Septic to testify - standards and expert advice on the device of sewage treatment plants

When planning the construction of a cozy country houseor cottages in the area, where the ability to enable connection to central sewer is not available, special attention should be paid to this issue, as the organization of self-contained wastewater. Effective purification system is able not only to make suburban life as comfortable as possible, but also solve the problem of environmental pollution. And to help in the implementation of the planned septic tank for the garden - a device collection and treatment of wastewater.


  • Classification of septic tanks for garden: pros and cons
    • Cumulative Septic Tank: specificity
    • Feasibility of treatment of septic tanks
    • Steel Sinks
    • Advantages and disadvantages of reinforced concrete structures
    • Plastic septic tanks - leaders

  • The principle of functional septic tank
    • The conditions for the smooth operation of

  • How to choose a septic tank for the garden
  • Septic tank to give their own hands
    • Normative rules location
    • Installation Tips
    • The course and the sequence of work

Classification of septic tanks for garden: pros and cons

Septic tanks are equipment designed for the collection and treatment of excreta. Modern septic tanks can be divided into treatment and storage.

Cumulative Septic Tank: specificity

These septic tanks are called pit. They represent tanks for collecting water contaminated. Impurities gradually sink to the bottom, and the post-treatment is carried out either in specialized containers, either naturally (as it passes through the layers of soil).

Septic Septic Tank characterized by democraticprice and ease of use. The main disadvantage is the need for a systematic cleansing (at least 1 time in 3 months), implemented assenizatorskaya machine. This cleaning system is valid for houses that are not adapted for long stays.

Feasibility of treatment of septic tanks

For cottages, where residents regularly usewater, steamed in the sauna and take a shower advisable to install a septic tank for the garden without pumping, which easily processes a large volume of water, and will not cause inconvenience to the devastation of the tank.

septic tank service life depends largely on the quality of the material used in its manufacture. In accordance with this option, septic distinguish types:

Steel Sinks

Stainless steel - a material less suitablefor sewage systems, as It has many disadvantages. Septic tanks made of stainless steel are heavy, costly and difficult to install, corrode, and therefore short-lived.

Advantages and disadvantages of reinforced concrete structures

Along with the main disadvantage - a significant weight,have positive features. The composition of concrete containing substances that increase the hygroscopic; septic tanks of concrete reliable, not float, such as plastic counterparts.

Plastic septic tank for questioning

Plastic septic tanks - leaders

Lightweight plastic septic tank for the garden is easy to install and transport, easy to maintain, reliable in operation

Leaders in popularity. They have low weight, easy to install, durable and inexpensive. The only problem - the possibility of floating, so the installation need to attach to a septic tank made of plastic reinforced concrete slab.

The principle of functional septic tank

The principle of operation of a septic tank, regardless of the species looks like.

Septic tank to give: the working principle

Septic tank to give: the working principle

Through the inlet tube (1) fall into the waste watercamera (I), where the primary separation of waste products. Substance thus divided into those which are less specific gravity than water, i.e. they float (2) and to those who weight more, ie they settle (3). Due to the fact that the overflow (4) to the next chamber (II) occurs at a height of 1/3 of the drive, the impurities in the second vessel is smaller.

In the second chamber the separation process continues,with the difference that the second reservoir aims at components which have been precipitated, but in the process of settling accidentally slipped. In addition to the mechanical separation of the first two tanks going anaerobic (oxygen-free) digestion with methane emission. Aqueous shutter closed chamber, which eliminates the odor.

The third chamber (III) - is a fine filterpurification functions as follows: the components, passing the two previous stages, are deposited on the surface of the aggregate, for example, expanded clay (5). But it is not limited to physical cleaning. In contrast to the first two tanks, the third is not filled with water: it is blown air. Here, aerobic bacteria (requiring oxygen) feed on the precipitate, turning it into vinegar and CO 2.

The conditions for the smooth operation of

  • 2 times per year from the residue purified device via assenizatorskaya installation;
  • 10 years is necessary to wash / replace the filter box, which eventually becomes clogged with silt. Replace also be 40 m3 of sand, soil and gravel.

