Generators for questioning - the types and how to choose the most suitable unit

Generators for cottages

Redundant power supply - currenta problem for the owners of country houses. Interruptions in power supply or its absence can completely spoil the long-awaited vacation in the lap of nature, as to part with the usual comfort, bestowed a TV, refrigerator, computer and other achievements of civilization, does not want, and therefore the generators to give devices to ensure an autonomous power supply, You should be included in the list of essential equipment. Content

  • Criteria for selection of holiday generator
    • Gasoline generators for garden
    • Diesel generators for garden
    • Gas generators: characteristic

  • How to choose a generator to give?
    • Power - Buying landmark
    • Petrol or diesel?
    • Synchronous or asynchronous?
    • Two- or four?

  • How to connect a generator to give?
  • Details of the generators

Criteria for selection of holiday generator

Generators - devices intended for electricity production. There are three types: petrol, diesel and gas.

Gasoline generators for garden

Gasoline generators are divided into synchronous andInverters. First have a capacity not greater than 10 kW and can operate up to 12 hours. Optimal for life support domestic helpers: microwave oven, steamer, vacuum cleaner etc. Second, electric power is higher quality, so they can be trusted with the power of even very fastidious technique, for example, your favorite laptop or home theater. The advantages include efficiency, low noise, small size and light weight, high reliability system ignition.

Gasoline generator

Gasoline Generator - an economical option for an additional power supply

Diesel generators for garden

They have a longer operating time -up to 5000 hours. Water cooling system allows to use them as a constant source of energy. There are diesel generators to give two kinds of engines: 1500 rev / min and 3000 r / min.

Plants with a high rate of speed optimalfor occasional use and have a high noise level, but the price will be significantly lower, respectively, compared to the low rpm, which operate almost silently, but are twice as expensive.

Diesel generator

The diesel generator can be a major source of energy

Gas generators: characteristic

Such equipment has many advantages: Gas cheaper diesel or gasoline, released particulate ash and 30% less during combustion, which leads to high performance indicators. Gas generators are focused on solving complex production problems, noiseless and can operate around the clock without interruption.

A gas generator for the garden

Gas generator - unit recycling into energy is the cheapest form of fuel

How to choose a generator to give?

Buying such an important device suggeststhorough approach. You can certainly use the information gleaned from the Internet - a request "to give the generator: reviews" able to provide some information, but it is not enough. It requires an individual approach and consideration of a number of important points.

Power - Buying landmark

Power - the basic criterion for buying,depending on the range of tasks assigned to the generator. It is necessary to calculate the amount of power electricity consumers (devices), which will work at the same time. Most of all - it lights, refrigerator, television. If you plan to carry out repair work, think about connecting grinders, drills and other tools.

It is important! Calculate the power of all the devices, add to the resulting figure of 30% for unrecorded cases.

On average, for a small garden in the unit 6 kW is sufficient, but the happy owners of a country cottage should pay attention to more powerful generators - 10-15 kW.

For cottages preferred generator capacity of 10 kW

For cottages preferred generator capacity of 10 kW

Petrol or diesel?

Since the gas generators are muchmore expensive petrol and diesel counterparts, owners of country houses often forced to choose from the last two options. Compact and inexpensive gasoline generator is characterized by a wealthy list of "skills" (7 kW), and the inability of the continuous operation. The engine heats up quickly, so use it more than 8 hours is not recommended. Basically, if you do not live in the country permanently, and come just for the weekend, then this option is completely justified, a refuge from the vagaries of weather or emergency blackouts.

Diesel generator has a high power (up to 15kW) and thus is designed for continuous operation without interruption. It is worth mentioning another remarkable feature - the permissibility of efficient operation with low fuel consumption. Thus, if the power supply requirements, it is best to buy a diesel unit.

Note Phase. If single-phase wiring in the country, the generator must be the same. When the three-phase version of note distortion shall not exceed 30%.

Synchronous or asynchronous?

