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What can be the same as usual andpopular as lighting? The most beautiful view of the chandelier attracts only the beginning. And then nobody notices. Light in itself poses interesting features that make everyday life more beautiful. More precisely, not only the lighting itself as modern artificial lighting control techniques. That is why the connection dimmer interested readers.


  • What is the dimmer
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  • What are the dimmers
  • Options for using dimmers

What is the dimmer

Previously, to regulate the brightness of sourcesincandescent dimmers used. While the savings nobody even thought it simply was not. It was so before the emergence of semiconductor devices - Triac and dynistor on which dimmers work. These unpretentious devices installed everywhere, where you need to adjust the brightness of the light.

It looks dimmer

It looks dimmer

Dimmer is a tiny device thatmounted instead of conventional mechanical switch and allows you to smoothly change the brightness of the light. The first control was made in the 90s of the 19th century for the slow dimming of artificial light in the theater. Superiority of this invention belongs to Granville Woods, the inventor of self-taught from the United States.

All dimmers are designed to enable andand turning off the light source changes its intensity. In addition, many models perform other useful functions, such as presence simulation, automatic shut-off timer, remote control, smooth shutdown, voice or acoustic control, connect to a network of "smart home". Therefore, before purchasing it is necessary to determine what is needed installation of a dimmer, and a range of services should provide the unit.

The design of the dimmer

The design of the dimmer

The design features one of the simplest dimmersrotary knob for adjusting and 2 outputs for connection. The device is used to control the brightness of halogen lamps and incandescent lamps. Sales in recent years have appeared dimmers to change the brightness of the fluorescent bulbs.

Connectivity dimmer

Wiring to light regulatorsinability simple. They are installed as standard switches - in mounting box. The only condition to be met by manufacturers to be connected, is the need to connect the terminals to the load and to the phase.

Lamp to light up is necessary to the triacthrough you missed the current. This happens when there is a certain tension between the electrodes G and A1. The capacitor at the start of a wave of positive charge through the potentiometer R, the magnitude of which depends on the velocity of the charge. When the capacitor voltage reaches a value that is sufficient to open dynistor and triac, the latter opens. In other words, the resistance becomes relatively low, and the light will be lit until the end of the half-wave.

The circuit connection dimmer

The circuit connection dimmer

The same situation happens with a negativehalf-wave. It is known that the triac and Deacon - symmetric device, so it does not matter where the current flows through them. It turns out that with the active load voltage is a "chipping" of positive and negative half-waves with a frequency of 100 Hz, following one after another. When the lamp is powered by the voltage short particles, notably at low brightness flicker. This can not be said about the dimmers with frequency conversion and rheostat controls.

Driving dimmer connection does not require specialdetails, you can put any triacs, regardless of the power load. The voltage should be not less than 400 because the instantaneous voltage on the network can reach 350 V. From the values ​​of resistors and capacitors are dependent start and end points of ignition and stable operation of the lamp. Dynistor - DB3 and DB4.

There are two ways to connect a dimmer: single and group. Single dimmer can be used for one lamp or multiple light sources that are combined into a common group.

So connect dimmer

So connect dimmer

Centers that control devices cancombined in a single circuit, which comprises 2 - 6 zones. If you know how to connect a dimmer and properly manage them from a single console, you can carry out all light zoning housing.

Another way of using dimmersIt is as follows. In addition to general lighting when creating the interior, you can use the ability to create spectacular illuminations. Using a similar technique, you get to pay attention to certain elements of decor, it has an interior worthy of highlight objects.

