Cleaning and disinfecting ventilation systems

The constant air renewal in the room creates afavorable conditions for the people in it are as well as you need to in order to keep the construction of houses in good condition. When the house is heated by an open fire, this problem was solved by itself - fresh air is fed in through natural openings in the building. Today, in times of the central heating, protivoskvoznyachnogo equipment and high-quality thermal insulation of fresh air in the room should solve the problem income ventilation system.


  • Types of ventilation systems and processes for their purification
  • Versed in the equipment - what for?
  • Features cleaning of ventilation from fat
  • Disinfection of ventilation - the final and binding stage

Types of ventilation systems and processes for their purification

The ventilation system - not particularly conspicuouseyes, but nevertheless a necessary element of any building, both residential and industrial or warehouse. Without going into technical details, the ventilation of the room can be divided into two kinds: natural and forced.

Appearance ventilation

Maintaining the ventilation system in working condition will create a favorable microclimate in the room

Both natural and forced systemVentilation need periodic cleaning. Here also there are two approaches: the first, which is more like the Russian people, - cleaning ventilation as pollution; second, still not widespread due to the peculiarities of the national character - periodic preventive cleaning of ventilation, regardless of its degree of contamination. The second approach, of course, is more preferable from the standpoint of the efficiency of the ventilation system and in terms of care for the health of people who regularly use the premises.

At first glance it may seem thatthe ventilation system is working normally, but for a long time, it accumulates debris, dust, various microorganisms, which are beginning to circulate in the room with the air flow, thereby causing harm to humans. Moreover, untreated timely ventilation system with debris accumulated in them are considered to be a potential source of fire.

Cleaning of ventilation systems today canin two ways: mechanical and chemical. The advantage of a mechanical method is its relative safety for people working in the room, and for the system itself. However, the mechanical means is not always possible to deal with serious pollution, for example, in the case of a large load on the ventilation system or disregard the norms of her cleansing. Then it is necessary to think about the dry cleaning of air ducts, most likely, it will give the expected result.

Versed in the equipment - what for?

For cleaning of ventilation systems to be effective, should be used specifically designed for this purpose equipment, which can be both professional and public use.

Equipment for cleaning

Equipment for cleaning of ventilation does not consist of the usual brushes, but also complex filtering devices

Typically for cleaning of ventilation equipmentIt includes sets of brushes for cleaning of ventilation systems, mobile filtering unit and filters for them. A professional approach to the treatment process also provides pre-inspection system to identify the level of contamination and identify problem areas by using special devices. In this case, the equipment for cleaning of ventilation may be supplemented by such an unusual device, a video camera mounted on the moving platform of a small size, which transmits the signal directly from within the ventilation system.

Videoinspektor ventilation

With the help of professional video inspection devices can be carried out to determine the degree of ventilation and pollution

Features cleaning of ventilation from fat

In some cases, the natural systemVentilation can not handle the increased load, and it is necessary to install a more powerful mechanical ventilation. This is especially true for rooms that are used for food processing or cooking: production halls or kitchens in houses and apartments. ventilation should remove excess amount of steam and smells of cooking installed here, but in the process it quickly becomes soiled with fat, which is mixed with dust, converted into unpleasant substance that is difficult to remove.

In cases of minor contamination cleaningVentilation of fat may be carried out using a detergent and hot water, more severe cases may be used and such methods radical pieces in the soaking extraction means for cleaning of drain pipes. However, all external parts concerned, access to which is not necessary to disassemble the ventilation system. In more complex cases, cleaning the ventilation of the fat should be carried out by professionals with all the rules and requirements.

Ventilation in the kitchen

To extractor hood shining outside, enough effort mistress, but to allow the internal components to be professionals.

Some treatment options includedismantling of the ventilation system, but the cleaning of ventilation in the apartment in such harsh measures are not needed. With the help of the simplest devices you can try Clean the ventilation passage from apartment to the main venthoda. Discovered on this site debris and dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Continue to move its own ventilation is not recommended, as the main course of ventilation and condition - taking care of the organization.

Ventilation in the apartment

Clean ventilation in the apartment, you can spend the most simple devices

Important! In the main duct may be not only the dust and dirt, but also less pleasant inhabitants like mice, rats, wasps and cockroaches. Be careful and try not to disturb them.

Disinfection of ventilation - the final and binding stage

The most common mistake isthat at this stage usually ends up cleaning ventilation. The main motive is clear and understandable - the desire to save money on ventilation disinfection. However, experts argue that the cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems are required to submit a set of measures and be sure to complement each other. If cleaning eliminates the ventilation system from dirt and deposits, the disinfection is responsible for microbiological safety. Dust mites, viruses transmitted by airborne droplets, bacteria and fungi can easily withstand the mechanical and even chemical cleaning, and processing only the inner surface of the duct with a disinfectant solution is guaranteed to get rid of their bad neighborhood.

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