Electric radiators (batteries) Heating: their pros and installation rules

People have always had a need for warmth,gathering of old campfires. The very first structure, which appeared in the house, there was a big wave, and has already built around the other rooms. Time passed, and began to build the entire heating system, it was a hot water heating battery. But now the central heating appeared worthy replacement - electric radiators.


  • What is an electric radiator
  • Where power batteries are used
  • Arguments installation of electrical radiator
    • Creating a climate of your choice
    • Insurance in case of accident

  • Calculation of the power of the electric radiator
  • Installation of electric batteries

What is an electric radiator

At the moment when the rise in the central heating and gas prices, the actual heating option performs energy saving heating with electric batteries.

Under the electric battery is commonly understoodconnection of two or more elements are capable of converting chemical energy into electrical energy. However, the term "radiator" is used, and the same element. The main parts of the element protrude two electrodes which are placed in the electrolyte in the vessel. The most famous example considered electrodes zinc and copper plates.

Electric radiators resemble waterstructure. The difference lies in the fact that water is used instead of an electric current. The heat released when an electrical current passes through the heating element battery. This heat warms us and the cold evenings.

The design of the electric heater

The design of the electric heater

Electric radiators are similar tooil products on one indicator - as a coolant they use liquid mineral oil. Electric battery is very tight, so the fear that oil will flow, it is not necessary. In addition, they are equipped with a system that protects the unit from overheating.

By themselves, electric heaters are compactand are able to fit into any interior. Sometimes there are stones in the composition, thereby heats the battery, keeping warm for several days.

Control electric radiatorsthrough thermostat which is in the battery. But you can buy the device and without thermostat that allows you to create a common heating system, which can then be run from a single electrical regulator.

Where power batteries are used

The use of electric heaters is convenientat a low temperature in apartments and houses, when the window still cold, and the heating season has not started yet. There are also cases when the central system is not operating at its intended level.

Electric radiators are very useful inbuildings with modern heating systems, when disruptions occur frequently and even crash, and there is a need to maintain the necessary temperature. This is true for private home, country cottages, apartments and cottages with heating, where the central system works through time.

Arguments installation of electrical radiator

Creating a climate of your choice

Electrical energy can be fairly easilyto govern. Heating systems that are equipped with electric radiators, allows you to adjust the climatic conditions in the house. As oil battery, wall models have electronic thermostat in its design, which allows you to maintain the desired temperature of the heated room owner.

This approach does not allow the ambient airburn. In addition, unlike conventional convector heaters, electric batteries do not have an open spiral, burning around the oxygen. Its level in the heated room will not fall. Besides room heated by electricity, free of noxious gases, soot and smoke.

Electric radiators

Electric radiators: Now select the device can be any capacity with any number of sections

Insurance in case of accident

In winter, the accident at the heating mains - notrarity. they often provoke a catastrophic drop in air temperature in heated homes. In such situations, there is nothing left other how to use some electric heater.

But the good electrical household devices in advanceunderstand agile citizens, but energy-intensive equipment is unsafe in the store. In order not to risk, it is necessary to insure in advance and set a new electric radiator housing.

Calculation of the power of the electric radiator

To calculate the average heating powerelectric batteries in service and accommodations, convenient to use the formula: 1 kW of heat for 15 - 18 square meters of floor space, if the height of the walls is nearly 2.7 meters. But if the height of the walls more necessary for every next 10 add sentiment close 5% power.

Heating electric radiators

Heating electric radiators: circulation scheme cooled and heated air mass

Each window opening should be cut off heatflow - under it mandatory radiator must be installed. Heat flow is a curtain and the ability to hold a uniform temperature balance in the room. The amount of heat that must be built on heating, to a large extent determined by the state of the thermal protection.

Given the fact that the electric powerradiators can vary in a wide range (0.5 - 3 kW), that is a great opportunity to purchase the appropriate power radiator that will positively affect the entire surrounding wiring and sockets. Heating homes with electric batteries to compensate for heat loss through the building envelope - the doors, the roof, windows, walls, floors.

Installation of electric batteries

Today the market offers a lot of space heaters, which are convenient, cost effective and easy to install. For heating one room will need only one radiator.

If a battery pack installed under the window, it iswill block the ingress of cold air into the apartment from the crevices of the window opening. It will be set up air curtain that is capable essentially comfortable temperature in the housing to maintain the required level.

The advantages of these types of radiators and includetheir high capacity. It has long been the standard that the electric radiators are characterized by power 2 - 3 kW, which allows you to heat the room impressive area. Additional heaters are not required.

Electric radiator in the interior

Electric radiator in the interior: the flat neat device that occupies minimal space

Electric batteries made hang onwalls as conventional radiators that run on water coolant. Constructions not weigh much, and one radiator can be mounted on two brackets. This allows the radiators to hang on the seats for decades.

There is no need to payExpensive construction work on the laying of the chimney, the installation of the heating unit in the basement and you drill holes in the walls of the set for laying pipes.

Then you only need to insert the heateroutlet, and the heat will be felt after some time. As for the flow of funds, the installation costs are three times lower than that for the installation of electric boiler. Furthermore, the system is more economical than about 30%.

Summarizing, we can say that the electricalexcellent battery heats the housing and is used as the main form of heating. Installation of such a radiator to optimize cash expenses for heating homes. And with that in the apartment creates a favorable climate without drafts, smoke and harmful gases.

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