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Heating cable for water: purpose, methods and installation options

Heating cable for water

Freezing water pipe is fraught with unpleasantconsequences. Icicles are formed in pipes, in some cases, it may be several meters in length. And in order to remove such plugs have to make great efforts. If you are familiar harsh winters, is to solve the problem in advance. Normal insulation is ineffective during prolonged frost and low temperatures, and therefore it is necessary to seek an additional option. The best solution in this case is the heating cable, which is capable of maintaining the desired temperature, as well as provide good heating and protection against condensate.


  • The function of the heating cable
  • Design, use priorities
  • Heating cable for water: classification
  • Mounting options and styling
  • Competent selection - the rational use of

The function of the heating cable

For a long time in daily life forheating sewerage and water supply systems using special wires. Heating cable - is the most common cable with an adjustable electrical resistance that is intended to control heating of the cable itself.

How to use a heating cable

Methods for installing the heating cable

The heating cable for gutters is recommendedused to water at temperatures below zero did not freeze in the areas that are on the street. The wire should be included when the air temperature falls to 5 degrees Celsius, because in case of further cooling system is to protect the water from freezing. But if you turn on heating even at sub-zero temperatures, it takes time to the stood liquid thawed. And while the water will melt, the pressure in the water pipe down.

Design, use priorities

The heating cable comprises several pipeselements that are connected in a single piece. This plug, cold (electric) and hot (heating) conductors, as well as temperature limiter. The conductors are interconnected laser soldering.

Heating cable for water

The device heating cable for external water supply

The external cable insulation - seamless, so heideally it protected from moisture, high temperature and chemical attack. Temperature limiter is responsible for the pipe temperature and power take-off in excess of 15 degrees Celsius.

After cooling to 5 degrees power is turned on again. Thus, water surface does not overheat, and energy saving at the same time - the maximum.

This is useful to know! Before the heating wire was used exclusively for industrial purposes for heating pipes. And only recently, such heating cable systems began to be used widely in the household.

The main advantages of using the heating cable:

  • Reliability. Competent calculation and correct installation of the heating system will prevent freezing of water supply system throughout the time of use.
  • Security. The heating wire can be used for heating the drinking water pipes.
  • Versatility. Connect heating cable self-regulating as possible to the pipeline, which is located in the open air or under the ground. The cable is laid on the surface inside the pipe or running water.
  • Ease of operation. Connect the product is very simple: the heating cable is attached to the water supply, then plug into a power outlet is turned on.
  • Cost. Heating power can be adjusted independently, focusing on the temperature of the environment where it is located.

Heating cable for water: classification

Heating wires for water have developed the range. They are classified according to the scheme for self-regulating heat and resistive, as well as products with mineral insulation.

Heating resistance cables are divided into zonal andlinear. In linear models, the heat is released during the passage through the heating conductor current. The cable can be a single or two-wire, and may have several wires or linear helical shape. Arbitrary cutting such cable is not allowed.

Self-regulating heating cable

The operating principle of self-regulating heating cable

The design of a self-regulating heating cableIt is similar to the resistive. It also has two conductors, but no insulating coating. Heat products can vary in length. When the ambient temperature increases the resistance of the polymer increases, and decreases heat. So self-evident effect, the product does not occur where the burnout and overheating. Self-regulating heating cable may be cut into sections having a length of 20 centimeters to several meters.

Mounting options and styling

Warming of the aqueduct - one of the most difficultproblems that require urgent solutions. The heating wire is used as a heater of sewerage and water supply. By varying the degree of resistance design, you can change the temperature created by the heating cable.

The heating cable for pipes: installation inside the tube and over the aqueduct

Mounting options outside the wire inside the pipeline

It is possible to install heating cables in tubes or outside.

But in any case, the cable must be chosen so that the heat loss of water supply system does not exceed the heat that is released system.

Installation of the heating cable in a spiral

Installation of the heating cable in a spiral

The cable should be laid in severalparallel rows. Also, the method is practiced in a spiral packing. To ensure attachment, you must use a contracting metal mesh or tape. Outside pipe heating cable is necessary to wrap the foil. Installation of the heating cable appropriate to entrust to specialists.

Competent selection - the rational use of

heating wire should be selected, based on the tasks,which will solve the heating system. By the way, the heating cables are designed for home use in the suburban areas, cottages and private homes. Also these products are used in the heating systems of utility values ​​- protection of sewers, drains and water pipes from freezing. For such use will need a small size system.

Heating cable for home use

The heating cable and coupling for domestic use

As practice shows, for the abovepurposes of heating cable is suitable for water capacity of more than 50 - 60 watts per meter. But the extra power - a waste of money, literally. The said power would be enough to melt the ice and snow, as well as save money. Powerful heating cable for sewer or water consumes a lot of electricity, which accounts for pay.

This is useful to know! Self-regulating cable, which enjoys great popularity today, usually has two main indicators - operating power and power at rest. Both figures marked on the surface of the cable.

Thus, the importance of heating cable systems for water supply, drainage and sewerage - on the face. Pick the right lead to forget about the freezing water and low water pressure!

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