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Tips on arrangement of lighting in the garden

When twilight, even the mosta beautiful and equipped garden will turn into a dark impenetrable forest, if you do not think about the lighting system. The approach to this problem has its own peculiarities: light the need space, so that it was safe and at the same time attractive. In this article we describe in detail how to think and make a garden lighting, so it was functional, and beautiful.


  • Work on the lighting in the garden
  • Effectively allocate track
  • How to allocate separate areas and corners in the garden
  • How to illuminate the vegetation and a pond
  • Choose lamps garden lighting

Work on the lighting in the garden

In order for your garden at night turned intocozy fabulous corner, you need to consider some important points. First of all, there should not overdo it: if the whole area will be flooded with bright light, the effect will not be as what it should be. Even at home you will feel like on a palm in front of all others. Not to mention the fact that this pleasure will result in a tidy penny. But the real art designer lighting can be considered as the result, when the light is literally transforming the site. It emphasizes the individual details that day may appear completely featureless. At the same time solve another problem, purely practical. This entire space acquires new features, the most fabulous and mysterious way, and pass the night Sadiq can not fear that somewhere there is a risk to break the forehead. Of course, to achieve this effect is not enough to place lamps and lanterns chaotic. It is necessary to get acquainted with the small design tricks to correct accents and highlight all the important areas.

coverage area

Thinking like to highlight a garden plot, it is necessary to perceive it as a whole, to create a harmonious space

Effectively allocate track

The most important task, which in the gardenis not only beautiful, but also safe - do cover all the tracks in it. It is necessary to consider, for some corners you have to walk in the dark. And it is necessary to highlight the appropriate path. But on the way here to make lighting, will depend on the final appearance of the whole area. You can choose the easiest and fastest option - to arrange the little lights along the way. This method is suitable even if the whole garden is equipped as a whole. If you only do things in order on your site, you should consider a more original solution. For example, furnished track tiles, it can be inserted at a certain distance elements, which are embedded in the LEDs. The effect will be stunning, because at night you'll basically walk on glowing stones!

track lighting

The luminous path in the garden beckons like a journey through the fabulous world

If you have a landscape characterized by the presencehills and valleys, all the ups and downs should allocate separately. If they are decorated steps, then each needs its own light. And so what you choose: whether embedded in the floor, made in the form of the original or a flashlight glowing column - it all depends on your taste.

How to allocate separate areas and corners in the garden

In addition to the tracks, it is required in the gardenand to emphasize individual functional zones. We are talking about the place of rest or terrace, pond and original flowerbed. These towns can be distinguished very original. For example, a bright and unusual looks of your garden plot, if you hang the garland, consisting of several flashlights. This choice will also practical. After lighting fixture of several lamps or luminous balls connected in a circuit to light the large space. Attach garland can be between trees or other supports that are at hand. If you decorate the corners of holiday lights in retro style, you can make the spirit of romance in such zones. When it is necessary to highlight any particular object, then fit over the luminaire in an unusual form. This may be a dwarf, or a bunch of grapes, a tiny house or a small puppy, which if true guard your territory. The original solution offered by some growers, who hung on a garden space is not only electric lamps, and lanterns, which are inserted in the usual candles. Their special blinking light will create a unique atmosphere. Particularly relevant for this course fans to organize an evening tea party in the garden.

How to illuminate the vegetation and a pond

If your garden site there is also aa small pond or stream, you simply can not miss this opportunity, not to light them. After all, light is capable of real magic, when he was sent to the water surface. Thanks to him, the water comes to life and becomes a central figure in the garden.

how to light a pond

Playing with light and water, you also need to boldly use color to achieve the magical effect

For example, you can use small lampshighlight the form pond, to focus on vegetation near its shores. More used to the spotlight illumination, the light that can guide and plants, and sculptures, and directly on the water. Unusually pond will look if light it right inside. To do this, place the lamp under the water, then the light will come directly out of the water. Either can be positioned on the surface of the floating lights in the form of water lilies or boats, transparent spheres and other shapes that will fit in the best way in the general section of the decision. Do not forget that you can cover some herbal composition or some particularly spectacular plants. And when you perform a winter garden lighting, and something else to create the desired level of light vegetation.

Choose lamps garden lighting

When planning to illuminate your garden plot, it is worthI think not only about the beauty of it, but a purely practical aspects. For example, inappropriate use of incandescent bulbs, which consume a lot of electricity. Instead, you should choose a more modern and cost-effective solutions.

luminaire models

Fixtures delight its diversity, not only in appearance, but also on the type of lamps, which are set

For example, it may be fluorescent lamps,which come in different shapes and sizes. However, they should not be used together with a motion sensor: often turned on and off, they are much faster will fail. There is another option - to buy LED lighting equipment. She is economical and durable. However, high-quality LED-based lamp - not a cheap pleasure. Creating lighting in its cozy garden, think over everything so that you it was cozy and comfortable. And then it will become a natural and harmonious extension of your home space.

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