How to create a spectacular lighting of the house facade

Living in cities, whose streets and nightbright as the day, we have forgotten what darkness of the night. But it is necessary to go beyond the big cities, to plunge into darkness. Especially keenly felt the lack of light citizens traveling to their country houses. That is why for them becomes more urgent question of how to perform the lighting of facades that house was well and effectively illuminated.


  • The main objectives of the facades lighting
  • Steps for creating lighting systems
  • Flood light for a country house
  • Local and hidden lights armed with homeowners
  • important recommendations

The main objectives of the facades lighting

For the first time confronted with the need to highlight theoutside the building, is to determine the main tasks that will be assigned to such coverage. The first is purely practical. It is necessary to consider the placement of lighting so as to feel at home in absolute safety. After all, if around the building enough light, psychologically we feel much more comfortable and more comfortable. And by the way, a good level of potential intruders lighting acts disarmingly. Indeed, in this case a much higher risk of detection, and therefore lower the risk of foreign invasion or committing acts of vandalism.

home lighting

Effectively isolated house itself states on the status of their owners

The second important function - aesthetic. Thanks to an ingenious lighting system, you can make a spectacular appearance of the building, even in the dark. But for this it will have over the work thoroughly. Only at first glance it seems as if creating a beautiful illumination of facades of buildings and easy. Here it is necessary to take into account too many factors, as to take into account the structure and the architecture and layout of the surrounding objects, and the whole landscape.

Steps for creating lighting systems

To illuminate any building, it is necessary to startwork on it with the development of the project. At a minimum, it is necessary to outline the drawing on which to sketch out the building with all its geometrical and stylistic features. It is also desirable to portray a house surrounded by nearby objects. Then we can work out the most efficient lighting to emphasize certain details, while others hide in the shadows. Then your country cottage will look fabulous palace at night, mysterious and enigmatic, not like the house, the neighbors who see in the daytime.

After the project is created, you mustproceed to the selection of the lighting fixture, whereby it can be implemented. On the arms necessary to take all sorts of new items, which offer electrical goods manufacturers. Recall that the market today can be found such fixtures and lamps, which give a good bright light, while consuming minimum power. profitability index is very important, because the house will be illuminated all night, and with electricity and spent money from the pockets of the owner.

Flood light for a country house

Now comes the very practical issueshow it is possible to perform the lighting facade of the house, so that it cope with the practical and aesthetic function. First of all, it should tell that the designers use different tricks to building produced a particular effect.

For example, you can just fill in the whole structurelight, so that it will look majestic and dignified. This method is usually used for buildings or historical value, or is an interesting instance in terms of architecture.

flood light

For flood light is a good choice luminaire that does not flicker when working and turn on instantly

In this case it is necessary to uselarge spotlights that put around the perimeter of the house. They outline the structure of every detail and make clear its contours. In order to highlight the most striking elements, you need to install devices directional light. For example, to direct their beams stands on a beautiful balcony or balustrade, column, or porch.

Local and hidden lights armed with homeowners

If your house is different grandthe size or architecture which I would like to show passers-by, you can highlight it by using other methods. It is an application of the local light directed to the selection of certain architectural features. However, he also copes very well with a practical purpose: the house looks quite illuminated.

For example, you can install such lampsa way that they are profitable Otten openwork carving on the veranda. As a rule, they are fixed directly on the facade. Therefore, with this method of lighting is especially important to choose the right lighting. They should not be too cumbersome, or the day of their appearance will make disharmony in the overall appearance of the structure.

Hidden illumination means that outsiderspectator watching from the lit building, see a special light pattern, completely transforming the appearance of the house. This effect is not so easy to achieve, as it is created by taking into account the geometry of the building, its remoteness from the neighboring facilities and other factors.

home lighting

If hidden illumination performed using neon lamps, the kind of construction is particularly mysterious

And locally, and can be hidden lightscontour - that is, if it identifies the structure of circuit as lights fastened across the front of a certain distance. This version is able to emphasize the most important details of construction.

Another architectural lighting of facades usinghidden and local backlight can only slightly outline the silhouette of the house. In this case, as a whole it will appear dark, and the details of it will be hidden in the shadows.

If there is a desire to work hard over theproject, it is possible to apply this technique as tsvetodinamika. It involves the use of a variety of lighting products that are turned on and off in turn, in accordance with a predetermined program. Of course, to cope with this task will not be easy, and it will require large material costs. Because in addition to fixtures, for its implementation require special equipment and devices.

important recommendations

To help you understand the complexity of the work, even withsimple illumination of the cottage, you need to add a few more tips that are relevant. Firstly, when working with light will calculate the power level of each lamp and the lamp not only in terms of cost. After all, you need to pick them up so that your network is easily withstood this load.

area landscape

Working on the illuminated house, you need to take into account the landscape lighting

The second important caveat - you need will not workonly directly with the light, but also take into account what materials the house is built. For each kind of completely different looks in combination with one or another lighting option. For example, metal components will reflect it, and it is not always advantageous for the perception of the structure as a whole.

Finally, the last recommendation concernssecurity, which should take care of even during the lighting design. We need to be safe and have been working on the installation of lamps, and their further exploitation. For example, it is necessary to attend to the acquisition of equipment that will help to avoid the risk of electric shock, even if some lighting device will be damaged.

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