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The original idea of ​​craft bottles Garden - miracles for pennies

The original idea of ​​craft bottles for the garden

Natural beauty - best canvas for creativity. It is not necessary to buy decorations for hundreds of dollars to decorate your piece of land. Nature - not a capricious lady, it is malleable and benevolent, if her "friends" that will fun and good company. As you know, with like-minded people is always interesting to spend time coming up with something new, multiply the beauty. You'd be surprised, but simple crafts of the bottles for the garden look no worse than expensive jewelry purchased in high-end stores. So why, they say, pay more ?! And what a pleasure to bring you the process, you'll see!


  • Structures and furniture made of plastic bottles
  • Flower ideas
  • The zoo in the garden
  • Other plastic masterpieces

Structures and furniture made of plastic bottles

Do you think that garden ornaments from plasticbottles - are flowers convex portions of empty containers placed along the fence? And that's wrong. Some of the landowners of this unusual building material erect terraces, gazebos and even at home. The main thing - to gather up the right amount of packaging and to consider the progress of work in detail.

from bottles

Here is a gazebo made with their own hands

garden furniture made of bottles

Pavilions of the bottles - cheap and cheerful. Want to try?!

an unusual building material

Some even manage from an unusual material to build a house

Avid gardeners claim that ordinaryplastic bottle is no worse than a brick. This idea was picked engineer from Germany - Andreas Froes. The inventor has developed a whole new trend of building called «ECO-TEC», which includes 50 different environmental projects, ideally to show themselves "in" in countries such as Bolivia, Honduras, Colombia and others. If the inhabitants of these countries live in these homes, why do not we take the "arms" interesting technology, safeguard the nature of hazardous wastes, and us - from unnecessary spending on building? Especially because of the building of the container are able to last for at least 300 years old, of course, the correct order of work.

that make bottles

Bottles - versatile material. Of these, you can build a building and make furniture

So, just want to take a chance on a grand scale? Collect stuff and get ready to amaze everyone around! German engineer says that the project will require about 8000 bottles, a lot of sand, a little out of the store building materials and, in fact, the desire to create an original masterpiece. You want to start small? Constructed for the beginning of the summer-house, or a house for the children's playground.

plastic "bricks"

With the construction of monumental buildings important to securely interconnect plastic "bricks"

By the way, the bottle is actually - Universalmaterial. They are suitable both for the construction of monumental buildings, and for the production of furniture and decoration for the house. So, gathering a sufficient number of plastic containers, you do not actually free only to build a house, but also make a distinctive furniture for the needs of his family and entertaining. See photos, charge inspiration and start creating!

their own hands

According to this technology, you can do as an ottoman and a table

Furniture made of bottles

Sofa and chair of the packaging - a great opportunity to save money on furniture and surprise guests

fence bottles

A fence made of container - unusually, right ?!

Flower ideas

Colored plastic bottles in the garden - excellentmaterial to create original beds. But experienced gardeners say that the transparent container - not the best option for the decoration of flower beds. Firstly, they do not look so impressive, as the colorful packaging. Secondly, quickly lose their form in contact with the ground. It features a transparent bottle? Do not rush to throw them out. Acrylic paint works wonders. Just do not forget to use unusual materials to dry thoroughly. To make a border for flower beds, you need to:

  1. Absorb with sand tank, stones, earth or other structure that helps keep the shape.
  2. Along the perimeter of the flower beds to dig a shallow groove (approximately up to the middle of the used bottles).
  3. Place the container in a recess the bottom up to the container touch each other.
  4. Absorb the remaining space between the bottles earth.

It remains only to admire his creation and wait delightful feedback from guests.

in the garden

Flowerbed mouse, making it - it is a couple of minutes

But that is not all: after all of the bottles can be made not only a border, but the flowers that never lost its petals and will delight you with its bright beauty even with the onset of cold weather. By the way, even the fence for flower beds, you can make out of plastic flowers and wonderful figures of the free material. Entertaining counterfeiting of the bottles for the garden made easy. For creativity you need a knife or scissors and imagination.

