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Designing systems and supply networks - important rules to follow

Designing systems and supply networks

The decision on gas eyeliner to the private homeIt justified by compelling economic reasons, since it is the cheapest, and therefore the most demanded type of fuel. Wishing to implement the gasification project, you should know that a mandatory step towards achieving the goal of designing the gas supply will be required to ensure safe operation and to connect an autonomous residential facility to a centralized network or stand-alone gas tanks. The right to perform project works for the creation of systems of gas supply only licensed company owned-executors. However, the customer will not prevent information about design rules for monitoring and to select a rational scheme.


    • What you need to consider when designing?
      • The specifics of creating gasification projects
      • Types of external gas pipelines
    • The specifics of the design of internal networks

What you need to consider when designing?

This type of fuel is classified asflammable hazardous substances. The slightest deviation from the dictates of building codes could end in tragedy. Moreover, the gas is toxic and dangerous to the environment. All these nuances are obliged to take into account the designer. The owner of the house must know that it is best to order the project during the construction period at home, as a special room must be set aside for the gas heating device under the boiler room, ensure adequate ventilation and fully secure use.

Design of gas must be left to professionals

gas supply design must meet professional designers, as the substance transported and processing boiler is classified as inflammable and explosive

The specifics of creating gasification projects

Previously called the cost of the finalthe result can not even design. Depends on the amount of the weight of criteria, including the principle of the wiring width of the pipes, the number of fuel pressure stages, the number of bends, the selected materials and equipment. Definitely need to pay for the design of gas supply systems, including:

      • creating a project for the liner from centralized fossil fuel pipeline to the house;
      • development of the project for the internal wiring of the gas network.
Design of gas-supply systems

Design of gas-supply systems for private homes includes the creation of a project for the fuel liner to the building and development of the project internal wiring

Pay will also need for the installation, designed for installation in pipes, parts, fittings.

Types of external gas pipelines

Get inducting gas into the home network in two ways. The pipeline is carried out under the ground, or do without costly excavation, paving it openly.

      • The construction of an underground gas pipeline will costapproximately 1.5 times greater than the gasket overhead manner. However, the pipe will be much better protected from external mechanical and atmospheric negative. Underground systems are much more reliable and safer, but in the case of damage to find and eliminate the cause will be complicated and expensive.
Underground gas tank installation for the organization of autonomous gas supply

Method of laying underground gas supply networks more expensive, but with the security point of view, significantly ahead of the construction unit for the fuel above ground

      • Construction of the aerial network is cheaper, but the open part of the pipeline would threaten corrosion, it is easier to connect illegally, they are dangerous for the environment.
Gas supply of private homes: open padded pipeline

Paved open pit pipes corrode, is easier for them to connect without the owners consent

Not always in the preferences in the selection of above ground or just the opposite way to price factors influence. There are independent of the wishes of the customer, it is:

      • inappropriate requirements of GOST values ​​of soil corrosivity, excluding underground laying;
      • the proximity of high-voltage transmission lines, because of which will have to choose the construction of an underground pipeline input;
      • the absence of the consent of neighbors, if part of the underground pipeline would cross their land;
      • recorded in the region below the atmospheric temperature - 45 ?, because the tube which can only be laid underground;
      • the intersection of major highways,restoring the integrity of which can not be attributed to the category of cheap activities to the same period in the installation not too "busy" road will need to be cut off to give permission to transport and inspection services.
Design of gas supply of private homes

Building codes Autonomous gasholder location

Often the liner pipeline project to the houseIt is a combined version of combining both methods gasket. What will choose a designer, it depends on the circumstances and the exact characteristics of the site.

The specifics of the design of internal networks

Calculation and Design of Gas Supply Privatehome based again on a purely individual factors on which the boiler is chosen a certain type and capacity, additional equipment, designed wiring diagram. However, there are common requirements for all projects, with which compliance is mandatory condition for gasification.

      • Mandatory presence of the boiler to be installedgas unit, as prohibited by its placement in a residential area. On the one pot should be given a minimum of 4 m? in a room with a ceiling height of at least 2.2m. The doorway furnace must be 0.8 m wide, can be longer. window size is calculated from relying on the 10 cubic meters of space of 0.3 m. The combustion must be finished with non-combustible materials.
Have the boiler - a prerequisite gas company

Mandatory condition of gasification - the presence of the furnace (boiler), equipped according to the strict regulations of safety requirements

      • The boiler must be carried out mains,sewerage, gas and water laid. need to provide grounding for safety Electrical Communication. Water is supplied to the device heating and hot water supply, drainage is needed to provide emergency drainage. The gas line must have a separate shut-off assembly for each of the boilers.
Design of gas supply: boiler room must be finished with non-combustible materials

The boiler should be carried out all the communications necessary for connection and functionality of the boiler equipment

      • Putting the furnace must have access to the generalthe ventilation system of the building and two additional channels for the chimney. One of the additional channels intended for the installation of the chimney, the second - to clean it. For units with a natural chimney required ventilation grille, through which fresh air will come from the street.
      • The flue must be made from a gas-tightmaterials. The upper plane of the chimney above the roof cut-off is set. The height of the roof over the protruding portion of the pipe depends on the degree of flammability of roofing material.
Natural gas supply design: installation rules chimney

Natural gas supply design for private homes: the rules of the device flue gas exhaust system - the height of the chimney pipe

      • The main system unit - the boiler has a far from posing a threat to a fire. On all sides it should be provided free approach.

Organization of natural draft is not necessaryengaged, if the boiler is able to forcibly remove the products of combustion that made built-in chimney above the roof ridge ventilator. Typically, this double, so-called coaxial chimneys, comprising two pipes with different diameters. Through an external annular channel coaxial chimney to the room air flow from the street, at the same time warm-up due to heat are excreted out of flue gas. This design helps to reduce fuel costs by increasing the efficiency of the gas unit.

Designing of country houses gas supply: boiler installation rules

Terms of installation of boilers: A. From the boiler to the ceiling surface unprotected distance of 1.2 m from the plane of the side wall exposed to 0.32 m, and the wall to the metal sheet by asbestos board distance may be 0.26 m or more. B. From the chimney to combustible construction distance of at least 0.5 m, if the wall is lined with a metal sheet on asbestos, the boiler can be installed at a distance of 0.25 cm.

Of course, system installation, Airstreamexplosive toxic substance, as well as designing the gas supply network must be left to professionals. Risk amateurish error is too large and catastrophic. However, knowing the intricacies of the gasification of the organization, identify errors unscrupulous executors will be much easier and timely elimination of defects will ensure flawless operation.

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