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Pumping station for the house and garden with his own hands: install and connect yourself

Pumping station for the house and garden with his own hands

Pumping stations for cottages and homes to help solveOne of the most important problems arising from the owners of private housing in the city and outside of it - water. Of course, the question of banal watering can "exhaust" is not as global methods, but if we are talking about streamlined entering water pumping station for the house - is the best-obvious option.

Its installation and commissioning of the armedrelevant knowledge and practical recommendations can be made independently. Moreover, not every region can boast of having a dedicated service are to install the pump station.


  • Advantages of the pump unit
  • Design and principle of operation
  • Technically competent installation CAB
  • Pumping stations - reviews

Advantages of the pump unit

Automatic pump station capable ofto maintain the pressure, which is required for a full stable supply of housing or land the most important fluid level is not worse than in the classical city water.

Household CAB is capable of some timeoperate without power supply. It has a fairly low weight. To make the process of installing the power of even one person - and take a few minutes to connect itself. She, in contrast to storage systems that are mounted, usually in the attic, can be placed in any appropriate, in your opinion, the site. What is also quite a significant advantage, is not it?

Depreciation of equipment - a minimum because the pumpIt does not work all the time: it turns on periodically (as appropriate). In short, a pumping station, with no false exaggeration, able to properly serve you for years to come. The main thing - to approach the installation process at all stages of a responsible and balanced way. Get rid of the last rumble of buckets and fuss with sinks!

Design and principle of operation

Try to understand, what does this isequipment. Advantageously, the main "figures" in these plants are one or more pumps ejector type (operating, standby), or, in easily understood language, self-priming. They grab and lift the water from the ten-meter depth.

In addition to these in the system also includes a steel pressure vessel - the closed container, divided by a membrane into two cavities, one of which - for water and the other filled with high pressure air.

accumulator volumes may vary between 20 and 80 liters.

The scheme of installation CAB

The scheme of installation CAB

On your site no electricity, but youI need water? Do not despair - water pumping station is able to function for some time, and without the "make-up". How is it done? Elementary. The fluid pumped into the tank by the air pressure in the respective cavity, is transported in a pipeline. Leak back into the pump, it simply can not - return valve acts as a powerful barrier. As you can understand, the electric power is not required at all. That is why the diaphragm tank called the accumulator.

Typical unit pumping station

Typical construction of the pumping station, sewage system operation principle

The device pump station automation implies a unit with pressure sensor, pump guard against dry running (idling), protection against overheating of the engine.

The operating principle of the pump station is as follows:

  • the flow of water in the membrane tank;
  • by pressure in the tank reaches a certain value, the pump is turned off (controls special relay process);
  • the system goes into "waiting";
  • starts when opening the tap water supply from the tank;
  • by "expiration" of a certain amount of liquid pressure in the tank falls to a predetermined value;
  • pump starts working again.

Due to the cooling of the fluid station. If the engine still overheated, will produce automatic de-energizing the pump.

Technically competent installation CAB

In order to pump station a long time functioned smoothly, it is necessary to carry out its competent installation: provide a smooth, hard surface; provide rigid attachment.

Base under the pumping station is better to make concrete. If this is not possible, in principle, possible to manage and wooden shield - as a base, he is also quite good.

To create a wooden base required such materials:

  • two bar section of 100x150; their length must be a margin of 300 mm on each side (with respect to the station width);
  • Two Edged board thickness of 50 mm / 150 mm wide; the add length should provide the total projection for the length of the station about 80 mm;
  • sand and clay.

The surface was chosen place for the CABto align. Then, dig two rectangular grooves with a depth of 130 mm / 250 mm, on which to lay the bottom bars (A) is treated with antiseptic (preferably tar) and to check the level of their horizontal stacking.

Important! The exact distance between the grooves depends on the location of mounting holes for your pumping station.

Around the bars stacked sandy-claya mixture of (B): the ratio of clay and sand 1: 3. It should be thick enough to resist compaction. Bars should protrude above the soil level to more than 20 mm. Following are attached to the bars edged boards (B) using nails with countersunk heads. Boards, of course, also have to go through antiseptic treatment.

The basis for the pumping station

Driving the base device for pumping station

After a couple of hours, when the construction is firmlystrengthened in the hardened mixture, you can begin with the installation of the pumping station. CAB is mounted on the board, and is attached by means of special screws.

Between the base and fastening places do not forgetgasket set about 10 mm thick. Thicker samples is not recommended - is fraught with reduction in the rigidity of attachment and the negative impact on the overall health of the system.

Remember! The complex should be located as close as possible to the well, the well or any other source from which will be produced and water intake.

How to connect the pumping station?

Pumping station with their hands - it's easy, convenient and profitable. The requirements for its connection to the system:

  • a check valve;
  • suction hose;
  • directly to the CAB;
  • dry run protection.

required hose For proper operation of the station for at least 1? (Suction) and check valve at its end.

In stores you can find "suction kit" consisting of fitting, hose and check valve.

Wiring pumping station

Wiring pumping station

Thus, the kit is attached to the pump, and the otherend of the hose is lowered into the water. Then, water is poured into the pump. Nipple discharge is connected to the house system. Following these simple manipulations, you will provide a maximum of user comfort. In the case of 365 days, the station of the year, you need to produce a large amount of preparatory work. CAB should be located in the heat; pipe connecting the house and the well should be insulated without fail or be placed in the ground below the frost. Well also would not hurt to warm.

Important! Do not neglect reading the "Manuals" - this will help prevent a lot of mistakes.

Pumping stations - reviews

When first confronted with anydevice, especially if it is assumed long-term operation in the "framework" of their own homes or land, there is quite a natural desire to learn about the experiences of other people by contact with the mechanism. Pumping stations for giving feedback get only the best. But this does not in any way interfere with the user's views to be very objective. From my own experience, the owners of the CAB recommends:

  • in the case of the station setup in the basement near the basement should be insulated CAB mineral wool insulation in order to prevent freezing of water;
  • . It is not necessary to install the CAB in tight spaces, cover it with a tarpaulin, etc. This has a negative impact on the life of the device;
  • Frequent tripping of thermal relay - a serious reason to communicate with a specialist. Forcing its inclusion provokes damage the whole engine.

Do not be greedy when buying this set. Quality pump plus a competent installation equals the long years of service mechanism. But to pay for the questionable need to adapt not worth it. This is another case where the golden mean - the most it.

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