How to choose a septic tank for the garden

In deciding how to choose a septic tank to give, consider two important points.

1. Scope. The indicator is calculated from the average daily water consumption. For example, in the cottage lives a family of 4 people, each of whom spends an average of 200 liters of water a day, 3 days a family will spend 2,400 liters, so the volume of the septic tank should be at least 2.5 m3.

It is important! The volume of the septic tank needs to be 3 times the volume of the daily wastewater.

If the cottage has a minimum of plumbing fixtures (toilet and wash basin), the daily water consumption will be less.

2. The strength of the structure. This rate depends on the wall thickness, the presence of ribs and the material from which is made a septic tank. The best option - polypropylene, PVC or fiberglass.

Septic tank to give their own hands

Septic tank to give their own hands

A similar septic tank to give their own hands to make easy

Septic tank to give you can make yourself, enlist enough patience and proper knowledge.

Normative rules location

Septic tank installed at a distance of not less than 5 m and no more than 15 meters from the basement of the cottage.

It is important! If, however, the distance is planned to more than 15 meters, between the house and the septic tank to install an audit (interim) well.

Do not forget about the need for periodic maintenance, so when choosing a site, consider the possibility of the entrance assenizatorskaya installation. More locations norms presented below.

septic tank location standards for cottages

septic tank location standards for cottages

Installation Tips

1. The pipeline to the septic tank must be without bends right. When laying the pipeline can not be direct, the rotary shafts are mounted in places kinks.

It is important! The slope of the pipe must be at least 20 mm / meter. Reverse bias is not allowed.

2. Summer need to install a septic tank on a sandy base 30 cm thick. In order to give stability (during installation) should be up to half fill the water tank, and a layer of sand between support seal.

3. If the cottage is located in an area with high groundwater, septic tank on a concrete slab must be secured using tie straps.

4. Pit with septic better not fall asleep withdrawn soil and fine sand. Backfilling should be done in layers to compacted layers. When enough is deep, septic tank and piping are insulated using expanded clay or slag.

The course and the sequence of work

The basis for the septic tank will provide 2 cubic containersvolume of 800 liters each. It is necessary to immediately make a reservation, that the system works well in both summer and winter, without creating problems in operation. The only necessity - a regular filling of bacterial preparations to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odor.

It is important! Do not forget to put on all the headroom pipe tees - it will save from clogging Surfactants: soap, shampoo, detergents.

Sealing drain

Sealing drain - a prerequisite competent installation

Sealing the drain of cubic. If the neck tees for small - increase the opening by a cutting machine. Is folded edge and find out if the tee is held. If there is a short tube at hand, then cut the long, and then process the edges (in place of the intended input house sewer pipe).

Insert length of sewer pipe

Insert length of sewer pipe

Insert a short piece of sewer pipe. From the inside attach the pipe tee and inform each other. Above the tee should be cut a hole of 50 mm in diameter (for ventilation and clean out the pipe). The following is to cut a hole for connecting the tanks.

It is important! The connecting pipe must be positioned lower than the inlet.

The edges of the trim. Hole cutting cutter may be used with a diameter of 110 mm.

Tanks need to shift relative to each other by 20cm. This is to maximize the potential of the second tank. Note that the connecting pipes also need a tee with ventilation outlets.

A layer of waterproofing

A layer of waterproofing

Sealing silicone tube. We weld the frame of tanks and strengthen its fittings. Anchoring wall at the weld process by means of rivets. In place of the seam weld waterproofing layer.

It is important! Once installed in the ground, regardless of whether you will fill evrokuby concrete septic tank to fill with water.

After treatment plant omittedpit, it is necessary to pave the external frame of steel sheet or pour concrete septic tank on the sides. Concreting prevent the emergence of a septic tank at the heaving of the soil.

Thermal insulation foam

Thermal insulation foam

The top and the sides need to insulate the septic tank foam. The final touch - a wooden subfloor, which can be replaced by stacking corrugated or concreting.

To organize septic tank device, Must, of course, to work hard, but the benefits that you get as a result - a comfortable and relaxing rural life will surely be worth it.

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