What are the dimmers

All dimmers that are commercially available, by type and wattage are classified as follows:

  • Dimmers for halogen lamps and incandescent lamps, designed for 220 V, depending on the magnitude of the voltage applied through the dimmer, the lamp filament shine brighter or weaker.
  • Dimmers that are designed for low-voltagehalogen bulbs, fed through transformers. If the light sources are designed for voltages up to 24 V, need a transformer that is capable of converting the output voltage of the apparatus to this value. It takes a special transformer that provides "soft" inclusion. First, a light bulb is served not too much current, at which it is heated thread, but do not overload occur.
  • Dimmers for fluorescent lamps and LEDs. In this case, the need electronic ballasts in a luminaire. Conventional electronic type transmit the lamp voltage up to 10 V by adjusting the light intensity.
Rotary dimmer

Rotary dimmer

There are touch-sensitive, and rotary push buttondimmers. Brightness rotary dimmer is set by rotating potentiometer knob. Rotary dimmers are cheaper as compared to other devices, and therefore very popular. Minus model lies in the fact that the memory of the device can not save the value of light to run. Start always performed with minimum brightness.

Pushbutton dimmer

Pushbutton dimmer

Pushbutton dimmer can be controlled from 3-4 placesthe maximum cable length is 10 meters, while the dimmer circuit is critical to interference and noise. There are also multi-channel devices that allow you to control the light of several zones at the same time by pressing a single button, and indicates the minimum level for each of them.

Touch dimmer

Touch dimmer

Touch dimmers are the most perfectdevices. In such models, adjusting lighting brightness is due to the light touch of a button, because all control is performed without moving parts. Touch dimmers can be equipped with an infrared receiver for remote control. Some dimmers can control multiple independent lamps. Dvuhklavishnye sensor dimmers can be used to control different types of lamps. Changing the brightness of light occurs by means of two keys that are independent from each other.

Options for using dimmers

Of particular interest is a functiondimmers, as a change in the brightness of light sources. To do this, there are even physiological grounds, because for various human activities need different lighting. It remains only to type in google "how to install a dimmer switch," and immediately open endless possibilities of light controllers.

Consider the requirements for workplace lightingstudents. Daylight is sufficient to carry out the lessons, but in the evening you need artificial lighting. How to arrive at dusk, when the natural light is not enough, and artificial lighting unnecessarily? In this situation and we need a system that is able to track the current light and turn on the lights to the desired brightness level.

Conveniently, if the lighting in the hallway has 2 levelsbrightness. On the whole the brightness is turned on at the usual time, at half brightness - in the night-time. Lighting dimmers using the much more pleasant to the eye. By this device, you can also connect bedside lamps to set the brightness to read or use the lamp as a nightlight.

Dimmer in the interior

Dimmer in the interior

Lighting by means of dimmers is a powerfultool in the development and design of the interior. Tools light scenes provide virtually limitless possibilities, for example, when decorating the living room. For hygienic standards in this room have to change the brightness of the light source, and if you use dimmers, you can achieve amazing results: activate the desired light scene is possible with a single key. These light scenes it is advisable to have an intimate encounter, a simple lunch or a reception.

If the holiday is planned, lighting can beturn on all possible brightness, and when the guests are gone, but the tenants want to be alone, the brightness is reduced easily. During a reception room friends can illuminate the center, leaving the periphery of the semi-darkness. Control centers combine up to 6 zones.

On the general background lighting dimmers allow you to doaccent lighting. Items that are considered worthy of attention, requires the most careful lighting. It is not necessary to allocate with the help of a central lighting furniture group. With elaborate lighting can make a major imperceptible at first glance the little things that spiritualize and enliven the interior. Backlight paintings, niches with your favorite vases, bookcases ... Any decorative element or object can enter the master plan in the event that it provide light support.

When using dimmers significantlyreduced electricity consumption - up to 60% and increases the service life of the light source. Time useful halogen bulbs and lamps nakalyvaniya not rarely increased twenty-fold. This is due to the fact that the lights work in mild temperature conditions: gradual increase in brightness from zero to a desired value, a "soft start".

Dimmer - very useful device, whichI have handy in any room. These devices allow you to control lighting devices, including light and adjusting the lighting. Using dimmers in the interior is considered to be unlimited, it all depends on the imagination and the taste preferences of the person. Under either option to connect the regulator this will bring positive emotions owners, but still substantial savings, because such devices reduce the energy costs and extend the lamp life due to supply low voltage to them.

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