The device septic tank of concrete rings - a step towards a civilized conditions

The device septic tank of concrete rings

One of the main constituent elements of a localSystems sewer cottages, private home or cottage yavlyaetsyaseptik kolets.Vstrechayutsya of concrete structures made of brick and concrete filler, but on the degree to which they are far from concrete rings. In recent years, the construction market appeared ready plastic tanks, but of concrete stronger and more durable.


  • Production of concrete rings
  • The correct location for the septic tank
  • Septic tank of concrete rings: work scheme
  • Option 1 - using mechanical means
  • Option 2 - works manually
  • Frosts are not afraid of septic tank

Production of concrete rings

for septic tank rings manufactured by plants involvedproduction of concrete products. This production process is governed by the requirements of GOST 8020-90. Height of concrete ring is 90 cm, but the size may vary. Therefore, the market can meet a meter, half meter and even two-meter ring. In the manufacture of these products use heavy concrete brands, as well as reinforcing mesh. The design provides for the presence of metal rings loops rigidly coupled to the frame. The hinges are required for movement of the articles by means of lifting devices. Finished products allow to stand for at least two weeks, after which the concrete reaches the required strength.

Rings for septic tank

Ring, cover and hatch for septic tank device

Also launched production of structures with "locks"allows to achieve a snug fit well rings to each other. It is clear that the cost of such items higher than normal rings, but the figure increases waterproofing septic tank. The probability of a horizontal "shaft" offset is reduced to zero.

Also available in the ring with the "bottom". When used, the waterproofing of concrete septic tank rings much easier, because it will be necessary to miss the mark bitumen only place their splicing. In addition, the plant produces concrete lid with opening hatches and Pit.

The correct location for the septic tank

Design and construction of a septic tankconcrete rings regulated sanitary norms in force for the sewer buildings. In accordance with these requirements, choose a place for septic tanks and other related facilities. This residential building is to be located:

  • 5 m from the septic tank;
  • 25 m from the filter trenches;
  • 8 m from the filter wells;
  • 300 m from the discharge stations;
  • 50 m from the aerobic aeration systems whose performance is a day to 700 cubic meters.

If the well is located in the area withdrinking water, the distance from the septic tank must be at least 30 meters. Compliance with sanitary legislation is mandatory for all citizens. Violation of the rules will result in both administrative and criminal liability.

Septic tank of concrete rings: work scheme

Scheme of the septic tank of concrete rings is as follows:

The device septic tank of concrete rings

The scheme and the principle of the septic tank of concrete rings

Its main purpose is to collect wastewater, their gradual brightening and cleaning. Septic consists of three main structural elements:

  • The first well with a concrete bottom actsthe role of the septic tank, in which the defense of falling liquid waste. On it should account for half of the total volume of construction. Sometimes it adds anaerobic bacteria, which occurs under the influence of the expansion and accumulation of solid residues in the form of sediment. If the territory of the area there is no water intake structures, the biological treatment is not applicable.
  • The second well is connected to the first overflow provides another level of filtering. It also has a sealed bottom and walls.
  • The third well is connected to a second overflow is already in place concrete bottom is sand and crushed rock backfill, through which the clarified water seep into the ground.

Often, in practice, limited to two containers. Overflows are made of plastic pipes (110 mm), orange intended for outdoor use. The walls of the ring doing a punch via holes for pipes. Sewer pipe running from the building to the septic tank, should be located on an incline (about two centimeters per meter). In the case of competent construction and assembly septic can function for a long time. As you can see, do septic tank with his hands of the rings can be anyone, even a novice builder. It is possible to speed up the work, drawing special equipment for digging the pit and lower it of concrete rings. Naturally, this will require additional expenses to pay for services. You can also almost all work done manually, reducing costs to a minimum. Another embodiment to manual work necessary to resort in case of impossibility entrance technology. Consider both.

Option 1 - using mechanical means

  • Start device septic tank made of concrete ringsaccurately calculate the required volume. From this value will depend on the number of rings that must be purchased and delivered to the place of deployment. The amount is calculated either on the number of permanent residents in the house of the people, or by the number of lavatories. From the current practice shows that a septic tank depth of three to four meters, so the cost of 4-5 rings. When this is selected to increase the product with a large diameter. They have them as two wells, the first should have a larger volume.
  • The next step is using an excavator diggingin accordance with the pit size and the concrete rings purchased based on their free passage during assembly. It is impossible to prevent jamming of the ring during the descent into the pit, as the lifting device is not able to pull it back. This operation is prohibited by the safety of these works. If the ring is still stuck, you will have to manually dig around it. Downtime crane when it is payable. The bottom is aligned with the level of construction.
  • After excavation boughtdelivery of concrete rings that made trucks equipped with a lifting device. At the same time relieved entrance for the car directly to the trench. Installation is carried out concrete rings and cover.
Installation of concrete rings

Installation of concrete rings with the help of construction equipment

  • Implemented waterproofing seams and the bottom using cement mortar, if not special rings have been ordered with "bottom" concrete foundation.
  • Make holes for pipes and wiring. Clearances sealed using grout.
  • Free space in the trench is dug, carefully compacted.
Septic tank of concrete rings

Concrete ring septic set in advance trench dug

Option 2 - works manually

Many doubt the possibility of theworks without involving technology, frankly do not understand how to do a septic tank of the rings by hand. However, the "antiquated" way is still alive and in some cases is the only possible, but very time-consuming. In this process, working with the meter rings, which weighs 600 kg. Delivery trucks operating from the free sites, which are unloaded ring.

Then each ring rolling it up manuallyplace the future septic tank. Set and begin to undermine the ground when the ring is gently lowered into the ground. When the first concrete product is equal to the surface of the ground, the second ring to manually set it. podkapyvaniya process continues on. To raise land builders are coming up with various devices. Of course, at the time the manual installation lasts a long time, but the method is tested and the result is still possible to achieve.

Frosts are not afraid of septic tank

Some people experience after the installation of a septic tankabout the possibility of its freezing in the winter. Theoretically, of course, septic tank can freeze. However, practice shows that a well-designed and properly installed septic technologically withstand even the lowest temperatures. However, experts recommend before the onset of cold weather to clean the septic tank of sewage and sludge accumulated by calling assenizatorskaya machine. Sunroof designed for pumping, in winter it is desirable to insulate.

The design of the septic tank of concrete rings fitfor drainage device in the cottages in the village houses, country cottages, with a small amount of wastewater. The advantages of this septic tank applies a low cost, non-volatility, partial wastewater treatment.

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