Steel pipes for heating and fittings for steel tubes - Steel strength and durability

Steel pipes for heating and fittings for steel tubes

One of the main heating elementsare steel tubes that have now appeared on the market of building materials a lot of contenders. However, the less popular tubes of steel did not. For a reliable connection of the heating sections of the network industry produces fittings for steel tubes which are threaded. Therefore, the heating installation can be done with his own hands, using a bill of divorcement, and wrenches. This is the minimum of tools that need to have in your arsenal master plumber. During installation of large diameter pipe, flange fittings are used or have resorted to the method of the welded butt joint. To perform high quality weld is necessary to already have the appropriate qualifications and high-tech equipment.


  • Selection of pipes for heating
  • Methods of production of steel pipes
  • Gauge of steel pipes
  • Installation of steel pipes and bending
  • Methods for mounting connections
  • Advantages and disadvantages of steel pipes experts on steel pipes

Selection of pipes for heating

By the process of selecting the pipes must be approached very seriously to the heating system installation, taking into account the number of the following factors:

  • hidden or external method of laying the heating pipes;
  • the need for insulation of pipes, if any part of the network extends beyond the heated space;
  • coolant pressure and its average temperature value of the heating system;
  • heating system configuration (straight or complex);
  • exercise on their own repair system is maintained.
Pipe insulation

Pipe insulation

Methods of production of steel pipes

1. The method of manufacturing a seamless pipe. It is quite expensive, but very reliable option.

2. Welded method allows to receive welded and spirally stainless steel pipe. Their difference, as seen from the names, is in selecting the type of weld. Also available in hot-tube, in the production process which uses hot deformatsiya.Pomimo that there are cold-tube, with the release of which have resorted to cold deformation technology.

Gauge of steel pipes

The list now produced pipesthe relevant national standards adopted, is the assortment. On how he is extensive, independent production capacity of the Pipe Plant.

Also the assortment of steel pipes indicated and in the stores, while it may be designed in the form of a table, which lists the types of pipes and their main parameters are available for sale.

Gauge of steel pipes

Gauge of steel pipes

When you create a mix of steel pipes take into account a number of factors:

  • steel grade, goes to the manufacture of pipes;
  • technology of their production;
  • Wall thickness;
  • presence of an additional treatment;
  • purpose pipes.

Installation of steel pipes and bending

When choosing a steel pipe, as well as beforeinstallation work, you need a good look at the product, to ensure that no factory defects or any kind of mechanical damage made during the delivery of the material to the object.

If the pipes are not purchased are galvanized, thenspend their coloring. As the paint material used mostly asphalt varnish. pipes are not subjected to additional processing galvanized at the factory. If you choose to open strip steel pipe, then attaching them to the walls using clamps. Thus there are recommendations on the distances between the attachment points, which depend on the inner diameter of the metal pipe:

1. If the diameter is 15-20 mm, that a fastening is not more than 2.5 m.

2. When the tube diameter equal to 25 or more millimeters between the supports is maintained for about three meters.

3. If the diameter is 40 mm, the distance between the clamps is 4 meters.

For bending of steel pipes are commonly used manualhydraulic tube bender. This compact and convenient device can be easily transported to the object. When using economical power consumption. The difficulty of performing the cutting and bending of pipes is the main disadvantage of steel products.

In the absence of this instrument are purchased ready-made steel fittings desired shape, which provides direct connections to local areas of pipe bending.

electric bender

electric bender

Methods for mounting connections

  • autogenous welding is used to join pipes with smooth ends;
  • when screwing the connection strengthens the gasket, thereby ensuring its impermeability;
  • flange connections having bolt fastening, with which flanges are attached to the ends of the tube.

Threaded fittings for steel tubes

For sale is a complete range of threaded fittings used to connect steel pipes in a variety of configurations. It includes:

  • Couplings;
  • coupling transition;
  • barrels (coupling with external thread);
  • kegs transition;
  • sleeves (elongated barrels);
  • Connectors "American";
  • triangles of all kinds;
  • all kinds of tees;
  • Crossings;
  • Fittings forward and backward;
  • locknuts and plugs.
Fittings for steel pipes

Fittings for steel pipes

Advantages and disadvantages of steel pipes

For the installation of heating systems at the momentuse several types of pipes: copper, plastic and steel. The most optimal option in terms of price and quality are considered steel pipes for heating. The main disadvantage of steel pipes is their susceptibility to corrosion. For the leveling of the pipe minus Zinc. This method is most suitable for the installation of domestic heating systems. However, we must remember that in the galvanized pipes can not be used antifreeze.

By degree of mechanical strength and lowthe coefficient of expansion at a possible change in temperature steel pipes virtually no competitors in the field of heating and steam heating. Copper products have given coefficient value in twice, while the plastic - 15 times. Therefore, by performing the installation of the heating system of PVC pipes, you must strictly follow the water temperature. If you exceed the maximum temperature indicators are deformed plastic pipes. The disadvantages of steel pipes carry their weight and awkward dimensions, complicating the process of installation of the heating system. It also requires professional search Welding and highly qualified. Otherwise, the joints will seep water through the invisible microcracks. For the detection of microcracks in welders have their own methods, sometimes very original.

Steel pipes are known for long lifeoperation, which can be up to forty years. Although plants guarantee quality work tubes for ten years. Previously used in our country, only steel pipes which have still not been replaced. Meanwhile, a high degree of wear of pipelines leading to constant gusts and endless repairs. When replacing the pipes in the apartment is recommended to use a steel pipe, as all central heating system apartment building is made of them. When installing autonomous heating system in a country house owner can choose the type of pipe at its discretion.

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