All about electricity generator: market range and homemade options

Everything about the electricity generator

Tired of the noise and smog of big cities all citizensoften leave the city close apartment and move into a spacious country cottages close to the forest, the river, clean air, and then it turns out that modern life without electricity is unthinkable. We can not do without refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, washing machines, battery chargers for mobile phones and other household appliances, but the power of the old centralized power lines do not always correspond to the increased load, and often to the site of electricity in general have not let down. To the life of a country house is not froze for a moment, while he was still designing thrifty homeowners provide autonomous petrol, diesel, gas electricity generator or any other independent source of electricity. The article will tell you in what cases it is necessary to choose one or another generator of electricity and will help if homemade electricity generator to save on energy resources.


  • Types of autonomous energy generators
    • Petrol power generator
    • Domestic diesel engine
    • Gas cost-effective installation
  • Generator of electricity with his hands
    • Wind generators electricity
    • Solar power generators
    • Fuelless electricity generator

Types of autonomous energy generators

However far from civilization was nota country house or cottage, electricity will create in him the most modern comfort attributes: uninterrupted water supply and operation of household appliances, central heating, communications with the outside world. And in the city electric generating set in the house get rid of such troubles, as the power outage during a man-made accidents or natural disasters.

Thus, independent generatorelectricity - a mechanism for converting mechanical, or any other thermal energy to electrical energy. All generators are made up of the engine mounted on a frame, burning fuel and a generator, which transmits engine torque through a mechanical transmission. Electric generating systems operate with high, close to 95% efficiency factor, produce electric energy by combustion of fuel and transfer of mechanical energy generator received and available for each type of engine and the type produced by an electric current.

Types of autonomous electricity generators

Stand-alone stationary power generator

Depending on the type of current produced by the generators are:

  • Single-phase with the output voltage of 220 volts and 50 hertz;
  • three-phase, which corresponds to the voltage of 380 volts at 50 hertz.

These initial parameters of the network power supply able to ensure the smooth operation of all kinds of household electric appliances and power tools.

Depending on the kind of the starting of the engine and fuel or energy source, the independent power generator can be:

  • petrol;
  • diesel;
  • gas;
  • working on alternative energy sources: sun, wind, water;
  • fuel-free electricity generator.

Petrol power generator

Gasoline generators are widely usedEmergency supply electricity villas, country houses and cottages in the cases off the stationary power supply, as well as for local lighting outdoor adjoining, road or marketplaces. As an independent permanent sources of supply gasoline generator sets are almost never used because of their rated power is rarely more than 20 kW.

Independent petrol generators workmainly on gasoline AI-92, in some cases, you can use fuel brands AI-76 and AI-92 with the addition of oil. Available in gasoline electricity generators in the following versions:

  • stationary;
  • mobile;
  • portable.
Petrol power generator

Portable petrol power generator

Imported gasoline generator setsadapted to domestic brands and fuel, along with the domestic use for running and ensuring the stable operation of the engines under extreme low temperature conditions. Depending on the needs can choose gasoline or electric starter with manual start with a standard or enhanced fuel tank, as well as open type or the sound-absorbing casing.

Domestic diesel engine

Domestic stand-alone diesel generatorthanks to a wide range of capacities from 2 kW to 3 MW can be used as a backup or as a main power supply of a country house, cottages or any other object. Produces diesel power generators in the following versions:

  • stationary;
  • mobile;
  • open;
  • a container;
  • in soundproof.

Diesel generating sets, equally domestic and imported, adapted to a domestic and European standards, diesel fuel, and their benefits include:

  • low fuel consumption;
  • low noise;
  • light emission of harmful combustion products.
Diesel generator

Diesel power generator - the best option, ideal coping with power supply of private homes

Modern diesel generators featureCCTV devices, monitor and control the process of generating electric energy quality indices of electric current at the output, the ability to synchronize the operation of several generators in a network, devices for automatic start and stop. Today, diesel generators are the most popular devices for uninterrupted power supply to the individual residential houses and small productions.

Gas cost-effective installation

The gas generator as fuelusing any natural, industrial, associated gas, as well as balloon liquefied gas mixture of propane and butane. A wide range of nameplate capacity of gas generator sets from 20 kW to 2 MW, and makes a wide range of applications as emergency power sources and DC residential town houses, commercial, industrial or any other objects.

To ensure trouble-free operationgasifier installation at the design stage is necessary to ensure forced ventilation system and exhaust from the room where the installation is located.

Gas electricity generator

To ensure trouble-free operation gasifier installation, you must provide a system of forced ventilation and exhaust from the room

Compared to gasoline and diesel counterparts gas generator has the following advantages:

  • low price and greater environmental friendliness of gas as a fuel;
  • increased lifespan: the combustion gas is not solid combustion products are formed, resulting in rapid wear of engine parts;
  • electric durability: gas causes corrosion of metal parts devices.

Thanks to these advantages, as well asadaptability to gas gasoline engine, gas still remains the most efficient fuel for autonomous generators. At equal power efficiency gasifier installation twice higher than gasoline and diesel counterparts even when using liquefied gas balloon, and this figure increases by 15-17 times when connected to the main gas supply.

Generator of electricity with his hands

In an effort to live in harmony with nature and savethe ever-growing energy sources in the price, more and more homeowners are trying to create an electricity generator with his own hands, using long-term experience of scientists and modern innovative technology. You can be skeptical of solar panels, wind power generators, private mini-hydroelectric power plants and the dying person, hoping to invent if not a perpetual motion machine, then at least a stand-alone fuel-free electricity generator, but these devices make it possible, if not completely meet the needs of home electricity, the well save .

Wind generators electricity

In the CIS generators, wind turbines isWe have not received proper distribution, and here in Denmark, they have become the most important defendant in the state program of energy saving and provide mills with electricity.

Wind generators electricity

Homemade wind turbine electricity

Create a stationary induction generatorelectricity with their own hands is not difficult, but in the windy coastal or mountain areas it may well meet the demand in a small private house electricity. The principle of operation of the wind generator is built on the fact that the engine is running on wind energy and starts the generator, and obtained from him and then electricity is stored in special batteries and then distributed to the destination.

Solar power generators

This kind of power generators allincreasingly used in private homes and apartment sunny southern cities, but the solar panels of the latest models are already able to pay into electrical energy and indirect solar rays, and so in the near future, solar energy will come to the house of the northern cities. The disadvantages of solar panels include their high cost and the availability of a sufficiently large area for installation, and therefore they are often used only for heating water.

Fuelless electricity generator

An old dream of mankind for eternal engineperhaps it managed to embody the Georgian Kapanadze inventor who created the first fuel-free power generator. The essence of the invention is to ensure that the device is started from any source of electricity, and, entering into resonance, it turns into a kind of static electricity generator that extracts the static electricity from the environment by means of two spaced earthing.

Fuelless electricity generator

Despite the popularity of the idea, industrial design fuelless generator is not created

Despite the enormous popularity of the idea,industrial design fuelless generator is not created, and therefore its effectiveness has not yet been fully appreciated. The inventor believe that a device in the future to be used in electric vehicles, for electrotransport, as well as a stationary power source or consumer static electricity for various purposes.

Wondering how to make electricity generatoryourself, do not forget that the implementation of any liked the idea of ​​generating electricity in an unconventional way requires substantial initial costs. However, in case of success, they can pay for itself in 3-5 years, and possibly sooner. Everyone must decide for himself whether to buy a generator from a reputable manufacturer, or create it yourself, but one thing is clear - the house must be provided with a reliable source of electricity in the event of any unexpected force majeure.

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