Wall gas heating boilers: Types, installation rules

Wall gas heating boilers

Heating a dwelling house or apartment - is,perhaps one of the most fundamental elements of a comfortable life, because in the cold room, this is the life will seem a real hell, especially in winter. To solve the problem of heating is now very simple for the benefit of this, there are many opportunities and different devices. Gas wall boilers can be safely attributed to similar devices, because they not only bear the heat, but also easy to operate and install.


  • Forms mounted gas boilers
  • Documents required for installation
  • Installation of wall gas boiler
    • Step 1: Mount the boiler on the wall
    • Step 2. Connecting to the water pipes
    • Step 3: Joining the Pipeline
    • Step 4: Connecting to the mains gas boiler
    • Step 5: Connecting the boiler to the chimney
    • Step 6: Fill with water heating system
    • Step 7: Launch of gas-fired boiler

Forms mounted gas boilers

Wall gas heating boilers, asmentioned above, it is very easy to install, and all because of all the contents enclosed in a single package. Inside it is almost all that is necessary for normal functioning of the whole boiler room - heat exchanger, burner, circulation pump, control unit, expansion tank, Pressure gauge, thermometer, and other elements.

But not only the ease of installation drawspotential buyers, but also the ease of use, because most modern models of gas wall boilers are equipped with a simple control system to cope with that afford even a pensioner or student.

As the functionality of hanging gas-fired boilers are divided into two types:

  • single-circuit
  • combi

Single loop boilers provide only heating a house or apartment that is used for its intended purpose.

Single-circuit gas boiler

The device single-circuit gas-fired boiler

Boiler gas wall double the same can simultaneously heat the dwelling premises and provide owners with hot water.

Of course, this type of gas boilers hasadvantage over single-circuit types of heating devices, as one pot solves two problems at once, just remember, if your house has central heating, then spend money to buy such a device impractical.

Turbofan gas boiler

Tractor-mounted turbofan gas boiler heating system performs heating coolant and hot water supplies

Driving a bypass gas boiler

The device of a bypass gas boiler

As a method for removing waste gases mounted gas boilers are divided into two types:

  • open chamber
  • a closed combustion chamber.

In boilers with open air chamber to sustain combustion is supplied directly from the room in which is installed heating equipment, and all the exhaust gases leaving the chimney.

If you do not have a chimney or do you decideset the gas boiler in the apartment (of course, that in this type of dwelling the chimney is not provided by any regulatory documents), it is possible to use boilers with closed combustion chamber. The set of the heating device includes a smoke removal system, which is forced by a special turbine removes the products of combustion from the boiler.

Boilers with sealed combustion chamber has several advantages:

  1. They do not burn oxygen in the house;
  2. does not require the installation of the chimney;
  3. It does not require the inflow of fresh air from outside.

Although the traditional chimney in this casenecessary, yet such heating system must be equipped with coaxial chimney, which cost several times less than the cost of a standard installation of the branch pipe. This device can be installed even in the apartment, then you will be able to adjust the intensity of the water supply and heating, as well as significantly save on municipal levies.

Coaxial chimney is also called "pipe in pipe" - on the outside of the chimney pipe air enters the apartment, and internal combustion gases.

Coaxial chimney

Coaxial chimney has two functions: removes the products of combustion and ensures the supply of oxygen from the outside

By ignition type wall-mounted gas boilers are:

  • with electronic ignition
  • with pezorozzhigom

Boilers, launched from using pezorozzhigom, the control panel has a special button, clicking which supply heat begins.

Boilers with the electronic ignition, started inautomatic mode. This type of heaters is much more economical than its "manual" counterparts, because there is no pilot light with constantly smoldering fire. In addition, in case of sudden power failure (which is quite often the case in Russia), the boiler will be on their own, while the model with pezorozzhigom you have to be enabled manually.