You can still use the fire, which will makepetals natural edge - graceful and wavy, and stem - green. All elements (leaves, petals, buds) is easily cut with scissors. As the stem, you can use an old wire, which you will find in the barn. The wire should wrap green tape cut from a plastic bottle and heated over the flame fire, then the materials are firmly connected, will have a magnificent view.

flowers from plastic bottles

Lovely turned bells, is not it ?!

How to make flowers? And how do you tell a fantasy. From the bottom of the bottle is a beautiful bell at the top - a charming tulip from the cap - the core of the flower petals of the many can be cut container residues for roses. You can use just the color or material of the cover with acrylic paint ready-made artificial flowers. Thus, you have the opportunity to make your garden flourishing year round, because the bright plants will delight you with its flowering and early spring, autumn and dull.

The zoo in the garden

Always wanted to have a pet thatThey require no maintenance, not naughty, but pleasing to the eye and decorate your possession? Rejoice, creative landowners have already come up with "animal" garden decorations from plastic bottles.

Tale in the area

Love the fairy tale "The Three Little Pigs"? Become the author of her performances on the site

You can create your own "zoo"and the animals have to be fed, they have never come to blows, do not run away and do not get sick. From the empty containers can be made virtually any animal that you would like to "settle" on the site. Moreover, it can be as a decoration and a useful element of the decor. Like this? Quite simply, because of the capacity it is obtained an excellent pot plant, which you can arrange as on a bed, and hung in the pavilion, along the fence or the house.

How to make "animal" pot? Find a bottle of the desired volume, move it to a horizontal position, cut one side, leaving the neck of the whole (of it can make a charming little face with a spout in the form of a cap). At the bottom of the tank is necessary to make holes (to avoid waterlogged plants), and newly fill the pot with soil. All! It remains to be put in a container that you want, and he called, the imagination, the capacity to turn to "the beast."

Ears, paws, tails, eyes, beaks, wings and otherartificial parts of the body of your "residents" of the zoo can be made from the same plastic, or use the materials at hand in the form of chestnut trees, branches, stones.

As you can imagine, from the bottle, you can not doOnly animals in the form of pots, but also complex multi-dimensional shape composed of a plurality of elements. Collect a lot of stuff, call all households, encourage imagination, "arm" cutting tool and start creating. Here is what the result may actually be born out of the garbage. The amazing transformation of unnecessary packaging, is not it?

Holiday pets, do not require food and care. Treat your kids:

Princess Frog

Funny frog

Plastic toys


do it yourself

Cute bee

Other plastic masterpieces

Our people have always had the ability tocreativity, so some gardeners are not limited to simply decorated their territory, they go further, creating useful things that replace expensive counterparts, is not available for all budgets. the river flows past your site, and you've always dreamed of having his own "boat" to go down in the water, enjoying the surroundings? Next to your garden prostrate lake, but the fish are biting best in the center, where you do not reach your fishing rod? Then you can not do without a boat. No money? No problem. Collect bottles and create their floating craft - though the boat, though the raft, though the island, though "Noah's Ark".

bottles of boat

No budget to buy a boat? No problem! Make it yourself from bottles

She loves to draw, but to drive to the country and the canvaspaint is difficult? Do not be sad, create unusual pictures - plastic. To do this, perfectly suited as multi-colored caps, and personally cut the other parts of the bottles. Canvas can serve as a fence, a wall so the house, gazebo, veranda or terrace. Create an exclusive picture, probably, she will head hits your artistic creations.

crafts for the garden

Plastic lanterns in the country - cheap and beautiful, is not it ?!

Conducted at the station light, but the bare bulb spoilnatural beauty? Why do not you make a fairy lanterns? Empty containers, knife, paint, a little imagination, and unusual shade is ready! According to this technology can do and garlands, which will be a wonderful decoration for the gazebo or summer terrace.

plastic decorations

Just a couple of ornaments made of plastic, and your fence will be the object of attention for the entire region

Unusual crafts out of bottles for the garden will become not only an ornament of your possessions, but also will save the environment from hazardous waste.

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