Wiring in a wooden house - a hidden and open, the specific electrical installation

Wiring in a wooden house

In suburban development takes place todayincrease in the proportion of wooden buildings, because they have many advantages. However, in addition, there are positive qualities and negative features: fast flammability and combustibility. Therefore, high-quality wiring in a wooden house is very important, and construction works require special skills.


  • Design - the basis for success
  • Field wiring, installation
  • Installation of equipment to shield
  • Laying the internal network
    • Outdoor installation method
    • Features flush
  • Marking devices, boards, cable
  • Installation of switches and sockets
  • Pass through a wooden surface
  • How to choose the electric cable
  • wire resistance measurements

Design - the basis for success

Wiring in a wooden building begins withIt is developing an instrument such as the wiring project. At this stage the selected method of laying electric cables and methods of installation of switches, dimmers, sockets and lighting fixtures. For such classes must be approached with great responsibility, because the further safe accommodation in a cottage depends on the chosen method of wiring.

wiring design in a wooden house

Location of wiring devices in a wooden structure to be incorporated at the design stage

For a start it is recommended to invite homeprofessional wiring company that inspects every room in the house, indicate the installation location of switches, dimmers and outlets. The owners need to decide what method of laying wiring in a wooden house will be carried out. In such constructions are allowed inside wiring laid in skirting boards with cable channel, PVC boxes, corrugated and rigid PVC pipes, metal pipes, metal hoses.

Field wiring, installation

After approval of the project documentationelectrical work place. It considered important initial task of laying the cable from the power line to the shield installed in the house. Route the cables overhead or underground method. To learn more, you need to type in google "wiring in wooden house picture" and proposed to see the results.

Installation of electric cable to a wooden house

Air laying the external wiring method is the rapid and cost-effective

Air method - quick and fairlyeconomical. It uses a self-supporting insulated wire, which has a different cross-section and number of cores. The choice depends on the power cable and the number of phases.

Underground technique - a time-consuming andexpensive, but it has many advantages. The cable is located in the ground, so do not spoil the appearance of the structure. The service life of the wire - big enough, as less likely to damage it. For underground line of the device during the electricity to the house from a tree using a power copper wire.

Installation of equipment to shield

After completing the external wiring woodconstruction, the opening cable to sum through the metal sleeve in the room. To receive electricity and its distribution in the house used water-distribution board to be installed in a safe place for easy access.

Wiring in the plate

A guard can not be installed in rooms with high humidity

The shield apparatus mounted breakersand circuit breakers. Particular attention is paid to the selection of automation. It is recommended to use the products only known and trusted manufacturers.

Laying the internal network

Internal wiring in a wooden cottageIt is considered the key to the safety of residents. Improper wiring is very often the cause of fires. There are two methods of wiring inside the wooden building - open and hidden. For these names clear appearance of these transactions.

Outdoor installation method

Of the two ways to secure openwiring in a wooden house. In addition, the implementation of such electrical works will be cheaper. Wires are laid on the inner surface of buildings, attached to ceilings, walls and other structural elements. Hide the cable can be in different ways: issuing a retro cable or putting in PVC box.

Open wiring in a wooden house

Open wiring in wooden house: in a self-extinguishing cable channels

Wiring laid in self-extinguishingchannels. Modern range of such products allows you to choose the desired coloring box that simulates the tree under any design. These boxes are usually used in the homes of the sheathed clapboard and logs, where the walls have a smooth surface.

Wiring in the cottage using braided cable"Retro" is another technique outdoor paving material. Cable looks like vity cord is attached to the ceramic insulators. A similar installation technique is considered safe because the cable has an outer insulation made of natural silk and two PVC plastic. The main advantage - the gap between the surface and the cable. In addition, this type of wire is able to decorate any log house.

Features flush

Hidden wiring installation It differs sufficiently inaccessibilitywires in the case of housing modernization and maintenance, higher prices for services and much more is needed the cost of work time. However, the lion's share of customers prefer this method, referring to the aesthetic appeal. Hosts wooden cottages do not want the interior and expensive-looking finish their homes to spoil the electrical switchboards and wires.

Hidden wiring in wooden houses usuallyIt is laid at the stage of the house of assembly. to comply with all safety standards The cable must be enclosed in painted metal or galvanized pipe. All upgrades to lighting equipment, switches and sockets are made in special holes.

Hidden wiring in a wooden house

Hidden wiring in a wooden house - a very complex and expensive process, justified only aesthetics

When installing electric systems in houses made of woodit is recommended to comply with certain requirements and use special materials to provide maximum safety and protection from fire. The wooden ceilings built cable is placed in a tube made of fire-retardant plastic, and the next to the pipe and the cable not subjected to mechanical impact.

