Dimmer for different types of lamps: Device function, installation rules

Dimmer for different types of lamps

Each of us wants to make your home the mostbest. This is not surprising, because it is the house we have a rest from the hustle and the race for success, this is where we can talk quietly with your loved ones or good friends. But thrifty home care not only about the beauty of the interior. And here we have the support of scientific and technological progress, which allows you to combine the comfort and savings. For example, a dimmer dimmer - putting it in place of a conventional switch, you can adjust the brightness of the lighting in the apartment, saving up to 50%.


  • With dimmer switch - what is it?
  • Classification dimmers
    • Depending on the type of lamp
    • Division by type of housing
    • Criteria - the way to manage

  • The use and installation of dimmers

With dimmer switch - what is it?

What is a dimmer switch? The word derived from the English to dim, which translated into Russian means "obscure", as well as in our country like the words of foreign origin, it stuck. After all, "Dimmer" sounds more mysterious than a "dimmer", and shorter. In general, the dimmer controls the electric power of the load and can be used not only for lamps, but also for other technical devices, such as an iron or a soldering iron. However, the most popular, this new product is purchased to set up lighting.


Dimmer or dimmer

Dimmer can be used as a normal switch(If it is set to maximum brightness of lighting), but most of the dimmer is used to vary the brightness of the lamps. Low voltage lighting is soft, not cutting the eye, which is very convenient if you have to get up at night to the child or to leave the light in the hallway for the households that are returned late. The maximum voltage is giving a bright light, in which you can receive guests or read.

Intermediate brightness transitions can beinstall for different cases, for example, it is not necessary, so that the lamp burning at maximum brightness when watching TV programs, on the contrary, it may even stop. But if you want to do homework or want to play a board game (say, posobirat puzzles) is better, so that the light was bright enough. Also convenient to adjust the dimmer transition from daylight to twilight, when the brightness of artificial light should be increased gradually.

Classification dimmers

Depending on the type of lamp

Dimmers are not equal, for example, they are different for different types of lamps:

  • dimmer for incandescent lamps (used in the normal voltage of 220 V)
  • Dimmer for halogen lamps (two kinds in use at a voltage of 220 V and a voltage in the range of 10 to 24 V)
  • LED and the dimmer for fluorescent lamps
  • dimmer for energy-saving lamps (not for all types)

Not to be mistaken in choosing the desired dimmer,carefully try to trim the lamp for lamps, especially energy saving - just a few of these lamps dimming support. For fluorescent and energy-saving lamps, allowing the use of a dimmer switch, there is a special designation (marking).

Most often used for conventional dimmers lampsincandescent, halogen and LED lamps, as in these cases the use of a dimmer in addition to convenient lighting effects give more and tangible energy savings. By the way, except for special (targeted at a certain type of light) dimmers, there are universal, which are themselves selected the desired type of dimming. However, professionals believe that the universal dimmers are less reliable.

For low-voltage halogen lamps is requireda step-down transformer. And only fit certain dimmers, so that when you select the dimmer in this case, you need to be very careful for various types of transformers. For wound transformers should be used to label the RL dimmer, electronic - dimmer labeled S. Of course, there are dimmers with built-in transformers, but they are best suited for a system of "smart home". In the usual case it is much better to use a separate transformer (located in the vicinity of a halogen lamp) and dimmer, which is located far enough away from the lamp. And another little secret - if the halogen lamp is constantly working at reduced brightness, it begins to darken the glass. In this case, turn on the lamp at full power for at least 10 minutes with the glass clean, and you can again reduce the brightness.

Use caution when dimmingfluorescent lamps. On line LL is required to install an electronic control gear (ECG). But compact LL often already available with built-in ballast, and for them is quite suitable conventional dimmers for incandescent lamps. But it is better to check that there are ballast, whether or not in a compact fluorescent lamp.

Even just a few years ago it was thought thatDimmer for LED bulbs can not be used. But progress does not stand still, now on the market it is quite possible to find and LED lamps with dimmable and dimmer for LED strip or lamp. So everything is in your hands - LED lights with adjustable brightness is not uncommon.

Division by type of housing

Furthermore division into groups by type of lamp dimmers also distinguished by the type of housing (installation method):

  • Wall (monobloc)
  • Instrumental (installation in a mounting box)
  • shield (modular)

Wall dimmers were designed to replace ordinary switches. That is, in principle, the dimmer has the same shape and size as the switch, and is used in the same manner.

Dimmer for LED

Dimmer with remote control

Single Channel Dimmer

Another type of dimmer

Instrument dimmers are installed in the wiring box or ceiling. In the second case, the control is carried out by means of remote control.

Finally, the dimmers are mounted on the modularDIN-rail in a power switchboard. These dimmers are mainly used for lighting in the hallway or in the stairwell. Can be controlled as the imposition of special button or remote control.

Criteria - the way to manage

Since the dimmers sufficiently released species can be divided and control method which are usually wall mounted dimmer to:

  • Rotary (Rotary)
  • keyboard (push)
  • sensory

Rotary dimmers are round switchthe rotation of which is set in the desired moment the lighting. Keyboard keystroke dimmers regulated in touch dimmer brightness setting comes with a touch panel.

rotary Dimmer

Rotary dimmer with remote control

Dimmer key

Push (push) Dimmer

touch Dimmer

Touch Wall Dimmer

Another interesting addition to thisClassification will be dimmer with remote control - usually dimmer with infrared or radio-controlled remote control. This dimmer refers to "wireless light switches" category and can be installed as a wall, and as the instrument or shield. Those who are interested to control the dimmer, it must be remembered that the IR remote control is valid only when the dimmer line of sight at a distance of no more than 7 meters. When the radio is possible to send a signal through various obstacles, even through a wall. It is very convenient if the dimmer is in the switchboard.

The use and installation of dimmers

When used in the home dimmer (notonly), under the greatest convenience is the ability to connect to a single dimmer as one, and the group of lamps, as long as they belonged to the same species. That is, you can set the dimmer switch on lamps in the bedroom, or connect it to the ceiling and wall lights in the living room or hallway. And using a remote control to adjust the brightness of the lighting.

If you use dimmers in the "smart house" system,then we can set the timer and another program, which itself will see to it that the light just turns on or off, as well as a decrease or increase of brightness.

Several dimmers installed canto combine on a single console, and then it becomes possible to vary the brightness of the lighting of several zones (combined groups of luminaires). Such zones can be from two to six, so one all lamps combined center house or apartment space.

In addition to conventional lighting, which we have longaccustomed to using dimmers can make the interior apartments more original, using the accent lighting of different parts of the room (in the separation of a large room into several zones for different purposes, for example, the living room is often divided on the couch for a small company and the center, where they take a large number of guests). Or allocate the most interesting details of the interior - paintings decorative lighting, indoor plants, collections and the like. Playing with light, talented designers can change the visual appearance of the room, depending on the time of day or the upcoming event. The same room is a bright and festive room for receiving guests, and a dance floor with subdued lighting and soundlights for youth parties, or common room for family viewing TV.

Assembling a key dimmer

So set hinged keyboard dimmer

That's not the most sophisticated device allowsto make housing more comfortable and original. In addition, you may well be mounted dimmer with their own hands. Especially if you already have experience in the installation of conventional switches or sockets. The system is simple enough, you need only act on the circuit and connect the wires correctly. However, many people prefer to invite a specialist of such actions, which certainly will make it right.

The most common services are used by professionals atmore complex connection schemes, for example, to install a dimmer for multiple fixtures or devices of different lighting zones. Connect the dimmer lighting system and enjoy the comfort of the new.

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