Sewage pump - types and technical features

Sewage pump

Most people believe that fecal pumpIt used exclusively in the sewer systems (not for nothing that he has such a name). However, this is not quite true. Such equipment is used almost everywhere, for example in agriculture and industry, this unit is used for the pumping of sewage and industrial water and liquids from drainage systems.

In general, the main purpose of faecalpumps - pumping of viscous and dense liquids that contain a large fraction of solids of different sizes (even if the particle size is too large, it will not be a problem, you can buy the fecal pump with macerator, which is able to grind any solids).

Typically, such equipment is equipped with floats,that when changing the liquid level and switched off automatically. In this case, the fecal pump can operate independently without any involvement on the part of man.


  • Classification of on-site
    • Submersible fecal pump
    • Semi-submersible type of equipment
    • External pumps for fecal

  • Pumps for drainage area
  • How to choose fecal pump
  • On the prospects of the use of

Classification of on-site

Fecal pumps are of three types:

  • Faecal pumps submersible;
  • Faecal pumps submersible;
  • Faecal pumps outside.

Submersible fecal pump

This type of pumps is used for pumping waterfrom the cellars and various reservoirs. With the help of it you can pump the rainwater, groundwater or normal drinking water, as well as the use of sewage from washing machines and other washing equipment. It is indispensable for irrigation and water supply from a well or other water source.

But the main purpose of the submersible faecalpump - pumping highly contaminated water, faeces and sewage liquids with large or long fibers. Clog a machine can not, because the flow channels, which it contains, rather broad.

Sewage pump in action

Sewage pump in operation

A submersible pump housing is manufactured asTypically, stainless steel or cast iron. In this way, he may issue a stream of capacity up to 400 cubic meters. meters per hour with a head of up to 20 meters. Such equipment is equipped with a small electric motor with power from 4.4 to 40 kW.

The kit includes a submersible pump fecalten-meter cable, allowing to carry out work in serious enough depth, float switch and which reacts to changes in the level of wastewater.

This machine can even cope without problemswith highly contaminated sewage water, but the presence in them of solids larger than 35 mm, a pump must be equipped with a chopper, or the probability of its failure.

Submersible fecal pump (layout)

Submersible fecal pump (layout)

Semi-submersible type of equipment

Sewage pumps for garden or country housesemi-submersible type designed for pumping clean liquids and sewage containing solid fraction of up to 15 mm. They are used in everyday life, in industry and in agriculture.

Semi-submersible pumps (in principle, one can easily guess from the name) are immersed in a liquid only half - pump head is lowered into the water, and the engine is mounted on the float.

With these units, you can easily cope with a liquid sludge accumulated on the bottom of the pond, fecal matter, peat, fuel oil, oil.

The drive in the semi-submersible pumpsIt uses an electric motor and a built-in pump and a robust housing made of steel and mechanical face seals reliably protect the pump from damage and the damaging action of moisture.

This type of pump is not supplemented shredders,but it has a much more powerful engine, high reserve capacity of large solids, an improved cooling system and reinforced structural elements.

Semi-submersible pump fecal

Semi-submersible pump fecal

External pumps for fecal

External fecal pumps, technicalcharacteristics are slightly lower than those of semi-submersible submerged and not fall into the well and mounted directly above it. Process wastewater pumping occurs through hoses about 5 meters long, which are immersed in liquid.

The maximum size of the solids that can pass through a pump itself, not more than 5 mm. Mode of operation - automatic or manual (depending on the configuration).

External fecal pumps

External fecal pumps

Pumps for drainage area

Drain pump fecal - so if you cansay, a subspecies of sewage pumps, which are mainly designed for pumping of ground and rain water, or slightly polluted liquids. It can also be used to drain fluids from the gutters and basins, for water supply from wells and irrigation of crops.

The main difference of the drain pump of fecal - the presence of a metal mesh that protects the engine from accidentally hitting the rocks and hard objects.

When buying a sump pump pay attention to the markings:

  • no letters in the labeling (numbers only) - this pump is suitable only for pumping slightly polluted liquids with a maximum size of solids up to 5 mm.
  • letter H - stainless steel pump
  • letter F - fecal drain pump capable of pumping heavily polluted waste water with a maximum solids size of up to 35 mm.

How to choose fecal pump

As noted above, sewage pumps (aschoose talk about later) are designed for pumping sewage discharges and faeces, and thus the availability of such equipment in the house allows to arrange the bathroom, toilet or kitchen in the room where you want (at least on the second floor). The pump can operate in different positions: vertical and horizontal. Only it is worth considering that the vertical position of fecal pump depth of pumping is reduced to the maximum possible 100 meters from the 7.

To determine the fecal pump model you need to know the following parameters:

  • work duration
  • immersion depth
  • the distance from the pump's location to the discharge space
  • Cutter availability
  • desired performance
  • diameter of the pipe through which waste water will pass
  • the estimated diameter solids
  • maximum and minimum temperature of wastewater.
Fecal pumps sectional

Fecal pumps sectional

If you need a pump for pumping water only fromwell, bath, basin or any other container, then the best option would be fecal pump without chopper. The main thing - do not use it in the polluted waters and tanks with large waste and garbage. You can use it for hot wastewater.

But sewage pumps with macerator can beand set in the bathroom, and the toilet and in the kitchen, and in general in any room, because they can easily cope with the major factions. Through sharpened blades pumps are ground into a fine crumb accidentally fell into the waste liquid items, thereby preventing clogging of the drain.

On the prospects of the use of

Undoubtedly, fecal pump household -an indispensable tool in any household. It greatly increases the prospects in the construction of apartments, villas, houses with the ability to place it almost anywhere. Of course, you can use the services of sewage truck, which is a quarterly basis, and even more often, will come for pumping wastewater, but in this case you will have to regularly "to unfasten a lot of money."

Setting fecal pump, you spend only one time, but then you can use it continuously for many years.

Fecal pumps (reviews, by the way, you can read about them on the Internet in large numbers) - it is your own comfort, warmth and tranquility.

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