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How to build a summer shower with your hands: the steps, details, different solutions

How to build a summer shower with their own hands

Most gardeners working day begins andfinishes showering. This energy boost in the morning, and relieve fatigue after working in the garden, vegetable garden. But not all the cottages have such a wonderful facility, but in vain, summer shower - almost an integral part of life. This is especially true of urban residents megacities, which are very accustomed to the benefits of civilization, and 3-4 days in the country for them may have been a disaster (in the absence of the soul). But this problem is solved, because to build a summer shower with your hands, even without special knowledge.


  • Garden shower - many solutions
  • Choosing a place for the future of the soul
  • Economic version - shower
    • Tips for arrangement of simple construction soul
  • Just build a summer shower
  • Apparatus for heating water
  • Warming shower
  • Polycarbonate - versatile material outside shower with a metal frame

Garden shower - many solutions

If a person has at least a small proportion ofimagination and know how to turn their ideas into reality, it is easy to come up with his own version, and build yourself a wonderful outside shower - a photo is a good example of different variations. For example, you can build the most simple and nemudreny shower and tub with shutters, and you can wipe the more functional and user-friendly with a heated shower. In most cases equipped with shower heated in cases where no fixed in the building structure. This is a very correct tendency, because the hot and sultry summer, it would be desirable to take a cool and refreshing shower.

Shower Wood

Summer showers, built of timber

Build a summer shower with his hands and can beone day (all depends on the complexity of the project), and then enjoy a pleasant flow of water. Pleasure increases also the realization that such a simple enough device was created with your own hands.

Choosing a place for the future of the soul

Basically, the choice of location for the soulis influenced by two factors. Firstly, it is desirable to equip a garden shower in a sunny spot, guided by the fact that the sun will heat the water. Also pay attention to the personal preferences of the shower at different times of the day.

If a person prefers to take a shower in the afternoon,the best option - a place where the sun was hot in the morning. And if you enjoy a garden shower in the evening, it is advisable to choose a place for the soul in that part of the land where the sun is active in the afternoon. Also selected location should not be blown by the wind, so it is best to arrange a shower away from hazardous drafts.

Sheathing soul

Casing plastic slate shower with their own hands is fast, does not require special skills

The second important point - the sink. Based on this parameter, outside shower must be installed on the hill for good water drainage. Receiving the soul involves the consumption of large quantities of water from the tens to hundreds of liters, it all depends on the number taking a shower. Therefore, for the normal functioning it should create conditions for the removal and disposal of waste water, because nobody needs stagnant water, odors and the appearance of insect mass.

Building a summer shower (volume of 1-2 m3) must be accompanied by arrangement of a drain hole. In the case of a septic tank scheduling for the summer shower,to avoid a possible error. This applies to the location of the septic tank directly under the shower. Large volumes of water poured septic, drainage work is deteriorating, in addition there may be a disruption of the soil and the foundation. For this reason it is best to equip the drain and septic tank with drainage near the cabins.

It is desirable that the water flow was equippedwater-resistant layer, for example, you can do this using PVC film. It is placed on a sloping embankment, and instead, the material can be applied gidrostekloizol and roofing material. Well, or to make a concrete screed with a chute, reinforced with a metal grid. The slope is positioned to drain walked toward the trench or the drainage capacity.

Important: for the impermeable layer does not need to use the clay, after some time, it will be diluted and flood drainage ditch.

Economic version - shower

Simple shower

Economical way to the operational organization of the soul

How to build a summer shower at minimal cost? Easy and simple as the design of summer soul in economy version understandable to everyone. Required attributes such devices:

- Cabin, closed from prying eyes;

- The floor beneath their feet or flooring;

- The water tank.

Tips for arrangement of simple construction soul

- At summer shower assembly should take into account the fact that the tank, which is used for solar water heaters, has a large weight. Therefore, the rack must be reliable and durable;

- It is desirable to provide instillation racks. And they are not subjected to rotting in the ground, they need to be processed or fat-containing preservative composition: tar, lubricating oil. Even more reliable method - rack installed in the excavated and then filled with concrete pit;

- Barrel of water should be placed on top equipped with a horizontal platform;

- Shower booth can be made of wooden boards or opaque film. The main task of the booth - Human protection from prying eyes and gusts of cold wind;

- With regard to gender, it can build from a wooden ladder: water will be free to go into the ground, with his legs, and the bather will remain clean;

- The frequent use of the shower advisable to drain the water - hidden under a layer of earth tube with a larger diameter;

- Tank for water heating can be plastic or metal. The advantage of the latter - fast heating of water, and the lack - a high degree of corrosion.

