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Gas water heaters

Currently, life at home or the citythe apartment can not be imagined without hot water. People are accustomed to comfort, so the laundry and washing dishes in cold water seem unthinkable. Market range heaters impresses with its diversity. If hot water does not "glued", or the water is supplied to the house with faults, it is necessary to buy water-heater. When installing the equipment in the apartment such as gas water heaters reviews tenants become more positive because the cost to pay for gas, which is used to heat water, much less cover electricity costs.


  • The principle of the column
  • Types of gas columns
  • How does the installation of the column
  • Power gas columns
  • What we offer Market

The principle of the column

Gas boiler is used for DHWwater for industrial and domestic needs. Learn more about the device helps equipment gas heater circuit: instantaneous water heater (geyser) consists of a heat exchanger, and burner automation, assembled in one package.

This is how a geyser

This is how a geyser

The principle of the column - simply nowhere. Cold water from the water passes through a heat exchanger, heating due to the burner that burns underneath. The oxygen flow in this case happens when the natural ventilation of the house, through a special chimney for gas column displays the flue gases, and hot water is supplied to the sink through the pipe.

Types of gas columns

In the domestic market are gascolumn of several types: an electronic, manual and pezorozzhigom. However, their features and technical properties with virtually identical. It is difficult to say with certainty what the best gas water heater! Differ models exceptional comfort of use and, of course, cost.

Devices with manual ignition - yesterday. Now they are almost not used. Igniter in flow-through water heaters with manual ignition ignited a match and torch flashes if the handle is turned.

bottom view

Gas boiler - view from below

The device of the gas column pezorozzhigombased on the piezoelectric effect: mechanical force in this case is converted into an electric charge. You need only click once on the button that is located on the water heater panels. And igniter lights a spark that will give a piezoelectric element. Then the whole process is automatic - when you open the tap water heater itself is ignited and starts to pour hot water in a few seconds.

Note: using equipment with electronic ignition occurs, though not too much, but saving fuel. The column pezorozzhigom candle is lit, even if the unit is not working, and therefore consumes more gas. But in the electronic water heaters after the closing of the crane does not burn.

The column with electronic ignition is not for nothing calledthe most reliable. Its advantages - on the face. Spark given element of power, in which were two penlight batteries. Accordingly, to the water heater started to work, do not need pushing buttons and matches. You only need to open the tap!

How does the installation of the column

Modern gas water heating column is nottake up much space and look neat. Long trouble-free operation of the heater depends on its proper installation. It is not too time-consuming, however, to install any equipment that requires a flow of gas should only specialists that have the corresponding license.

The scheme of installation of the heater draw-Multipoint

The scheme of installation of the heater draw-Multipoint

Water heater must be installed onfire-resistant wall in the place where the necessary hot water - in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Offset from the wall in this case must be approximately 2 cm. It is possible and more! The walls should be isolated from the machine bed asbestos sheet that has a thickness of at least 3 millimeters.

The house must necessarily be a chimneywith a wall thickness of about 0.6 millimeters to combustion gases. In addition, in horizontal chimneys must have rise 2 cm by 1 meter. When installing the water heater should be remembered that if work is carried out in an unheated room, some of it in the cold season should be drained to avoid breaking the pipeline.

Power gas columns

The market presents a variety of geysers -how to choose the appropriate model for you? You just need to pay attention to some details! The more powerful the machine is, the more water in a moment he will be able to skip through itself. Selecting the heater output depends directly on the individual needs of the user. Of great importance is the place where the equipment will be installed.

Gas boiler for multiple water intake points

Gas water efficiently serve multiple water intake points

If the column you plan to use for onewater intake point, it is worth to buy a model, which capacity is 17 - 20 kW, and productivity - 10 - 11 liters per minute. If you plan to consume hot water at several points, the machine capacity should reach 20 - 26 kW and performance - more than 11 liters per 1 minute.

Note: Net power instantaneous water heater differs from nominal. Power transmitted to the water, and the efficiency is equal to the product of the nominal power. Modern column efficiency is typically 85 - 90%.

We calculate the average of the water that is neededfor the family, which consists of 4 people. The default option is considered, when they are at home 3 points abstraction - 1 shower and 2 sinks. From the soul per minute results in an average of 7 liters of water from the tap - 4 liters. Therefore it is necessary to buy a gas column, which itself is capable of passing through the close of 15 liters per minute. Of course, a lot of water pressure also depends, because it may drip or trickle whip over all the power.

What we offer Market

To date, the market represented onlybest geysers. The main arguments in this regard - reliability, quality, ease of use, security, and reasonable prices. You can buy a water heater of any power!

Besides paying attention manufacturersautomatic safety systems, which provide well-coordinated work of the staff. This, above all, protection against overheating, water and a special safety element that shuts off the gas automatically if there is no flame ignition wick, as well as an energy leak sensor.

Market range of gas columns

Market range is very wide gas columns

Leading positions in the foreign marketheating equipment took companies such as Vaillant, Junkers, Beretta, Amina. The range is formed so that the buyers could choose instantaneous water heater of a large variety. Permanent competition forces manufacturers to improve their technique and equipment to offer customers at attractive prices.

If you have to substitute the gas column, you should take into account when purchasing a number of factors that affect the water heating:

  1. The minimum water pressure indicator device inlet.
  2. The gas pressure and diameter of the pipe.
  3. The amount of water intake points and used plumbing.
  4. Performance and capacity of the device.
  5. Design and dimensions of the device.
  6. The price and appearance.

Thus, the gas column in the domesticthe market in a wide range. For water heating, they spend a few seconds, so the water heater is not worse than the central hot water supply. Have fun shopping!

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