How do the sewer to give: planning, choose, are building

How do the sewer to give

Drainage for questioning becomes morecommon. This phenomenon is very correct, because the life of the people must be decent and comfortable. In addition, modern sewage kits are two steps ahead of the normal drain /cesspool, Waste water recycled, cleaned and discharged to the landscape. However, the cost of high convenience is more expensive than the traditional version.


  • General information on sewer construction
  • Preliminary design - the way to success
  • Installation and types of sewage devices
    • Sewage from absorbing the well
    • Septic Tank - try out the type
    • Sewerage system in the country in two parts
    • Septic - perfect price / quality
    • Priorities and cons of the treatment plant

General information on sewer construction

sewerage device for giving the modern type hides a fairly complex multi-stage system consisting of several components:

  • a set of sanitary ware;
  • ventilation;
  • lead-pipe line;
  • treatment plant, septic tank, manhole, sampling well;
  • outlet tube;
  • leach field.

All this high-tech equipment can bedivided into internal, external and cleaning station. Reliability and reliability of all components of the system depends on the correct choice and the careful installation. For the good functioning of the system is necessary to carry out preliminary work, which consist in the geological exploration of the respective section of the terrain on which it is planned sewer device. The main factor influencing the choice of the system and further design - type of soil and the groundwater level. Also, a significant role played by the landscape and the presence of a natural water body. The specific choice of the treatment plant depends on:

  • Operating conditions - seasonal / permanent residence;
  • amount of equipment - sink, shower, toilet, washing machine and dishwasher;
  • the amount of money provided for the sewage equipment.

First, you must determine the daily volume of waste water, and then this figure is multiplied by three, and selected model cleaning system.

drain Arrangement in the country is great ifIt was originally included in the project of housing under construction, that is, pipes and ventilation ducts have already been laid. And if the sewer was not provided, it does not limit its application, but only increases the volume of the preparatory phase.

Preliminary design - the way to success

Before excavation and constructionwork, you need to create a project called sewerage scheme in the country. Such a scheme depends on the layout of the house, it is advisable to think through all the details, pay attention to the compact spaces (kitchen, bathroom, WC), because it is there will be supply and outflow of water.

Excellent, if the sanitary equipmentIt can be "tied" to a single collector - the tube that leads into a sewage pit. And if the cottage is big and the water is brought into it on opposite sides, in the scheme of sewage is necessary to provide two cesspools. But in the case of multi-storey cottages without installing the riser is not enough.

Sewage to testify: scheme

At the design stage it is necessary to develop a scheme

The sewerage project must take into account the number ofsanitary equipment, the depth of the aquifer, the freezing of the soil. Ignoring the latter factors can lead to freezing of the sewage system.

Installation and types of sewage devices

Installation of sewer system if it concernsvillas under construction, begins when the foundation is designed, built walls and is equipped with a roof. It is desirable and the presence of interior partitions, only the floor Coanda rush is not worth it.

An important step - the location of the sump. This place should be near the road to assenizatorskaya car could get to the pits and the distance to the house should be 5-20 m.

Collector for fecal waste and waste water located under the slope, lies at a depth of not less than 0.7 m.

Important: at the exit of the depth of the house pipes - about 2 m.

When installing the sewage collector pipeare inserted into one another and are directed downwards sockets. You can use cast iron and plastic pipes. A cement joints germetizuyutsya solution impregnated felt.

Pipes drain should lie down on the ground untouched: dense surface, not sink, so the tube will not cave in and clogging is not formed therein.

Important: riser pipes and sewers must be 10-20 cm in diameter, that is greater than the diameter of the pipeline extending from the fittings.

Sewer cottages with their own hands can be executed in different variants. I would like to name the most popular choices, how to make the water drain in the country.

Sewage from absorbing the well

This is the easiest and cheapest form of sanitation. For its devices need these materials: concrete, brick. This well has no bottom, its walls are not sealed. Wastewater flows into the well, large particles settle, the water goes through the soil. Because the particles are small, and the bottom wall of the well silting quickly, deteriorating the work well. Deficiencies in this circuit is full - the constant bad smell, as well as a high degree of probability of biochemical contamination and its neighboring area. So, we can conclude that this local sewerage is a threat to the environment. The spectrum of use of a narrow, mostly a summer garden, because such sewerage unproductive and short-lived.

Septic Tank - try out the type


Sump requires periodic pumping

At the sump situation a little better. In appearance, a sealed container, it and the waste water drain. This container is made of reinforced concrete or plastic. Advantages of this type of sewage system - tightness, resistance to the processes of decay, to external influences (temperature fluctuations are also here). It is characterized by long life, but requires frequent pumping.

Sewerage system in the country in two parts

drain Arrangement

Draining water into a ravine

This option is suitable for a comfortable summerstay at the cottage 2-3 people. The principle is the sewage: the first combines the sink drain, bathtub, shower, and removes waste water untreated into the ravine or ditch. And in the second part leave the toilet sewage that fall into the funded part and then pumped assenizatorskaya machine.

Septic - perfect price / quality

Suburban septic tank

Suburban septic tank - the best price / performance ratio

This type of sewage system already has a certaindegree of mechanical purification. Driving septic simple: settle to the bottom of the particles of sewage, where they decompose, and special soils (sandy, loamy) filtered. In some cases, the installation of a septic tank is supplemented with biofilters.

Such drainage to give feedback gets good, as it is mounted easily, and acrid odors septic tank does not exude. And it's the best quality / price ratio (which is also important).

Priorities and cons of the treatment plant

Dacha sewage with sewageinstallation - the most environmentally attractive method, but also the most expensive. In such a system, waste water is treated by almost 100%, and in septic tanks only 50-70%.

purification system for sewage villa

Cleaning system for villa sewage - septic tank and filter element

That's only for the post-treatment should be improvementthe filter trenches and fields, and it is not always convenient and cheap. Wastewater treatment plant is cleaned completely natural manner close to natural biological processes.

Each owner chooses sewer cottages style according to your desires and money opportunities. In our time, no sewerage system costs is difficult, and why put yourself in a certain frame, because you can make the most sewers and enjoy a comfortable life.

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