Important: the fastest hot water is provided by staining the tank black.

Also to accelerate the heating process, water can be fitted above the tank so-called "teplichku" that is of a frame structure, which is covered with polyethylene film;

- Tap water is chosen at the discretion of. The most appropriate - a ball;

- Filling of the tank can be manual and centralized (with a hose).

Just build a summer shower

How to make a summer shower more original and beautiful? This will require creativity and the desire to create a custom shower, not a banal walk-in shower with a curtain closing.

Summer shower

Solid shower - construction, requiring the creation of a project

Draft summer soul - an important componentconstruction. It is necessary to carefully consider the convenience of the soul: a comfortable swimming at any time. However, the shower should not look like a toilet with a barrel top, and frame for a summer shower It must be reliable.

100 × 100cm - a minimum of space in the cabin,because man must also bend, not just constrained to raise the hands up. Since the shower provides the procedure in the nude, it is desirable to arrange a place for clothes and towels, protected against splashing water. For a dressing room of 60 cm is sufficient. Therefore, the total size of a summer shower turned out - 160 × 100 cm, height - 2,5-3 m.

Construction of the soul

The principle structure of the soul

The unit begins with a summer shower on the markupthe land of the rectangle with the planned dimensions. In the corners of the pillars of the foundation is set, and then mounted with hewn timber racking pillars.

Dressing starts at the top. For optimal convenience, the frame should be collected on the ground, and then the long bolts to fasten the structure.

Important: The screws should be long with the full coincidence of the axes, then the design will be strong.

Durability is an important indicator because this option allows you to install on the roof of a water tank with a volume of 200 liters.

The next stage - dressing inside the frame. This will be lag floor shower.

floor Construction

Special tray for bathing

Gender shower There are two options. In the first case the presence of boards stacked with gaps through which water will go. That's just the wind blowing through the gaps and created some discomfort.

The second option involves a special arrangement of the pallet in the department for swimming. Draining is carried out through the hose, and the water-resistant layer is not needed.

Regarding the doors, it must be tightly closed, not riving from moisture. For this purpose, special seals.

For outdoor upholstery booths can usea different material: waterproof plywood, paneling, fiberboard. For a visual example of how to build a summer shower - beautiful photos help, we can consider a variety of options to choose the appropriate and complete it with their ideas.

Apparatus for heating water

Not all people prefer the cool and coldwater, so a garden shower for heat lovers will not bring any pleasure. To swimming did not become an everyday torture, it is necessary to equip the outside shower heated. You can apply heated with a blowtorch or buy a tank with automatic water heating.


Shower Tub will suit owners of country houses that are connected to the power grid

Such a tank is supplied electricity, if the water temperature is lower than the set level, a special mechanism is activated and the water is heated to a certain temperature.

Warming shower

For year-round bathing should be warm showerpolystyrene cabin. The space frame is filled with this material and obbivat polyethylene film (stapler). And on top of the film arranged interior with waterproof properties: durable PVC film, plastic plates, linoleum. Wood cover is carefully processed with varnish and then painted.

Polycarbonate - versatile material

Shower with polycarbonate

Shower Polycarbonate

Outside shower polycarbonate - excellentAlternatively, since this maximum comfort and convenience. His device is not extreme complexity. The basic material is a cellular or solid polycarbonate. Variations of color solutions ample: you can choose blue, bronze, orange, red - a palette able to satisfy any human imagination. For the construction of this shower is recommended polycarbonate thickness - 8-16 mm, and for installation using special profiles made of plastic or aluminum systems.

The frame of the soul tightly sheathed polycarbonate, and the floor is made of polycarbonate cabins or wood. This construction for more comfort settling enamel tray.

The walls are made of matt polycarbonate, andthe roof of a transparent cell. Under the roof is a tank with water, the sun's rays penetrate through the roof and the water is heated. warm air accumulates in the booth, on the grounds that it is sealed.

Advantages of the soul of polycarbonate:

- Easy installation;

- Good interaction with water: it does not destroy or deform the polycarbonate;

- The presence of the protective layer against UV radiation. Shower can be installed in direct sunlight;

- Hygienic indices of the material;

- Aesthetics and ease of the shower.

As can be seen from the article and submitted photosvariants may be different. They depend on the material used, the soul purpose and the specific needs of its owner. The main thing is to pay attention not only to the direct functional characteristics, but also the outer and inner sight. Then souls will serve not only as a place for swimming, but also bring the enjoyment of its contemplation.

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