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How to find water before the well construction

Many homeowners want to havein his yard well. Even if the house already has a central water supply, and on the next street - column. Well it creates a unique atmosphere of true home ownership and way of life, which is so lacking today. And nothing about the quality of drinking water from the well-supplied and well can not speak!


  • Search for water wells
    • antiquated methods
    • More advanced methods
  • How to determine the location for the well - 3 golden rules
  • Why the well need a roof
  • How do I know that the well water were uninvited from the surface?
  • In the well water is gone - what to do
  • When it is necessary to deepen the well

Search for water wells

How to find water for the well - this is a topic fora separate discussion. Task seekers - to determine the place of occurrence of the underground aquifer. Here everything is clear. But how do you know where the direction of the invisible underground river?

Water Search Techniques big set. Some people live in more than one hundred years. Sometimes they seem to us too exotic. Although, in fairness, we have to admit that many of them work. Therefore, familiarity with the ways vodoiskatelstva we start it with the "antiquated" method.

antiquated methods

To let the purity of the experiment, first, get acquainted with the signs, which for centuries helped to look for water. We list the most popular ones:

  • fog that creeps in the morning over the aquifer place;
  • swarms of midges over any specific site;
  • the presence of certain herbs (goutweed, sedge, mother and stepmother) and trees (spruce, birch, alder);
People sign

People sign: if the site grows willow - means there is water under the ground

  • eggs that are steamed at night with a frying pan, and so on.

Immediately it should dot the «i». Yes, the signs of work - the water in those places there. And, most likely, its a lot. But often this water is stagnant, low-lying, and it can only be used for technical purposes.


Driving to groundwater. Vehovodka (№1) is suitable only for technical water wells. Those who want to get a delicious drinking water should focus on levels of №2 and №3

Separate conversation is deserved lozohozhdenie.

Lozohozhdenie or dowsing - one of the ancientWater search methods. It is believed that the water underground, in the same way as the human body, have magnetic properties. These properties do not have, for example, a surface water. So, to find water dowsers use a special metal frame, a flyer (branches of hazel, willow and cherry Y-shaped). Once the tilt frame to the ground, it may indicate the proximity of the water. The reliability of this method, about 50%, but we recall, this gift is not given to everyone.

how to find water

Dowsers - these are people with a special gift. However, this can be learned practically every - thing to be careful

More advanced methods

  • Testing soil moisture absorption materials- It takes about 2 liters of silica gel in the granules. Material must be dried in the oven, weighed, and then, put any neemalirovannuyu ware (unglazed clay pot, aluminum cans, etc.). This "capsule" buried in the soil to a depth of 50 cm. If, on the following day, the weight of the pellets increased, then the probability is high that this takes place aquifer. Moreover, the heavier granules, the closer to the surface it is placed. The reliability of the method - 60-65%.
search for water

It looks selikogel

  • Meteorological method - perhaps the mostscore. In 75% of cases, it clearly indicates the groundwater. The essence of the following - if the day after the dry soil to wet the inspection area, it means that there is water.
  • Exploration drilling - a method is, of course,most accurate and at the same time, the most time consuming. But, with his help, we can accurately determine the depth of the aquifer. And if you suddenly change your mind, you dig a well - offers virtually ready borehole. Will only have to install pipes, pumps and filters can be used.
for drilling tool

Meet the main tool for drilling. The screw - with the external tube cutting blades

drilling tools

Exploratory drilling in the area can be done manually, but you can so

  • barometric method - accuratelyset the depth of the groundwater. To do this, you must make simple measurements of atmospheric pressure aneroid barometer. The first stopped at the nearby pond. Second measurement - on the site of the proposed well. After subtracting the second value from the first. For example, a pressure indicator in the rate was 560, 7mm. p / s. Metering at the future site of the well showed 560 1mm.r / s. 560.7 - 560.1 = 0.6. Every "tenth" is approximately 1 meter. That is, you have to be prepared for the fact that the depth of the proposed wells will be at least 6 meters. The effectiveness of the method of 80%.
measuring instrument

Simple and reliable barometer aneroid

Important! The deeper the well, the less likely it drying out. The optimum depth - 8 meters.

How to determine the location for the well - 3 golden rules

So, we know how to find a place for the well withusing folk and geological methods. Now let's answer the question of how to choose a place for the well taking into account features of your site. This you will find out right now.

choice of location

An example of the correct choice of location for the well; far from home, and not what anybody does not interfere, it is located on high ground

You must adhere to the three golden rules.

Rule one

Well should not interfere:

  • passage to the house and outbuildings;
  • Prospective construction (if scheduled);
  • trees growing on the site, etc.