On this characteristic is often overlooked, but whenusing equipment that is sensitive to temperature changes, this can not be done. To power the refrigeration units, lighting and emergency power supply can be used without fear of synchronous generators, while the optimal asynchronous samples for sensitive instruments.

The advantage of the first is the ability to connectequipment with reactive power exceeding the nominal by 65%, which synchronous generators can not promise because limit their capacity is 30% mark.

Generator, air-cooled

Generator, air-cooled

If we talk about uptime, theWater cooling is preferable, rather than air. On a hot day, the unit cooled air through overheating 8 hours. The generator will have to switch off and wait until it cools down. Water cooling allows the engine to operate more than 15 hours.

It is important! In favor of said water cooling and compactness of such a generator. The weight of the device will hardly exceed 40 kg. To transport the generator with air cooling type is necessary to involve several people or a special truck.

Two- or four?

Two-stroke engines are simpler in design andcheaper. Light weight makes it easy to transport and use in everyday life. But not without drawbacks. The push-pull power generator to give consumes a lot of fuel, noise and has a low lifespan. Each refueling will require the mixing of oil and gasoline, as on pure gasoline two-stroke unit is not working. That engine equipped with devices designed for a limited time.

Four engines are considered to be moremodern equipment that can provide energy giving for 5000 hours (7 seasons). Tuck generators as follows: Pour into the crankcase oil 10W30, tank - gasoline Ai-92. Noise four-stroke engine is much smaller, and after heating totally smokes.

It is important! If you do not plan to use the generator of more than 500 hours per year, it is easier to buy a copy of a high speed (3000 rev / min), which is much cheaper. In the case where the demand exceeds engine hours in the above amount is more advantageous to acquire a low speed generator with low noise and increased capabilities.

In addition to the parameters on the generator selectionto give influences the control method, which determines the ease of operation. Manual mode - Easy to install, require your presence. Manual mode with remote control allows you to control the device from a distance of 25 meters.

Semi-automatic control - a synthesis of automatic and manual controls. Starting and transition generator operating mode is a manual, and all other options - automated.

Generator with automatic control

Generator with automatic control

Automatic mode by programmingIt provides a full-featured monitoring, regardless of how far away from the unit you are. This mode is ideal for controlling the branched, high-tech power supply systems of one / multiple objects with a single point of control room.

Now select the generator is not difficult. Perhaps it is worth mentioning the craftsmen that make generators to give their own hands. Wind turbines, windmills, or simply, you can assemble improvised: steel pipes, magnets, motor on the treadmill, coils, wooden or metal frame, blades ...

Wind turbine with his own hands

Wind turbine with his own hands

Options such improvised devices a huge amount. It is clear that the work to ensure electrical windmill can not, but, for example, for lighting outbuildings quite amiss.

How to connect a generator to give?

Thus, the device is bought and now to be not less thanan important event - the installation. Installation of the generator in the country - is not easy, so if you do not understand electrical, best left to professionals. But with knowledge and desire, you can try to carry out the work themselves. If the generator will be located at the desired location is always, then it should be installed on a permanent scheme, ie Switching will be without gaps in el.tsepi from the unit to the switchboard. If not - need a special socket assembly for connecting a cable, which must be mounted on the ends of a special fork.

The wires from the generator to the shield held. The connection point should be located downstream of the meter, before the protection device, as shown in the diagram.

plant layout

plant layout

When connecting devices are used:

  • indicator light necessary to check the presence / absence of the current in the network;
  • switch or reversing switch to select the "grid" mode - "electric". A cheaper counterpart - the toggle switch.
Generators for questioning - a guarantee of a comfortable stay

Generators for questioning - a guarantee of a comfortable stay

If there is space in the switchboard -the equipment is installed there - if not, a separate smaller board, which will play a role in choosing the way of power supply control unit "the grid" - "electric". When connected do not forget to disunite the line from the power supply and the generator.

Done. The generator is purchased, installed successfully, and then stay in the country will be comfortable, filled with only positive emotions.

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