Review of the popular ways and means of cleaning basins

Finally, now the owner of a wonderful swimming pool? Floundering in warm water and soak up the warm rays of the sun, you are relaxed and happy sigh that dream fulfilled? Early rejoice. After all, owning a pond - is not only fun, but also a great work to care for him. However, well-organized system, driven to automatism cleaning swimming pools - only a matter of time and desire, the benefit is now a wealth of information and resources for personal exploitation of reservoirs.


  • necessary procedures
  • pollution Causes
  • Mechanical cleaning of the reservoir
  • The chemical cleaning method

necessary procedures

Agree, it is natural to desirethe pool owner to keep the water in the tank is clean and transparent, as well as a safe and healthy ?! What a way to achieve this comes to your mind first? Of course, change the water. At first glance - is a good option, meanwhile, if you analyze the situation in detail, such a way to care for the pool would be ineffective. Of course, in this case it is not about inflatable "crumbs" with a volume of 1 cubic meter, when, however, replace the water - the best way to go. Why change the tank contents - not the best way to clean?

pool cleaning

To pool looked clean and beautiful, it is necessary to work thoroughly and to establish a competent system of care for our water "economy"

  1. Fresh water will be warm for a long time, because you do notlove to swim in the icy water, is not it ?! Of course, you can install a special warm-up system, but also have to wait a bit, but still spend a lot of money for this wonderful machine.
  2. Stacked water can not meet the standards. If there is no proper disinfection of the pool, its contents can be "enriched" with harmful impurities, which not only spoil the look of your Water "child", but also adversely affect the well-being of all those who will enjoy the procedures.
  3. Produced by cleaning the pool water does not changeIt ensures that the tank is completely free of bacteria, fungi and unwanted vegetation. Even after washing thoroughly every corner of the structure, you can not protect yourself from the appearance of problems in the near future, since the malicious "animals" multiplies rapidly and "occupied" the entire territory.
  4. Frequent water changes may cost you dearly. Modern facilities for cleaning swimming pools may be at times cheaper than the water.
how to clean the pool

Manual cleaning is undoubtedly the most profitable for the price, but instead of money you invest your time. However, why not, once you get pleasure from the process ?!

pollution Causes

The contents of the pool anyway, dirty, and not only the fault of the user. Sometimes his "contribution" to the case and brings the environment.

If no disinfection of water in the pool was made,the tank automatically becomes a "hotbed" of bacteria, fungi and algae. You yourself will notice that the raw water is quite turbid rapidly, and design wall covered with unpleasant to the touch, slimy coating. Next will be a nasty smell, the surface becomes frothy, waterline "decorated" the mud, in some places rusty plaque appears. How to bathe in such an environment? Of course, anyone who refuses to experience for yourself what "fun".

contamination of the water in the pool

Even in the case of careful treatment with swimming pool, water pollution - a matter of time

It should be noted that improper cleaning of water inthe pool at times no less destructive than its absence. If the landlord possessions suited to the process of irresponsible, does not use a complex method, paved disinfection pools "by eye", apply the mixture to clean mutually, then such "amateur" can lead to a much more bitter consequences than just dirty water. There are times when bathing in these waters changed color treated hair. Imagine how detrimental to the body like water treatment ?!

It makes their "contribution" to the reservoir pollution and Mother Nature. Fallen leaves, the active sun, dust, wind, rain - all this, of course, disturbs the harmony and purity of your pond.

To poolside vacation is fun, and have to work hard to establish an integrated cleaning system, which includes, as a physical and chemical work unit.

maintenance of cleanliness in the pool

Robot vacuum cleaner - your trusty "assistant" to maintain cleanliness in the pool

Mechanical cleaning of the reservoir

Mechanical cleaning helps to remove all the excess out of the pool, from the fallen leaves and dirt and finishing drowned small insects and hair.

For mechanical type of work you needa pump and filter for cleaning the pool. The capacity of such an apparatus must be sufficient to pass through all the contents of the tank, at least three times per day (ideally - 5.6 times). What kind of filters are available?

  • Cartridge kit for cleaning swimming pools - the best choice, because it is very easy to use;
  • diatomaceous unit, ideal to purify water, but requires care (as the system performs the filter bed of granite sand and diatomaceous);
  • sand machine - the budget option, in which the filter element is a gravel and a special way sifted quartz sand.

These machines are good for water purification,but is not able to fight against pollution, formed directly on the bottom and walls of the reservoir. For this type of work, experts recommend to buy a vacuum cleaner to clean the pool. Fairy selection of similar devices now strikes the eye. For inflatable and prefabricated structures will be enough to buy an underwater manual vacuum cleaner, which is connected to the filter. Budget allows you to not skimp on the care of the pond? Then choose a semi-automatic vacuum cleaner that works independently or else connected to the skimmer. You - the owner of a large swimming pool? Then the only fully automatic. These vacuum cleaners are characterized by high power and maneuverability, so they can handle large area.


Fishnet - a necessary "tool" for every pool owner

However, manual cleaning is also no one has canceled. If you have time and desire, may make transfers of work with his own hands, using tools, standing mere "penny". Hand brush for cleaning the pool under your "control" may relieve the tank from dirt better than a robot vacuum cleaner. A net for cleaning swimming pools in the right hands, it is possible that surpass the quality and speed of work even famed skimmer. In general, choose the method that you like and can afford.

The chemical cleaning method

Before buying a different tablet for cleaningpools, understand that what they are for and whether the composition of the drugs are not mutually exclusive. Alas, not all owners of pools know what works this orientation, they should be sure to spend. Many people think that to buy chemicals for cleaning the basin, pour it into the tank, and everything will work out itself. However, in reality everything is different. cleaning complex consists of 4 steps:

  1. Providing pH standards (the best indicator7-7,4). Why this step is the most important? The fact that many of the solutions and tablets for cleaning swimming pools simply do not work when pH level is breached. Do not want to dispose of their finances in the wind? The most common measure pH and stick with optimum performance.
  2. Disinfection of water. For these works, you can select all the familiar chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. It does not matter how the drug on the basis of one of these substances will be made disinfection of swimming pools - one of them in his own good.
  3. Insurance against the "occupation" of the tank junkplants and micro-organisms. The third step involves the addition of special agents in water containing algicides. They prevent the appearance of fungus, algae, bacteria.
  4. Coagulate - the final stage, alsoIt called flocculation. At this stage, you need to add to the tank facility that will purify water from anything that could be formed in the course of previous work, but is not subject to filtering. The resulting reaction product with water, flakes appear in the pool, which envelop unwanted particles to bind them together and pushed to the surface. Further, such accumulation of dirt just as other debris fall into the filter.
tools for pools

The choice of means to normalize the pH of the water, fortunately, today is extensive

All these preparations may be sold invarious forms - tablets, liquid, granules, powders, briquettes. In addition, on the shelves you can find a combined mixture that solve several problems at once, for example, maintain pH balance, disinfect and prevent the appearance of limescale. Choose the tool that you will like, but remember that you have bought a set of 4 to decide all the tasks listed above.

Correct and timely cleaning of the pool will keep the beauty of your oasis of water, will protect travelers from illnesses, and you - a lot of trouble.

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