Remember, a well - no closet. It can not be easy to take and move to the other corner.

how to lay the well

Proper circuit bookmark looks so well

second Rule

Within the boundaries of the aquifer to choosewell most high place. It - a guarantee that the bottom will not be stagnant wells and silt with a high probability. For the well as it is certainly very important.

Rule Three

Dig a well near the house. If you plan to get water from it the old fashioned way - so it will be easier to cope with buckets. If raising the water pump is provided - you do not have to buy a heavy-duty machine. In the winter easier to clear a path. But it is very close to the house well is not worth digging. There will be a chance of getting into the rain water out of the basement. Optimal distance - 8 meters away from the wall and a half meters from the fence.

Note: check that the type of the neighbor's toilet "toilet" is not proved beyond your well (on terrain). Although, experts say that the wells are not affected in this content, nevertheless, very impressionable nature is better to think about it right away.

Why the well need a roof

You may have noticed that the old village well necessarily had a roof. That she defended well water:

  • excessive evaporation in the summer;
  • from leaf fall in autumn;
  • from the snow;
  • from snowmelt and rain impurities in winter and spring.

And if the first and second positions, everything isit is clear that the rest deserve explanation. As well, it funded part, in any case should not be exposed to melt and rain water! With them in well water will be dangerous bacteria and harmful chemicals from the surface of the beds.

well with wooden roof

Here is an excellent example of a well with a solid wooden roof

well to breathe

Plus roof hatch - a double guarantee that the well will not get unwanted sediments and debris. In dry weather, it is desirable to keep the door open - pit to breathe

How do I know that the well water were uninvited from the surface?

  1. well rings (which are higher than the water level in the well) after prolonged heavy rains become wet. Moreover, you can see how the rings between the water drips.
  2. If the well is usually little water or it is average. And then - sharply rises and becomes cloudy.
  3. Water begins to bad smell on heating. This is perhaps the most disturbing signal. This is due to the formation of mucus, which is nothing else than the colonies of microorganisms trapped on the surface of the soil.

In these cases it is necessary to pump out all of the water from the well and replace it with a new one. It is worth to also make reference water analysis. And if it's bad - to disinfect.

On a note: Of course, the water can not get into the well from the ground. But in a properly constructed pit, it goes a long way filtering. Moreover, this "journey" from the surface to the reservoir holds more than one month. Accordingly, during this time the water is purified.

In the well water is gone - what to do

Alas, it happens: suddenly you remain without water. If you left the water out of the well, then there are several reasons for this:

  • changes in the hydrogeological characteristics of the terrain, which is well;
  • depletion of water or water-carrier of the lens, where the well fed;
  • reclamation work in the area;
  • intake lots of water with water-carrier of the well;
  • water cycles and other fluctuations.
slight decline

The water level in the well is directly dependent on weather conditions. In the hot summer a slight decline - quite normal

Alternatively, such a problem can be solved in the following way: to deepen the well of a wooden frame or rings smaller than the already standing, diameter.

occupation for professionals

Deepening wells - an occupation for professionals

But such work - is not easy. And if you're not an expert, it is better to invite professional Kolodeznikov. So you will spend the money, but not health.

When it is necessary to deepen the well

Deepening the old well - it is a time consuming and expensive. Prudent owner decided on this procedure in the following cases:

  • the depth of the well over ten rings - to dig a new well, in any case, the bill of lading;
  • Plot size will not allow one more dig a well;
  • old well crushed, but it is delicious water;
  • inflow of water per day is less than one ring;
  • The well string does not curve, and the rings are not observed large horizontal displacement.

It is important to take into account one very serious point. The fact is that very often after the construction of the well on the water surface appears barely noticeable thin plyonochku suspiciously reminiscent of the oil (no way it actually is). This is because in the manufacture of molds for their rings casting lubricated with machine oil, and it is, of course, remains on the rings. You understand that the use of this water does not add seasoning. How to avoid such a situation? Simply find such a ring shape which are lubricated with wax. They are produced in our country, and bring no absolutely no harm in contact with water.

Well, perhaps that's all for today. It is time to take stock:

  • to search for water can be used as a folk and geological methods;
  • right well built at the highest location within the aquifer;
  • it should not interfere with the passage, and the passage to the house;
  • be sure to construct a roof or a protective canopy for protection from rain and snowmelt water over the well.
pure water

Be of good cheer! And yes there is water in your sump always clean and delicious

We sincerely hope that this article has brought you a favor! And if you have some of his Pit secrets, share them in the comments!

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