Combined heating boilers: classification, selection criteria

Combined heating boilers

The practice has long been shown that not alluniversal type apparatus and devices are effective in operation. However, this does not apply to boilers. So, combined heating boilers can not only avoid unnecessary expenditure of money for additional equipment, but also improve the quality of the result.

Their convenience is that they allowdeleted depending on the specific type of fuel. Thus, it is possible to change the type of fuel, without changing the boiler itself when necessary.


  • Structural specificity of combined boilers
  • Types of equipment for combined heating
    • Processing diesel and gas
    • on three types of fuel Boilers
    • Diesel fuel, gas and electricity
    • Boilers for four types of fuel

Structural specificity of combined boilers

To date, combination boilersHeating - solid electric or gas - are increasingly common in suburban homes. Modern engineering ideas, allowed to change the type of burner and, as a consequence, fuel, did not lead to a breach of the efficiency of the boiler.

When changing the fuel necessary to dismantle the oldburner and simply install a new one. Design features such boilers does not pose any difficulties during installation of a new burner. The front part of the boiler body is equipped with a special hole for the burner flange. It is mounted on the flange of the burner necessary depending on the fuel type. So, for combined heating boilers are perfect the following fuels: coke, ethanol, wood gas. This diversity allows the combination boilers everywhere.

Combined boiler for heating a house

The heating boiler of the combined type

It is worth noting that in these heating devicesThere is one design feature - hot water coil. This makes them a great alternative to a two-planimetric gas or electric boilers.

Typically, in this type of boiler, there are twocombustion chamber. One of them is intended for combustion of solid or liquid fuel, and the second - for gas. In addition, almost all the models of universal boilers have built-in heater.

Modern combined heating boilers -reviews about these very positive - have not only some of the combustion chambers, and multiple outputs that allow you to connect the required number of heating circuits easily. For example, it can be connected not only to radiator heating, but also "warm floor" heating conservatory or bath.

When you select any of the heating boiler,examine the specifications and to determine whether they meet the conditions and requirements of operation. Of particular importance is the capacity of the product. As a rule, modern heating devices for country houses and cottages have a capacity not exceeding 100 kW.

This figure is the fuel consumption in the home area, it is difficult to calculate, because it depends on the type of fuel and the chosen instrument of power. Currently, the combined boilers for home heating installed in rooms whose areaIt ranges from 50 to several hundred square meters. As a rule, domestic heating boilers are not designed for large areas. Thus, the combi boiler of a particular type is perfect for heating a standard house.

Types of equipment for combined heating

The desired combination of those or other fuels determines the type of combined boiler. The following combination of fuel can be distinguished:

  • diesel and natural gas;
  • solid fuel, gas and diesel oil;
  • electricity, gas and diesel oil;
  • electricity, diesel fuel, gas, solid fuel.

Processing diesel and gas

This rather unusual combination of fuel, soas one of the cheapest fuels combines the contrary, with an expensive analog. However, in technical terms, this type of multi-fuel boiler is most effective.

Combined household heating boiler

Combination boiler: gas and diesel

It is worth noting that individually and dieselGas boilers differ only in the type of burner, however, these differences are not significant. That is why this type of combined boiler works easily and efficiently. It is obvious that under such conditions, the transition from one fuel to another is carried out with a minimum of reconfiguring the device.

Changing the type of fuel takes place without any loss of effectiveness of the universal boiler.

on three types of fuel Boilers

The modern age - this age of high technology,when heat premises conventional wood somehow undignified. That's reason many foreign manufacturers. However, some do not stop the production of combined boilers that can run on gas, diesel and traditional solid fuels.

Multi-fuel boiler

It uses solid fuel, gas and diesel fuel

The solid fuel used for heatingresidential homes, most often represented by coal, coke, wood or wood briquettes. If we add to it the gas and diesel fuel, such boiler can rightly be considered universal.

However, such heating boilers combinedThey are more than solid fuel. This fact leads to the fact that the boiler is provided minimal workflow automation and control for safe operation. Undoubtedly, this type of boiler demands the maximum attention. The cost of it is low, and that has attracted many users.

Diesel fuel, gas and electricity

Such heating boiler combined perfectlysuitable for most homes. However, it is worth considering that its power is unlikely to be enough to heat a house with no gas or diesel fuel.

The main objective of this is to maintain the boilersufficient water temperature in the heating system in the absence of any other type of fuel prior to its receipt. So, even at low temperatures, it will not allow the water in the pipes to freeze and break the integrity, deform.

Combined heating boiler

Combined heating boiler: electricity, diesel fuel, gas

In addition, the heater provides heatingcoolant in cases where the primary fuel and the ends have to pass to fuel economy. Thus, this type of combined boiler is ideal for residential buildings of any size.

Boilers for four types of fuel

Due to the fact that the combinedboiler implies the possibility of operating on solid fuel, most often it is used as a conventional solid fuel heater.

Boiler combined

The boiler operating on electricity, solid fuels and diesel, gas

Thus, in such a cauldron opt those who wish to save on home heating is installed in the equipment, as its price is quite democratic.

Thus, combination boilers area universal means for heating of premises and hot water unit. Their use can significantly reduce fuel costs and reduce the risks involved in operating the device. Possibility of change of the fuel gives the owner of the combined boiler lack of concern about disruption in its supply or increasing the cost of fuel used previously. That is, the heat in the house will always, no matter how many degrees showing on the thermometer outside. The house becomes a true fortress. The warm and reliable fortress.

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