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Examples of architectural lighting of buildings and private houses LEDs

Examples of architectural lighting

Architectural lighting - a decorativelight facade of the building or any other structure: pool, pond, bridge, gazebo. It solves several problems at once - highlights the architectural object, decorate it, creating a festive mood. Also, using this technique, you can create a "presence effect" of people in the house that will help scare nocturnal thieves.


  • Architectural Lighting Ideas
  • Options for architectural lighting of facades
  • The equipment for architectural lighting
  • Methods for installing projectors and lamps

Architectural Lighting Ideas

The idea was a long time illumination of facades, afterFirst World War. The pioneers in this business have become Americans, cast light on the skyscrapers of Manhattan so well that the American press immediately dubbed the area "City lit castles in the air." Now this method of lighting has been applied in the private house-building, and can be beautifully illuminate the house of any size - and a three-story mansion with columns and twenty meters a summer house on six acres.

Outdoor Lighting

Manhattan skyscrapers lit outside colored rays

home lighting

Architectural lighting mansion type houses

lighting examples

Outdoor lighting a small house in the Finnish style

Options for architectural lighting of facades

In private households can be successfully used one of three ways lighting facades:

  • Solid color light facade. This option is suitable for large buildings, built of beautiful embossed material, such as natural stone or simulate it. Such illumination highlights the entire building. It is executed with the help of spotlights mounted on the ground or on special supports. It is understood that the illumination is designed so that the spotlight does not shine directly into the window.
facade lighting

Light entirely floods the facade, decorated with plaster relief

Accent lighting - it is more delicate andcost-effective way to highlight and illuminate the object. The lamps are mounted directly on the front cover and only the most beautiful of its elements - cornices, window frames, balustrades, balconies, columns, moldings. The combination of dark and light areas of profitable emphasizes the architectural merits of the building. It is the most popular option.

ground floodlights

Accent lighting of the cottage, made with ground-based projectors and front lamps

Architectural lighting the entrance to the house

Architectural lighting accent the entrance to the house

Contour lighting - lighting design is a novelty,which has become possible thanks to the emergence of a new type of lamps: LED strip or flexible neon, representing a glowing cord made of PVC with soldered LEDs inside. It is sold by the meter, it is easy to bend and cut. Mounted on the facade is an architectural LED lighting with the help of guides. Contour lighting is convenient because it can be used situationally, for example, to decorate the house for the holiday only.

contour lighting

The original contour lighting small cottage

The equipment for architectural lighting

Since the maintenance of facadefixtures often difficult due to the altitude at which they are attached, all the equipment must be reliable, easy to maintain and safe from the harmful effects of outdoor conditions. All lighting elements: brackets, lamps, headlights must be resistant to temperature, humidity and dust. In addition, they must issue a narrowly focused light rays. Therefore, special lighting designs developed for architectural lighting and lighting generalist will not work here.

You can not be neglected, and such characteristics asenergy saving and long life lighting. Most of these indicators - halogen and fluorescent lamps. However, most now use LEDs, because they do not have to maintain, and they consume very little electricity. Manufacturers claim that these lamps are 100,000 hours (compared to an incandescent lamp - 1000 Fluorescent - 10,000). But in fact, after approximately 25,000 hours LED dimmed, and it would be better to replace him. Yet, architectural outdoor lighting massive shift to LEDs; very conducive to this is that these lamps fell roughly doubled over the past few years.

Methods for installing projectors and lamps

To determine where and how to fix or install a lighting fixture, you must first decide what you will cover. There are three types of surfaces can be identified:

  • Vertical - a wall, dome, column;
  • horizontal bottom - floor, staircase;
  • horizontal upper - upper arches, niches, carport.
home lighting

Outdoor lighting suburban house-trailer

Then you need to decide where it will be convenient to place the light source. Luminaire or spotlight can be installed:

  • on the surface: to build it or mounted on the console (ceiling lights are not usually brought to the console);
  • on the ground, the beam is directed obliquely upward;
  • on a nearby building or a pole, beam thus can be directed up, down, horizontal;
  • hang on a rope and send a beam of light downwards.

And the last stage - the definition of the nature of light - the intensity, the color, the size of the light spot, whether dynamic effects necessary: ​​change the color of the beam, its brightness, throbbing.

As you may have realized on their owninvent, design and construction of architectural lighting is not always easy, because it requires some special knowledge of electrical and design at the same time. Therefore, if you feel that you do not fail, you can simply ask for help in a company specializing in this type of activity. Fortunately, they now have in every major city, because architectural outdoor lighting is now in demand as never before.

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