Replacing old wiring in apartment: electrification technology

Replacing old wiring in apartment

As a man without blood is simply breathlessbody and flat without electricity today remains only unsettled box. After all, it is thanks to the electricity we get many benefits, without which we can not imagine their lives. However, the status of the power supply system in our home, we must also ensure good faith, as well as their health. And it is not necessary to wait for the moment when the replacement wiring becomes flat in the resuscitation process. It is best to change the wiring even before a fire occurs from a short circuit in the worn joints.


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  • It is necessary to thoroughly prepare
  • Replacing the wiring - Getting Started
  • The most important thing - check

Home: design, calculations

Almost always, people with the Slavic mentalitybecome involved in long and dreary thing only at a time when the "roasted rooster peck" in neudoboskazuemoe place. Suitable whether such a situation is to replace the wiring? More often. Here are the main reasons for which people decide on such a feat:

  • Repair apartments or alterations (which also ends with a big repair)
  • problems with electricity - frequent power surges, sparking outlets and switches, finally, nearly occurred (or did happen) fire because shutting wiring
  • increasing the number of electrical and result in increased load on the power supply system

In fact, it is the third reason should bemain. But, alas, not all of us are so cautious. But how many problems could have been avoided by the timely replacement of electricians.

replacement wiring diagram

replacement project wiring in apartment

However, if we got down to business, you should doit correctly. First and foremost, we just have to calculate what the load, and in which locations will be in our new wiring. What exactly needs to be done:

  • for devices with maximum power consumption(Mostly fall into this category: electric, water-heating devices, washing machine, refrigerator, and the like), it is best to schedule a separate wiring line, designed for increased load
  • advance look after the place for sockets and switches, so they were really easy to use
  • determine the type of fixtures throughout the apartment
  • calculate the total power consumption of all devices and equipment that you have (this can be done on the technical passport), or better yet take into account the planned acquisition

That is, we need a circuit wiring. If you are into electricity, then we can do it ourselves, but in any case unnecessary consultation is not a specialist.

Given that replacing old wiringconducted on peeled and delivered from the plaster, wallpaper, paint and the like, the walls and ceiling, you can immediately figure out whether the old channels will be perfect for a new cable. If possible, it is best to use them, at least partially, as all of these channels have been made by all the rules, and laid them in the wire last longer.

It is necessary to thoroughly prepare

Once we decided on the scheme, it is necessary to buy all the necessary materials. Replacing electricians in the apartment - it is important, and you need quality materials.

What exactly do you need to purchase:

  • the required length and cable section
  • or corrugated plastic tube, which will be "packed" when laying cable
  • and all necessary sockets Enclosures, switches and junction boxes
  • the tools with which to perform the work
Tools for the formation of cutting grooves

Tools for cutting grooves notch: top wall chaser and punch, punch the bottom nozzle (crown with a diamond disc and rods for clearing of channels)

Thus, the cable - in recent years for residentialpremises prefer to copper cable, because of its electrical characteristics much better than aluminum. And although the price is appropriate, but still in such a case is not worth saving. Now, about the thickness of the wire: for concealed wiring is fine copper wire with a cross section of 1.5 square. mm, and the need for an open wire thicker - 2.5 square meters. mm. But more specifically, you may well find an electrician, which made for you (or check you made yourself) wiring diagram.

By the way, sockets and switches alsoit is recommended to save - Choose a reliable brand. And do not forget to immediately determine their design, because the horses in midstream is not. Pick accessories that match the general interior of your apartment.

And of course, one of the most pressing issuesIt remains: how much is the replacement of electrical wiring? To give you a clear answer can only a professional electrician, who will calculate the cost of the necessary materials and work. Many believe that the replacement of wiring your own hands can be cheaper than hiring a team of workers, but this is true only if you are well versed in the issue. Otherwise, it could happen a situation where the avaricious pays twice.

Replacing the wiring - Getting Started

We have everything ready to go. The scheme is made, the materials purchased, you or the team of electricians dressed in work clothes.

To change the electrics in the apartment,should either clean the old channels for the cable, or to make new ones in those places that have been planned and are marked on the project to replace the wiring. The most common is the one and the other, as professionally arranged builders channels may well last for many years, and has slips for the new location of the sockets, switches or lamps is optional. Using the old channels, most preferably, when replacing the electrical wiring in the Khrushchev.

As relates to the practical laying electric wires?

  • creating (or clearing old) channels for wiring
  • cut in the right places recesses for sockets, switches and junction boxes
  • wiring
  • assembly of switchboard

So, clean the concrete from the ready-made channels andother debris that is likely to hinder the laying of cables. After this is done in the right places new Stroebe. These grooves professionals prefer to create wall chaser, whose diamond blades are best suited to work with concrete slabs. Of course, if you can not buy or take on hire wall chaser, you can use the grinder or a jackhammer, but these tools are very difficult to make smooth channels.

By the way, shtrobovanie - work terribly dusty,dirty and noisy, so it is best to warn neighbors about possible inconveniences, as well as to attend to their own protective equipment: respirator and headphones. All chipped material (concrete chips and dust) is necessary to immediately clean up. For this purpose there are the so-called industrial vacuum cleaners capable of without much damage to remove such debris. And vacuuming is necessary not only floors, but the channels themselves and to clearly define the correct (depth, width and flatness) of the new Stroebe.

Creating Grooves

Cutting cutting grooves in the concrete wall is carried out strictly vertically and horizontally

After working out at full shtrobovaniyu cut outall deepen, which will be located junction boxes, sockets and switches. For this purpose, with a special drill nozzle in the form of the desired diameter of the crown. Cleaning the channels and recesses make-packed scapula to the same punch.

As we will be fully prepared all the passages in the wallsand ceiling begin to be laid in cable channels. Fix the wires in Stroebe mounting clamps. Although, in principle, you can just plug the cable channels with plaster or plaster solution. As the cabling set and flush junction boxes, which are also recorded. Everything must be done according to the existing project with the electrician (circuit) wiring. Do not forget that the exposed portions of the copper wire can be oxidized very quickly, so make sure to thoroughly coat them with a layer of solder connecting pins.

Laying cables in Stroebe

Wire is recommended to lay in corrugated flexible or rigid pipe, but not prohibited, and no additional devices, cables if reliable isolation

And the last stage of work is the assembly of the electrical power. On separate lines of various capacity is best to install different machines, then it's easier to keep track of the state of our electrical system.

Power switchboard

The last phase of work - connecting the cable to the electrical

Another important tip - trydo everything such that after use to facilitate access to the cable anywhere - just on future. Of course, the copper cable with the correct installation can last more than 30 years, but the old woman is proruha.

The most important thing - check

All put together, all united, and sockets installedOther auxiliary elements. It remains the most important - to check if everything is done correctly, not polyhnet whether our new scheme of a Christmas garland when connected.

Resistance of cable insulation checkedMegger, which will provide high voltage for reliable testing. If everything is OK, turn machines and check the presence of voltage in all the key points.

Well? Happened? All! You can start decorating.

It seems to be not difficult? A simple scheme - to make a project to buy materials to build Stroebe, hold the wiring to connect all the electrical - and, voila, ready new electrics in the house. However, even with its apparent simplicity, the replacement of wiring, there are many nuances, so make sure that the work was led by a true professional. Even if you want to do the job on their own, let them near you pobudet consultant electrician if there are little surprises can happen at any stage of the work. It's better to let an expert will be on hand, it was not necessary then to redo everything again. Good luck in your work!

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