Hidden wiring can be locatedearthed metal hoses and metal pipes. Log homes are exposed to "shrinkage", so it is recommended that in mind, not allowing to log working on wiring in metal. Pass the wires through the wall through operate through special metal sleeve. In both methods of installation wiring has advantages and disadvantages, so do not rarely practiced combined wiring technique.

Marking devices, boards, cable

After implementation of the project should be powerperform layout of the cable lines and places for location of switches, sockets, dimmers, panels and lighting fixtures. By marking should be approached carefully in order to not have to in the future to alter the work performed. wiring harness in a wooden house should be planned so that the cable runs in the future do not interfere with the installation of furniture.

The most harmonious and attractive lookswire in cable ducts. You can pick up any image of any shade under a tree. For such channels immediately needed to fly tees, plugs, adapters. And although the price of these items twice boxes themselves, it is not desirable to save as nestykovye place boxes nobody will adjust not perfect.

Marking of wiring in a wooden house

Marking of wiring in a wooden house

When purchasing channels should pay attention toand wall thickness of the lock box. Carrying out works on installation of wires in tiny boxes, which has a thin wall and double locks, electric companies do not realize that in most cases electrical wiring service such boxes provokes break locks if there is opening channels cover.

To add a box in the cable, have to buynew channels and re-perform the electrical wiring and boxes. Double lock requires the use of specialized tools that can open the lid, but it is thought absolutely not all electricians. It is better to choose a box with technologically consistent profile geometry, large and single-walled castle.

Installation of switches and sockets

When the wiring diagram in a wooden housestudied and cable lines marking is made, you can take on electrical switches and sockets. All switches, dimmers and outlets, wall lamp bases and fixtures must be made of metal ploschadochku for ceiling mounting or wall wiring products, because the wiring of electrical equipment on the metal markets is the fireproof version.

Installation of switches and sockets in a wooden house

Installation of switches and sockets in a wooden house

After setting all the fields should be addressed installing cable ducts. No matter how accurate the specialist was not a good eye, do all the wiring work is necessary with the help of the level.

Pass through a wooden surface

All wiring passes through a wooden wall,walls, foundation must be performed through a metal pipe made called bushing sleeve. Before you begin any of the electrical wires through combustible walls, we recommend them to drill, and then in the hole to insert a metal sleeve so that its edges were put forward on both sides of the combustible base is not less than 1 centimeter.

Pass the wires through the wooden surface

Pass the wires through the wooden surface

Special attention is recommended to pay tolike sleeve on the edges were fitted with plastic sleeves, able to protect the wire from cuts during installation and subsequent operation of the electricity system, in other words - will help keep the damage cable insulation. After that, the cable channel should be mounted in such a way that in the box going down the end of the metal sleeve.

How to choose the electric cable

Wiring in a wooden houseIt requires the presence of a particular cable. The wire should buy index "NG" for electric power supply of private homes, which means "a cable that does not support combustion," and with the designation of "the LS ', which stands for" low smoke emission ". Preferred for wiring in a wooden building to select a wire that complies with all applicable fire safety, but also has all the necessary quality certificates.

Selection of electrical wires for the wooden house

Selection of electrical wires for the wooden house

Selecting the wiring section directly dependent onthe power consumed by electrical equipment. Designers usually lay their projects electricity for lighting 3 by 1.5 mm, and on the outlet groups - 3 to 2.5 millimeters. To arrange the power needed Cooktop wire whose section is at least 6 square millimeters. On the cable is better not to save. Outlet lines need to count a minimum number of outlets which are located on the same group. If laid on the shield wire on the block, which consists of 4 sockets, then for him nothing else is not recommended to connect. Only then wiring will last for many years. Linkage between the section of cable and electrical power can be found in the respective tables.

wire resistance measurements

After completing this work, as the wiring device in a wooden house, you need to immediately measure the resistance of the wire insulation.

Measurement of wiring resistance in a wooden house

Measurement of wiring resistance in a wooden house

This manipulation is done to make sure thatconductor insulation is not damaged during installation works. Such electro is recommended every 3 years for obereganiya wooden house and its grounds easily combustible fault in the wiring.

Thus, the problem WiringIt is as follows: the master inexperienced often believe that cable wooden structure to be the same as a simple flat. This is unacceptable, because the wiring structure of the tree should be different uprated fire. If you do the installation work on the above described instructions, the wiring in your cottage will last for many years.

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