Choosing pipes and air ducts for ventilation unit

Organization of the ventilation system, which suppliesthe house with fresh air and the outdoors the waste mass, necessity dictated by providing a standard of hygiene. The device ventilation - strict requirement for the presence of gas heating. A system with natural air circulation erect small one-storey houses. Devices for air extraction is required to establish in bathrooms, sauna, kitchen, fireplace rooms, if they exist. Regardless of the method of ventilation construct mainly channel-type system using air ducts for ventilation, the characteristics of which is worth reading.


  • Specificity of the duct structures
  • What is the best plastic or metal?
    • A comparison of the technical characteristics
    • Hard and corrugated channels
    • Evaluation from the perspective of the installer

  • Do sewers Suit?

Specificity of the duct structures

If ventilation deviceis produced in the process of construction of the building, they usually lay in the wall in order not to spoil the interior is not too attractive communications. Best of all, if the ducts positioned vertically near the chimney (not closer than 10 cm), which will enhance traction. Optimally, if each separate duct arranged indoors, and they are combined into a single outlet channel. Admitted and other wiring schemes, if the premises are located in different parts of the cottage.

Ventilation shaft, lined in the construction process

If the ventilation system device is produced in the process of construction, air ducts in the walls or lay in the construction for their installation mines

Attention. Crossing ducts with sewage, gas pipelines, water utilities building codes prohibited. The ventilation shafts can not lay a sewer pipe.

Channels can lay bricks or mount,using ready-made pipe for ventilation. The latter method is less labor intensive, it is easier to carry out his own. Most often used for organizing duct galvanized steel or aluminum pipe rolling. Metal products and is now installed in offices, public buildings, industrial buildings, characterized by a high degree of explosion. However, with the introduction of polymer production in different areas of construction plastic pipes for ventilation have been actively displace metal counterparts.

Two ways to duct device

Two variants of the duct device: the left - all united in a common duct system with one outlet pipe, to the right for each room installed a duct

What is the best plastic or metal?

Before proceeding to the comparison of products frommaterials with different technical characteristics, study the list of requirements to the air ducts. For galvanized metal products and PVC pipe for ventilation function should perform one.

A comparison of the technical characteristics

General requirements for ventilation channels:

  • Providing impeccable integrity.
  • Creating the conditions for the free flow of a particular volume with a given design speed.
  • Compliance with health and safety standards on the composition of products and the level of noise generated.
  • Resistance to burning.
  • The maximum alignment with the space design.
  • High insulating characteristics.

To form tight connections asPlastic air ducts for ventilation and metal products are equipped with special flange elements. That is, to build both versions of the system can be of any complexity. PVC products and metal pipe rolling is available with different shape and volume of the section. Hence, with the choice of suitable complications pipe will in both cases. But an innovative insulating material characteristics substantially ahead of the metal, which requires mandatory thermal insulation in the area of ​​the passage through the roof.

Galvanized rectangular duct with insulation

In the area of ​​passage through the roofing structure, galvanized air ducts must be warm to avoid condensation, corrosive metal, plastic is not afraid of moisture accumulation

Non-combustible galvanized pipes for ventilationIt is indispensable for the construction of ventilation systems in workshops dangerous production with the threat of fires. However, everything for housing with the standard operating conditions are not required, but to spoil the picture of an interior sheet metal ducting can be cumbersome completely. In addition, in the metal channel in the event of turbulence noise is amplified negative, bouncing off the walls, which does not happen in plastic ducts.

Council. To eliminate the "twists" with the characteristic sound negative corrugated pipe for ventilation and rigid channels, it is desirable to lay with the minimum number of turns. Avoid corners must be 90? and abrupt transition from one pipe diameter to another.

Flanged joints for galvanized pipes for ventilation

Weld flanges for tin galvanized tubesnecessary for the performance of sealed connections, to perform bends with a certain degree flange model for routing and switching to a different diameter

On the sum of operational advantages plasticahead of the metal, the only drawback is the lack of PVC fire. If the chimney for ventilation installed near the chimney of the polymer product should be abandoned.

Hard and corrugated channels

Depending on the complexity of the system being built inthe process of the device stiff and flexible ducts are used. With the rigid elements is clear, they have variations in both a round and square cross-section. Round nice and compact, they are mainly used for ventilation and facilities in a country house.

Flexible pipes are needed if a small area of ​​the channel must be several times to turn for connection to the main line.

  • Metal flexible air ducts to the systemVentilation is made of aluminum foil with a multilayer corrugated structure. Bend can be at any angle, but it must be remembered that it is not characterized by the smoothness of the inner surface produces additional aerodynamic drag.
Metal flexible duct made of aluminum foil

The use of metallic flexible duct makes it easier to arrange the system and use the minimum number of flanges

  • Plastic flexible corrugated pipeVentilation is made of polyester and aluminum foil. The multilayer structure of its reinforced steel wire, paving the turns between the layers. Produce Now PVC products with high thermal insulation and sound-absorbing qualities. That they are used for lining ducts in the housing.
Pipe flexible corrugated ventilation

Plastic corrugated pipes - the most popular option for ventilation devices in country cottages: minimum joints and fasteners, the maximum rate of construction

Corrugated products suitable for installation of ventilation channels with low pressure (800-5000 Pa) and low velocity air flow (30 m / s).

Evaluation from the perspective of the installer

Be sure to include any ventilation ducts: the installation of their inevitable and is not easy, but it is possible to choose a material that can reduce labor costs.

  • Plastic easier. This quality and the priority of the process facility, and during transport and during operation.
  • To fix the channels do not require tools that can keep a heavy load. Sagging channels should not exceed 4%.
  • PVC ducts for ventilation of their own hands can be freely cut to the size needed for the construction of complex configuration. Working with metal is much more complicated.
Plastic pipes for ventilation

Plastic vent is easier to buildown hands, pipes are easy to cut, so you can make the ventilation of any complexity, to carry out the angles and joints have special elements, the smooth surface does not create obstacles for the air flow, they almost do not need to be cleaned

Do sewers Suit?

For laying ducts produce specialplastic products with a diameter of 120 mm. The structure and composition of the material they are similar to sewers, but the cost is higher in almost five times the size and diameter of 110 mm. The forums craftsmen question of whether there can be constructed ventilation of sewer pipes, are actively discussing. Is it possible, for example, corrugated plastic with 120 mm in diameter attached to the chimney, made of a sewer pipe?

Pipes for ventilation

Driving forced ventilation: 1) air vents on for fresh air windows, 2) exhaust hole for discharging waste air mass, 3) flexible ducts, 4) equipment for the control, 5) output device with a diameter greater than the size of the duct

According to the rules of construction output deviceIt must be wider. However, many believe that narrowed to 10 mm passage will not affect the functionality of the system. The main thing, in their opinion, that the connection was tight, to ensure that the joint is tightened double sided tape, and other insulating materials. Generally move to another diameter, building ventilation network is not recommended. And in place of the air outlet narrower passage will obstruct the movement. But if it turns out otherwise, the transition should be smooth, without "steps".

Ventilation of sewers

Connection of tubing in a single channel should be smooth with no sharp transitions from one diameter to another and "steps". Left - right, right - wrong.

Not for nothing as active consumers moving toplastic products. They are easier, cheaper, due to technological, aesthetic, and performance parameters ahead of outdated metal options. Weighty addition to the advantages - a rare departure, because the smooth surface of the plastic with antistatic properties does not accumulate sediment clogging the duct.

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