What a warm plinth: operating principle, the issue price

Warm plinth - a completely new technologydomestic heating, which is based on the principle of convection. Europeans over 20 years heat their homes this way, and in Russia this type of heaters recently arrived. What is so good warm plinth? How does it work? How much does this miracle and whether only one small unit to replace the entire heating system? Answers to these and other questions in this article.


  • Construction warm plinth
  • Classification systems "warm plinth"
    • Water heating circuit
    • Plinth, "eating" electricity

  • The principle of warm plinth
  • Pros and device operation
  • The specifics of the installation
  • The range and the issue price

Construction warm plinth

Outside is a warm plinthmetal box height of 14 cm and a width of 3 cm. It is installed directly on the wall instead of the usual plastic or wooden plinth. Inside the heater on special brackets attached heat exchanger heating unit, which consists of two copper pipes and impaled them on the brass lamellae. The inner diameter of the copper pipes is only 11 mm and the external - 13 mm.

Heating modules are interconnected with the help ofcrimp nuts or by soldering copper. In the corners of the heat exchanger tubes joined by a special rotary polyethylene or copper. The coolant (water or electricity) is supplied to the warm plinth from the manifold via underwater pipes.

Manifold advisablecomplete flowmeter, drain and shut-off valves, automatic air vent. It is also possible to provide a pressure gauge and a thermometer, which would maintain control over the entire system and regulate its parameters.

Warm plinth: a device

The device of warm plinth: manifolds are interconnected by means of crimping nuts

Corner plinth

A corner contours warm plinth

The body warm plinth

Here is the warm plinth "live"

Classification systems "warm plinth"

By way of heating Plinth system is divided into two types:

  • water
  • electric

Water heating circuit

From the name itself is already possible to conclude thatthe contours of the system circulates liquid volume is 0.34 liters. per running meter of the system. This can be both water and antifreeze. The liquid temperature can vary from 50 to 85 ° C.

Adjust the temperature in the room can manually on the manifold or it occurs automatically.

Plinth, "eating" electricity

This version is powered by a warm plinthelectric heating element 200 Watt per meter. All heating elements are connected together in parallel, and their mode of operation is controlled by the wall of the electromechanical or electronic thermostat with a built-in temperature sensor in the room.

The principle of warm plinth

The principle of operation of the heating systembased on the special effects, when warm air rises slowly along the walls, giving them their heat. Outside (on the windows and walls) creates a "screen", which prevents the outflow of heat from the room, and the walls themselves emit energy that is transmitted to all objects in the room - furniture, fabrics, carpets, etc.

Thus, the room is warming twice -first and second on the plinth - from the objects. As a result of heat exposure is a uniform distribution of heat throughout the perimeter of the room and on her height. None of the heater can not give such an effect.

Heat distribution with standard radiators

Heat distribution with standard radiators

Heat distribution using "warm plinth" system

Heat distribution using "warm plinth" system

Radiator your heating battery

Here's what your apartment now!

Warm plinth

And this is how it will look with a warm plinth

Heat distribution using "warm plinth" system

Pros and device operation

  1. This type of heaters cares abouthuman health, because in addition to being warm plinth creates a barrier to the cold air, warming the walls inside and out, it also saves them from excess moisture. In addition, the dust in the room, equipped with a heating system, there is little, or rather it is, but behaves "quieter water below the grass", because air circulation is very slow.
  2. Warm plinth can be used as the main heating system and, if necessary, for example, on the balcony, balcony or terrace, it can be complemented with other heating devices.
  3. The system is suitable for all types of boilers operating on different fuels.
  4. The special design of the heating unit andconnection through the collector temperature difference between flow and return lines is less than 5 ° C, which is 4 times lower than in conventional systems. It is due to this, and there is a substantial saving of fuel and energy.
  5. The heat of the apartment is distributed evenly.
  6. Warm plinth not only saves your money, but also the space of your apartment, because he, in contrast to the radiator panels, takes up very little space.
  7. For furniture and curtains, even those relating to body skirting, you can not be afraid, because the system is completely safe.
  8. This type of heating equipment ideal for any room, because the color of the case may have a variety of shades, maybe even an imitation of wood, marble and other textures.
  9. The system is indispensable in rooms with high ceilings and lots of windows. No condensation on the glass, you will not even notice.

The specifics of the installation

Installation of heating systems "warm plinth" is divided into two stages.

The first step is the preparation of all findings to connect the plinth, made the layout of the connecting tubes of the collectors supplied power cable.

The second phase of works on the installation of warm plinthIt begins after a complete finishing the interior. If the water system, the wizard makes installation of all elements of the plinth, a plug-in to the prepared terminals, conducting molding system, balancing circuits, sets automation system. The electric version is first installed all the elements of the body, then the specialist connects to the contours of the conclusions, makes all the necessary measurements of insulation. Upon completion of these works, electricity supply is produced and setting thermostats.

The range and the issue price

Buy warm plinth - the price it may be quite different in different stores and salons - today is not difficult, much more difficult to understand the principle of calculating the cost of the system itself, and for its installation.

This heating system isa set consisting of a large number of components: aluminum profiles, heating elements, plastic plugs, holders, brackets, connecting fittings, manifolds, subsea pipes, etc. At amounts of these components and hence the cost of the whole system, is affected by many factors: the size of the room and its geometry, heat loss, the desired color, the need for the collectors, the connecting pipes and other additional materials. All of these items have a cost, so to talk about the cost of a single "warm plinth" system is not possible.

Perform all calculations, choose the required number of items and do it efficiently, professionally and without error, can only specialist, held a training course.

The heating system "warm plinth" is definitely worth attention to the person, because such an innovative, stylish and ingenious inventions in the field of power system was not yet.

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