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House beckons solitude with nature,break from frantic pace of life and the noise of the city. But the comfortable accommodation is unthinkable without efficient lighting systems, both external and internal. With properly selected fixtures can be arranged bright accents in the interior and on the site of the cottage. Proper home lighting allows you to create beauty and comfort inside the building and enter the building harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.


  • Exterior lighting and its types
    • Flood lighting, his work
    • The spectacular accent lighting
    • What is contour lights?
    • How does the hidden lights
  • Interior lighting and its variants

Exterior lighting and its types

Street lighting of a country house It takes a significant niche in the design of the facade of the buildingand adjacent territory. This is one of the most important elements to ensure effective protection and safety of movement in the territory during the night. In addition, much nicer to go out into the garden, shimmering soft light, enjoy the great atmosphere and fresh air.

Lighting of a country house is not confined tochoice of form, design and function of lighting fixtures. Modern technologies allow to realize the most daring and creative design solutions that combine different models of devices to achieve unexpected results and create a cozy atmosphere in the territory of the house.

Street (outside) country house lighting

Street (outside) country home lighting: the combination of lighting and facade lighting fixtures along the tracks

The rich arsenal of lighting solutions based on a few basic techniques, the choice of which depends on the individual preferences and functions.

Flood lighting, his work

The effect is the most flood lightingcommon. It is used to illuminate the main part of the facade. Thanks to fixtures installed, for example, from below and directed at a certain angle, there is a wonderful opportunity to highlight or emphasize certain areas of the building, to give some degree of mystery. Diode lighting of the house easily cope with this task. Location of LED lamps depends on the specific problems of lighting, allowing to draw attention to the texture of a country house and create an expressive volume in the evening.

flood lighting

Outdoor Lighting creates custom entourage, highlights the building on a background of other buildings, provides safety of movement

Thanks to a multi-colored LED Backlight can becreate a variety of colors of the facade, and even a change of control of lighting using the remote control. Of course, outdoor lighting home must necessarily interact successfully with a color palette of the facade.

For example, when light yellow facade with blue spotlights turns green. And there are a lot of amazing transformations enough that allows you to experiment with color.

The spectacular accent lighting

Accent lighting is used for residential houseallocation of certain fragments of the facade. With this system it is possible to focus on individual architectural elements: statues, columns, moldings, and also to focus on the entire facade. In addition, the combination of different colors allows designers to translate creative ideas.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting allows us to emphasize the most interesting architectural elements

What is contour lights?

Such a building lighting system consists ofLED tubes, the ideal shape of the envelope of a country house. Contour lighting helps outline building facade and highlight the individual elements, such as balcony railings, columns, stairs, railings, roofing and other elements.

Contour lighting

Contour illumination "describes" the configuration of the house, creates an unusual effect

How does the hidden lights

Concealed lighting is a type of streetlighting that highlights the protruding elements of the building, the architecture emphasizes bulk and covers the entire surface. This method allows you to highlight the cornice, the lower part of the balcony and the other elements, making the installation of LED tubes or flexible neon.

Hidden lights do not illuminate the structure as a whole, it focuses on the individual elements

Hidden lights do not illuminate the structure as a whole, it focuses on the individual elements

Street lighting is necessary to raise the levelsecurity, which is made possible by lights and spotlights, installed at the entrance to the site. It takes only two spotlights illuminating the gate area and the territory in which to enter the car. In addition, if you wish, you can set up an automatic lighting system, activated when the vehicle approaches the gate.

To highlight the surrounding area useLandscaping lights. They are widely used in landscape design, perfectly illuminate paths, plants. One of the main requirements for the lighting equipment for the garden is a safety for the surrounding plants. In addition, the lamps must be visible.

landscape lighting

landscape lighting

lighting pool looks very impressive,pond on the site. Naturally, the coverage of these objects is complex in terms of technology, but it looks unusual and very beautiful. The most important consideration when lighting elements associated with water, it becomes electrical.

Interior lighting and its variants

Interior country-house lighting creates noOnly a comfortable atmosphere, but also serves to emphasize the style of the room, adding the final touch to a design decision. Properly selected light sources can become true interior decoration. The choice of lighting depends on the style and your taste. For example, lighting in a wooden house, made in the style of the country will be perfectly in harmony with natural materials.

Getting to the house starts with the hall, it isroom gives the first impression of the style and tastes of the owners. It is better to create a warm and bright lighting, adding a touch of solemnity by small sconces on the walls.

The lighting in the living room may already be overpompous and pretentious. Special solemnity room for receiving guests give massive crystal chandeliers. It should be noted that the rooms in country houses with high ceilings that allow to enter successfully into the interior large lights. Chandelier - is not only a source of intense light, but also an indicator of your status, the object on which it focuses the attention of visitors. To make the particles of comfort and privacy in the living room can accommodate stylish bras that will be a great solution for lighting in daily life.

Lighting the living room in a country house

Lighting in the living room country house: a combination of a central large chandeliers and spotlights offers the possibility to vary the lighting

For lighting in the kitchen must be usedserious approach. Particular attention is paid to the work area, requiring a bright, intense light. A good option would be placing spotlights above the sink, desk, stove. Chandelier for the kitchen to be modern and understated. Pompous chandelier in this room is not suitable for his stylistic decisions.

kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting performs several important functions: it provides ease of use, divides the space into zones

Lighting child's room shouldcomply with more stringent requirements. It must be safe for the children's eyes, therefore, recommend frosted lamps. They do not create glare that have a negative effect on the eyes. Children's room should be bright enough to avoid the need to strain your eyes.

The bedroom in the house - a place for recreation, which shouldimmersed in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. A good option would be the use of ambient light, a beautiful lamp with shade and interesting night-light. Outside the bedroom, including lighting, should contribute to tranquility, relaxation.

Lighting the bedroom

Lighting the bedroom creates a relaxed cozy atmosphere, any appropriate holiday atmosphere

The use of colored lighting solutions givesopportunity to highlight the general tone of the interior, adding colors. Interior country-house lighting can highlight certain elements of the interior, placing bright accents.

In conclusion, what is rightorganized by the illumination system has a major impact on the mood of all the inhabitants of a country house. It allows you to create a favorable atmosphere for a comfortable and pleasant stay. Competent and professional lighting design will emphasize the individuality of stylistic solutions and will put colorful accents in the interior.

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