Reasonable savings in street lighting with solar batteries

Do you enjoy using the new technology? It is unlikely that someone will say "no"! Already much of what was once considered a luxury, used in our lives. An example of this - street lighting solar powered! About him we know about the future of the movies, but in practice it is only used in space. Today, lighting is not a fantasy but a reality! It attracts not only for its beauty and accessibility, but also economic benefits.


  • Scope of application in landscape design
  • Characteristics lighting
  • Types of lamps with solar batteries
  • Advantages and disadvantages of fixtures

Stand-alone solar lamps are comfortable whereno electricity or you can not hide the wires. They are easy to maintain and they do not harm the environment. Turning lights automatically when it gets dark. Consumers can choose for themselves any model of these devices, which differ in purpose, characteristics and design.

Scope of application in landscape design

The main function of the lighting - lightsvarious objects on the land. Set it quite easy - you just plug the lamp feet into the ground. They can be installed anywhere, producing lighting and the selection of the following areas:

  • steps on the stairs;
  • garden paths;
  • borders the driveway;
  • Alpine hills;
  • difficult terrain drops;
  • Places in ponds, ponds and fountains;
  • groups of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers;
  • arbors and seating areas.

The solar lamps accumulate during the dayenergy, and give it when it is dark. Soft diffused light creates a sense of calm and comfort. It enhances the regularity and tranquility of country living.


You can have good lighting for little money

Characteristics lighting

Rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery has600-700 mA output / hour. It is mounted on a non-crystalline solar panel, which during the day converts sunlight into electricity. photosensitive element independently comprises LEDs When the night. The lighting is done with energy-saving, sodium and LED lamps. They have 0,06W power and can serve up to 100 thousand. Hours. Once fully charged, the lamp can work 8-10 hours. You can also note some of the characteristics of lighting devices:

  • they are not afraid of rainfall;
  • can withstand temperature drop from -50 ° C to +50;
  • lamps material is not exposed to corrosion, since they are made of bamboo, rattan, glass, steel, bronze;
  • cover, concealing the solar battery is pylevodonepronitsaemym (degree of protection indicated on the package or box);
  • they can be controlled remotely via GPRS;
  • the height of the lighting, which provide a lamp - 5.10 meters;
  • lamp main parts are made of stainless steel coated with anticorrosive agent.

Types of lamps with solar batteries

There are several types of lamps, in which the solar panels are used. Let us consider the most common among them.

landscape lighting

So your house may look

1. Wall lamp - is the most common method used when lighting parks and suburban areas. What accounts for its popularity? The fact that it can be placed anywhere where sunlight hits. When this condition is completely infected with battery capable of giving power for 10 hours.

LED lamps for charging batteryBattery can hang out for the day on the street. How long will this process will depend on the weather. As a consequence, on cloudy days and in the winter season this charging may not be possible. This is the disadvantage of solar cells. Their term of office lasts from 5 to 10 years.

2. Park lights are equipped with large size panels. They are made of stainless steel, are protected against moisture and are able to operate for several days (excluding rainy weather).

Street lamp

All that is needed for such a lamp - it is a lot of sunlight

3. lawn lamps used to illuminate the lawn look very stylish and modern. This decorative lighting not only makes the site beautiful, but also are practical:

  • compact lamps can be easily removed at the time of cutting the lawn;
  • they do not have wires, where there is a risk to get lost;
  • they do not "beat" shock.
lawn lighting

With spotlights lawn looks just delightfully

4. Small lights on the LED elements are used when you need to decorate the bushes, trees, sidewalks, porches, attics and other places. They are used in lighting billboards.

Advantages and disadvantages of fixtures

Lamps with light-emitting diodes are used fordecorate various interiors - homes, apartments, villas, office. They help to illuminate the most distant corners and to focus on any subject. In addition, they are widely used for illumination of the beds - even after sunset plants can grow and gain strength. These lights also illuminate the city's streets and parks.

When planning the lighting on the site, it is necessary to know not only its positive properties, but also disadvantages. They are as follows:

  • in most cases, after the fault lamps can not be repaired;
  • they slowly charged and bad light during overcast weather;
  • during the cold season the batteries may not operate correctly.

With a small list of deficiencies street lighting Solar has significantly more advantages:

  • complete safety during operation;
  • no need to constantly monitor the battery level;
  • mobility, due to which they can be placed anywhere in the area;
  • tangible energy savings;
  • great opportunities in the choice of power range - from tiny lanterns to street lamps;
  • a variety of sizes, color and shapes;
  • long service life.

We live in the twenty-first century, it is not possibleimagine what life would be devoid of energy and light. Just impossible to see our apartment, house, terrace and garden without lighting. They make it a homely atmosphere and are able to decorate the place of our work and leisure.

As well, the solar energy makes it possible to have a low-cost coverage. Therefore, let the sun always shines!

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