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The pond without water or how to make a dry creek

Water element is always attracted to the person: babbling brook, splashing water in a makeshift pond, a pleasant hearing melodies, create an atmosphere of harmony with nature. Ennobling rural land, there is often a desire to build a reservoir, which give the landscape a unique charm. But what about when the conditions do not allow to decorate the territory of a swimming pool, pond or stream? An excellent solution Spatial Planning will dry creek - element of landscape design, visually reminiscent of the dried bed of the river. Properly planned and executed dry creek is able to hide unsightly places in the area and visually increase the size of the territory.


  • Dry creek in landscape design: everything benefits
  • The main stages of construction
    • Partitioning source channel
    • Substrate Preparation and laying of stones
    • Making the creek shores

Dry creek in landscape design: everything benefits

This unusual design element portion will bebright decoration of the local area. When you first look at it, it seems that the dried stones yesterday ran clear water, and is already with the first raindrops source again comes to life and filled with moisture.

Dry creek

Dry creek in the summer cottage is one of the most popular methods of improvement

The reason for this is the number of indisputable advantages, chief among which are:

  • Possibility to decorate unattractive places in the area.

By composition of the stones can take anyplace on the site: on a picturesque hill or in a valley. Place it is possible, as in the sun, and the lightly shaded area. Making composition plants, it can not be limited to moisture-loving herbs and flowers. For the decoration of "coastal" Zone using any plant varieties.

  • A minimum of hassle on for "pond" care.

The natural water source, the bottom of whichaccumulated silt, requires regular cleaning of the bottom and the water with the use of filters, compressors and pumps. Care simulated stream consists only in maintaining the contours of the composition of the stone and watering the "coastal" plants.

  • Safety for young children.

Kids will have great pleasure in diggingnear dry stream. Parents can rest assured on dry stones children do not slip and fall into the water. In addition, near the natural reservoir always accumulate a lot of midges and mosquitoes, which cause a lot of inconveniences. Being near a dry creek can not worry about this scourge.

The main stages of construction

If you choose to view on the site dry creek with his hands, ready to do everything step by step. It's not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Partitioning source channel

The shape and size of the source is better to choose based onterrain. For areas with a small area more suitable meandering streams that visually expand the territory and deepen space.


On the spacious open areas you can build a whole lake of stones

Paniruya arrangement of a dry creek, it is necessaryfocus on the existing site on the elements of landscape design. The source of the stream can serve as a stone cliff, rockeries or alpine garden, and the mouth can hide in the bush hedges.

Before you make a dry creek, it is necessary to outlineits borders. For this purpose it is convenient to use sand, through which can be "drawn" contours. It is better if the source will be slightly tortuous, and its coast as "water flow" are already, then wider.

Substrate Preparation and laying of stones

According to the planned contour dig a ditch depth15-20 cm, which will be the basis for the creek bed. As in the natural source, axial depth should be somewhat greater than the coast. The bottom of the pit littered "cushion" of sand 4-6 cm thick, which harbor agrovoloknom. The nonwoven fabric is moisture free, but prevents the germination of weeds.

materials for dry creek

Some craftsmen used for this purpose building dense polyethylene film

For the arrangement of the stream suitable for both small smooth pebbles, and large chunks of faceted. The flat gravel and pebble strewn source channel and filling crevices, will simulate the movement of water.

Choosing stones, it is better to give preferencelocal breeds. This creek maximum organically fit into the surrounding landscape. To create a channel in a gray-blue shades make better use of slate, gneiss and basalt. Dairy and bright colors gives the source of limestone and marble.

rock painting

Making individual stones can always desired shade, coloring it with waterproof paint

The original complement of the composition can become flat glass stones that shimmering in the sun, will simulate a moment frozen peas.

stream content

First, place the largest stones, delineating the boundaries of the stream, and then spread over pebbles and gravel, filling dry creek

Making the creek shores

Although almost ready dry creek, photos do nothurry. After all, the composition will not be complete without a decent frame. To create maximum similarity stone composition with natural source, it is necessary to issue its beautiful flowering and ornamental deciduous plants. Along the coast is better to place the source and ground cover plants sredneroslye. From the landing Tall varieties should be abandoned, because they can "overload" the shore, turning it into a heap of plants and stones.

dry creek

Since the dry creek is on a plot of water elements to its design is better to use plants with flowers of blue, green and yellow colors

It may be blue fescue, Chinesecane, Ajuga reptans, sunflower, purple loosestrife, and all sorts of varieties of daylilies. The reminder of the freshness of the clear blue water act plants, flowers decorated with blue-gray shades: mosquito grass, Funk, lobelia, buffalo grass, bell.

Against the background of small pebbles look spectacular plant with long green leaves: bamboo-listokolosnik, Arundo donax, bearded iris.

Choosing plants for the composition, it should also take into account the composition of the soil and site lighting.

how to draw brook

When making the stream can be used not only vegetable composition, but other elements of landscape design

Beautifully looks thrown across the stream wooden bridge, which is located along the coast of ornamental frogs, "shoals" of sand.

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