Cleaning the sewage: methods and their specific features

Cleaning the sewage

It would not have been professionally designed andinstalled sewerage system, in operation almost inevitably occurs such trouble as clogging. From this it is not insured nor the inhabitants of high-rises, nor the owners of cottages. In a situation when you need immediate cleaning of sewerage, the simplest solution is to call a specialist. But if you do not have this possibility, remove the blockage and you can own. What cleaning method to choose? To determine the choice, let's consider the pros and cons of the most popular methods to eliminate clogging.


  • "Self-cleaning" - elementary method
  • Classical cleaning plunger
  • We attack the blockage chemicals
  • A radical step: the use of steel wire rope
  • Remedy "local clogging"
  • Hydrodynamic sewer cleaning

"Self-cleaning" - elementary method

The easiest way to get rid of the blockageis the so-called "self-cleaning" pipes. It is possible in the case of a traffic jam in the tube of solidified fat. This occurs most often in the kitchen. To eliminate this blockage is enough to bring to boil 2-3 liters of water and pour the boiling water into the drain hole. Part of the fat to melt and clogging will be finished. If the outcome is not comforting, you can try again. Unfortunately, so easy to solve the clogging problem is not always obtained.

Classical cleaning plunger

Cleaning the sewage plunger

Cleaning the sewage plunger

This subject is familiar, perhaps, to everyone. Whatever it did not seem old-fashioned to you this thing - do not rush to throw it. Often, cleaning sewer pipes plunger can help get rid of the blockage in thethe shortest possible time. It's enough to pour into the tub or sink of water (about a third volume), close the overflow, attach to the drain plunger and abrupt movements to press the plunger, so that you create a sharp pressure drop in the pipe, which can simply push the blockage.

We attack the blockage chemicals

The next step is usually to get the chemical cleaning of sewage - removal of blockages using household chemicals.

Fortunately, the stores can be founda huge range of tools to eliminate blockages - from very cheap to quite expensive. After consulting with the seller and studied the label, you should be able to choose the right.

Chemical means for pipe cleaning

Chemical means for pipe cleaning - "Mole"

It is not advisable to use chemicals to remove blockages in the houses equipped with septic tanks.

Getting into the drain hole, these drugs lead to the death of the bacteria involved in the process of decomposition. On microflora recovery may take several months.

Important! Means for eliminating blockages, depending on the composition, can be divided into two types - acidic and alkaline. You should never mix different types of funds, it can lead to uncontrolled chemical reactions that damage the pipeline.

A radical step: the use of steel wire rope

Removing the blockage using a steel cable

Removing the blockage using a steel cable

If the use of the first three methods do notled to the desired result, will have to pick up a rope to clean sewers. This is a special device designed specifically for home-use. In fact, this simple device to clean sewers or clean out the spiral machine. The cable is a steel coil, which at one end is brush and pen to another gate.

The algorithm of this device is quite simple:

  • End equipped with the brush must be inserted into the sewer pipe.
  • Slowly rotate the knob, advance the brush to the point until it meets resistance, and will not overcome it. This would mean that the blockage removed.

Remedy "local clogging"

Sometimes there is a situation where onedrain the water out, and from the other - no. This means that there was a blockage of the siphon or lounger. Clogged siphon eliminated fairly easily. If it is equipped with the Audit cover, open it and remove the cause of obstruction, if the cover is no need to dismantle the trap. If by removing the trap, you find that it is clean, it is necessary to clean the lounger by means of a cable, as described above.

Hydrodynamic sewer cleaning

Hydrodynamic sewer cleaning - one ofthe most effective ways to deal with clogged. It can not be done independently as needed for sewer cleaning machine. The method consists in the fact that the sewer water is pumped under high pressure.

This allows you to wash the sides of the pipe all the fat and other deposits. Typically, such a machine has multiple nozzles intended for cleaning of pipes of different diameter, internal and outdoor sewerage, and stormwater.

Device for hydrodynamic cleaning of pipes

Pumps for hydrodynamic cleaning of pipes with nozzles

How do you know that your pipes required hydrodynamic cleaning:

  • Blockages occur regularly and quite easy to remove.
  • Contamination occurs always at the same place.
  • Sewage system in the house old enough but you can not replace it in the near future.

As you can see, cleaning sewer blockages canbe made a lot of ways. But if such problems arise in your home often enough, it is worth considering what is the reason. An error has crept in at the stage of designing the house, and you pay for someone else's mistakes. Of course, to answer these questions yourself hard enough to have to see a specialist. But, it may be better to invest in replacing the sewer system once than to flinch at the slightest rustle in the pipes.

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