Advantages mounted gas boilers

  1. Almost all models of attachment of the gasequipment equipped with a power control system of the burner, which allows to smoothly adjust the flow of gas in the range from 30 to 100%, depending on your needs. Thanks to this system, your boiler will always be in perfect condition, because the probability of the formation of scale in this case is reduced to a minimum.
  2. Gas fired boiler is able to maintain itsperformance under virtually any gas pressure indicators (not exorbitant, of course). For Russia, it is very important, because in the whole country there is constant problems with the gas supply, or rather to the pressure drops. Some models of attachments, even at a pressure of 5 mbar are able to work completely stable, of course, power is reduced, but nevertheless, you may well be able to support in a home or apartment a comfortable temperature.
  3. Modern boilers are equipped with all thedegrees of protection that you can imagine. You are not just buying the heater, and a completely safe device. Wall-mounted boilers are just two degrees of protection against the formation of scale: the temperature control system in the primary circuit and the magnetic system reduce scaling. First it reacts instantly to any critical rise in temperature, which avoids the formation of scale, and the second shared salts so that they do not settle upon heating.

Documents required for installation

You are not mistaken, to be installed in your home gas boiler, you will need some documents, because you got not just a device and the device working at a hazardous fuel - gas.

So, you need the following documents:

  • the original service contract;
  • the original contract on commissioning;
  • distinction between the act of an official organization (eg, Gorgaz) and now serving equipment

Installation of wall gas boiler

For example, consider the bright process mounted gas boiler attachment bypass type, we note only that all operations must be performed by employees of the company, which has all the necessary certificates and documents.

Step 1: Mount the boiler on the wall

Boilers gas wall double attachedusing the special bracket supplied. Hooking it should be strictly parallel to the floor, or your boiler will hang unevenly, which can cause a breakdown related to the formation of scale.

Step 2. Connecting to the water pipes

Since we set the double-pressure boiler,which will not only heat the house, but also to provide it with hot water, have to take care of the installation of the strainer. This filter is mounted on the back of the heating water in the boiler inlet. Such an approach will avoid the installation of heat exchanger clogging, and as a consequence, its breakage. It is also recommended to install ball valves on both sides of the filter and all connections of the boiler.

Important: Do not forget to remove all caps from the pipes, which were installed by the manufacturer.

Boiler connection to the water supply

Connecting the water pipes to the gas boiler

Step 3: Joining the Pipeline

This operation must be carried out onlycertified gas service engineers, so we will not delve into the intricacies and nuances of this complex process. However, it is worth noting that the ball valve or gas cock with a certificate for gas must be installed before the boiler (except gas will get into your house or apartment), gas meter, alarm gassed and termozaporny crane. Do not forget that the gas valve must be in a convenient location, and have free access to him.

Connection to the pipeline

Connecting the boiler to the gas network

Step 4: Connecting to the mains gas boiler

To connect to the electrical gas boilerNetworks need to use a three-wire cable with a plug of such a length that it can reach the nearest outlet. If such is not within reach, then you will have to do more and installation sockets 220 V to ground.

It is important not to confuse the phase wire with zero, or your boiler will not work.

Step 5: Connecting the boiler to the chimney

Koakisalnaya pipe, part of the kit, is connected to the gas boiler and displayed in a specially drilled hole in the wall outside the room.

Step 6: Fill with water heating system

You need to fill all before starting the boilerwater system, after disconnecting the gas equipment from the power supply. To carry out this operation, it is necessary to open a built valve located at the bottom of the boiler, and this is the need to close the valve when the pressure 0.8-1.2 bar. The system is ready for operation.

Important: fill the water system should be slow to all the air out of it gradually by special air vent.

Step 7: Launch of gas-fired boiler

So, your gas fired heating boilerset, it was the most recent and important step - its launch. First, make sure that the water supply system and the gas is completely sealed, and after that you can "cut the red ribbon."

Insert the plug into the socket and turn the thermostat switch to the maximum value, you give the go-ahead to his new home "pet." He turns on itself, because for this he has all the possibilities.

Those carrying out the installation and commissioning of your boiler, you have to familiarize with the rules of operation and control unit.

Let your mounted gas boiler serves you faithfully for many years!

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