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Tips for Making beds and flower beds design options

Tips for Making beds

Flower arrangements, acting elementdecorative garden design, able to create a cozy atmosphere in the rustic area. The colorful flowerbeds, lush flowering pleasing to the eye and exuding a wonderful aroma, uplifting plot owners and their guests. Thinking through the design of flower beds, every gardener is trying to create a herbal formulation that will not only be in harmony with the overall style atmosphere, but also effectively allocate garden on a background of others.


  • Landscaped flower garden
  • The choice of location, design and creation of a flower bed frame
  • Filling beds

Landscaped flower garden

Making beds - a real art, as in the preparation of compositions of plants should be chosen not only based on aesthetic appeal, but also the characteristics of their growing.

Masters of Landscape Design at registrationflower beds, using little tricks that make herbal composition pleasing riot of color, from the first days of spring and up until frost.

When planning a flower garden design in the country need to take into account some of the nuances:

  • The harmonious combination of colors and decorative foliage.

When choosing plants for a group planting,it is desirable to give preference to not only flowering, but also decorative deciduous varieties, paying attention to their size and shape. Plants with decorative foliage will perform an excellent background for the colorful flowers and fill the void on a bed formed in periods of calm between violent flowering. Do not be afraid to experiment, combining dense foliage with a tracery.

combining colors

Originally looks combination of beauty hosts, decorated with large strong leaves, with delicate and refined Astilbe

  • Creating a complete composition.

No matter whether it is a flower garden, equippedalong a track in the garden and smelling a flower bed that adorns the front portion of the zone, plant composition should have a finished appearance. Efficient reception design beds and flower beds - supplement composition Ground-covering and low-growing varieties. Planted along the outer contour of ground cover beds visually create a smooth transition to the colorful flower "oasis" to the lawn grass or carpet. To frame the flower garden are ideal: dwarf varieties of spirea, stunted geranium, Heuchera and lungwort.

  • Flowers - soloists.

In drawing up the flower beds, be aware thatthe most decorative effect gives a harmonious combination of plants. In any of the compositions have soloists, to attract attention and amazing amazing beauty and splendor of flowering plants but there is also acting background for them. Complementing each other, they form a single tableau.


For example, in this photo flower bed design role soloists perform beautiful lily in the background for them are the daylilies and rudbeckia and living framing - petunia

  • The selection of annuals and perennials.

When making beds need to use perennials. They are able to grow in one place for a few years.

Among the beautiful varieties of perennials, notrequiring a lot of attention on care can be distinguished: daylilies, Volzhanka, hosts, Rogers, hellebore and peonies. In preparing the compositions do not forget about the annual.

Walking for just one season the whole cycle of vegetation, and beautifying composition colorful flowers of different shapes and colors, Annual flowers make a bed more festive and elegant.

flower bed design

The main stages of drafting and design a flower bed with his hands

The choice of location, design and creation of a flower bed frame

When deciding to decorate your beautiful vegetable plotcomposition, you must first decide on the location for its care. Though the majority of flowering varieties, and are able to tolerate slight shade, but the greatest beauty of the show only on sunny sites.

Choosing a place in the arrangement of the flower garden, you need tothink about its shape and size. Novice gardeners is best to start to practice, making small flower gardens, filled with only a two - three varieties of plants. So much easier to pick up a good color combination of neighboring plants at planting and subsequent care for them.


For example, elegant spring flower bed can be created from several varieties of primroses with different shapes and colors of flowers

Traditionally, small flowerbeds give the squareor circular shape: they look attractive from any angle, convenient care for them, removing weeds and overgrown perennials. But herbal compositions may have a variety of shaped forms. It all depends on the flight of imagination of the master and the size of the site. For clarity, we can draw a diagram of the pre-flower garden, marking the placement of colored circles major plants.

For marking and determination of the flower bed boundaries can be used pegs with a tight rope. Having defined the borders of flower beds, must be provided to the fence.

fence for flowerbeds

A small fence around the flower beds will not only make the form of the composition complete and tidy, but also prevent the growth of colors beyond its borders.

Decorative fence can be built from logs of 25-35 cm in height, wood Spili set on edge, or to equip the fence of tree branches 1-2 cm thick.

Filling beds

Before planting the plants need soil in the flowerbeddig and fertilize as needed. For these purposes may be used both organic and mineral fertilizers. Flower planting form, taking into account plant height and flowering time.

flowerbed in the country

At arrangement of flower beds, observe that you can point to any area used multilevel flower planting

In the foreground are placed low-growing andground cover plants, the middle tier is filled with plant height of 40-80 cm, and planted in the center of Tall tapeworms. If the bed is placed along the walls, the highest grade of flowers planted in the center of the composition are not, and in the background.

site design

Carefully thought-out design beds and flower beds Photo allows you to plot an unrivaled and unique in its kind.

The options are many flower beds design: it can be a miniature "live" compositions on the old stumps of trees, flowerbeds cascade of concrete multi-level stands.
Do not be upset if the composition is not createdIt has just the desired visual effect. Rectify the situation can always be using portable flower gardens. Seasonal flowers were planted containers, will be a bright addition to any flower bed.

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