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Accumulators for water supply: types, function, selection rules

Accumulators for water supply

Opening the valve in a country house, which is rarelythe owner thinks about where it takes water. Of course, everyone knows that the source of life-giving water in the water system - well, and that of her water enters the house with the help of a hydraulic pump. But one of the main elements of the system says not everyone. Meanwhile, for the uninterrupted supply of water and increase the life of the system are essential for water accumulators.


  • Function accumulators in the water system
  • Design and function accumulators
  • Types of accumulators: how to make the right choice

Function accumulators in the water system

Accumulator for water supply systems, orpressure vessel, intended for accumulation of water and maintaining the pressure required for normal functioning of the system and also acts water hammer absorber, resulting trigger pump or opening of valves. It is this structure is responsible for creating the necessary pressure for correct operation of the water system.

Without the accumulator can not do any closed water system

Without the accumulator can not do any closed water system

I wonder: hammering afraid not only "spitting" from the tap. They can greatly harm not only the elements of the water supply system, and plumbing.

Of course, the use of hydraulic accumulators are notIt is imperative. In an open system, which serves as the basis for a large water capacity, located on an elevated, this device is generally unnecessary.

But for a country house usually using a closed water circuit with accumulator. This avoids a large number of problems.

Important: device significantly increases the service life of the pump by reducing the number of short-term switching on the system. Besides installing the accumulator compensates for expansion of water in the pipes, avoiding excessive pressure.

Design and function accumulators

Pressure tank consists of a sealed enclosure,made of metal and a rubber membrane, like a balloon, but it is highly durable. All space between the flexible membrane and the housing is filled safe for living organisms inert gas. Accumulators are mounted on the pipe and attach it to the flange connection.

accumulator apparatus for water supply

accumulator apparatus for water supply

How valid pressure vessel? First, the water falls inside the elastic membrane and stretches it, whereby the gas, located between the housing and the membrane is compressed, increasing the pressure on the membrane. It is due to the elasticity of the elastic membrane and the gas pressure in the supply line is supported by the required pressure level. Upon reaching the desired pressure values ​​inside the rubber tank pump shut off by a special relay. When you open the faucet, the pressure decreases and the pump is actuated again.

Constant supply of water in the accumulatorto avoid short-term pump starts, leading to its rapid wear. Typically, the amount of the headbox is selected so that it could accommodate at least part of the fourth minute the maximum consumption of water in the building. Of course, much of this time do not have time, but rinse your hands or dial a cup of water for fifteen seconds is quite possible. Moreover, the situation is when the house is the maximum water intake, it is extremely rare, so the supply of water in the accumulator can be enough even for washing dishes.

Types of accumulators: how to make the right choice

Accumulators are divided into two types:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal.

The name of the type of the device fully complies witha method for its installation. The choice easier if space allows the use of only one type, but if the room dimensions make it possible to use both vertical and horizontal pressure vessel, it is very difficult to stay on any one.

Vertical accumulator for water supply

Vertical accumulator for water supply

In this case, you should pay attention toway vented from the rubber membrane. Probably everyone knows that water always contains dissolved air, which eventually released and forms air pockets in different places of the water supply system.

The cavity of the membrane - is no exception. So, to vent this air for each accumulator for water instruction includes the presence of an additional nipple.

Horizontal accumulator for water supply

Horizontal accumulator for water supply

Vertical accumulators accumulate airin its upper part, and it can be easily derived using such a simple device, but the pressure in the tanks of the horizontal type is required to install an additional section of the aqueduct, which includes ball valve, air valve and drain into the sewer.

Tip: bleed the air from the hydraulic accumulator should be not less than once a month.

Bleeding true only for tankscapacity of more than 100 liters, the choice of a smaller volume of the accumulator is limited to easy installation model. Trapped air in pressure tanks small capacity removed periodic full discharge.

Council: bleed the air from the accumulator through the small volume can sink faucet or any other point of the draw, but you first need to disconnect the power supply installation. this procedure must be repeated several times to achieve the best result.

Unfortunately, most of the pressure tanksimported in practice are absolutely not adapted to the peculiarities of our water systems. Therefore, this equipment is very quickly fails. Accumulators JEELEX for water supply made by a Russian company that developed the excellent equipment, ideal for domestic conditions. In addition, these devices have a lower rate in comparison with import analogues.

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