Options and Accessories

  • Pumped storage tank is necessary to maintainin a system of constant pressure water supply. Its installation protects the pump from possible frequent switching, and also protects against water hammer water. The power outage time capacious tanks act as an emergency water source. Accumulator - a container made of glass or metal, partly filled with water and partly - air pressurized at 0.2-0.5 atm. It is desirable to have a larger tank, but this affects the cost.
  • Pressure switch, providing automationpump. This device comprises a low pressure accumulator performance below the minimum limit. Then turns off the pump when the upper maximum limit. If there is no automatic operation of the pump has to control visually.
  • Electrocable must have double insulation layer. It is also necessary to protect it from possible damage, for example, animals or lawn mower.

Useful advice for installation and operation

  • Well it is necessary to keep clean. Therefore, it should be periodically to drain completely, scraping the bottom and walls.
  • Water filters are cleaned regularly. The pump is necessary to reach and pull out the filter element. After washing it under running water put into place. This procedure will extend the useful life of equipment, as well as retain the proper cleanliness of the pumped fluid pump.
  • The outflow hose install a check valve. This will reduce the negative impact of water hammer.
  • The pump should be used exactly as prescribed. Thus a device designed to work with pure water is not lowered into the well muddy brown. Otherwise not be able to avoid failure emergency unit.

We hope that after reading this article,questions about the choice of the pump for the well disappear by themselves. If you need further advice, please contact your sales assistant. Do not rush to buy the equipment until you find out all the details of its application in their pit.

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