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The garden in country style - the wildlife on your cottage

If your cottage is not just for planting tomatoesand corn, then you will definitely want to transform your entire site and to allocate it among others. But this is done not in order to be better neighbors, and to create a place for recreation. After all, in the country to relax, at least for some time to forget about the problems and the bustling city, listen to the birds singing and frogs croaking. To underscore these delights many owners turn their summer house in the garden country.


  • Basic principles
  • Country in the American
  • Country style for the Slavic soul
  • Making flower beds and paths

Basic principles

Country - a style that can be seen inevery village yard. However, the current residents of the village, on the contrary, trying to make their sites more modern look. But this is a private matter. City people tired of the modern styles such as high-tech and modern, so they are drawn to the fact that close to nature.

The garden in country style is different colorful spotsflower gardens, fragrant jasmine and lilac bushes, a favorite of the old bench under the fruit trees and lush greenery sunny lawns. This serene and joyful style gives humanity elements of country living. It is more close to the mentality of the Slavic gardener, so soothes the soul and pleases the eye.

Very rarely dachas stylize for Japanesegarden or patio for elegant Old English. Not suitable for small plots of land and the rich tradition of Russian estates. Modernist delights landscape designers also do not survive - the soil is not suitable. But rural cheerful country style suited to our compatriots on the bill. To realize all his ideas to the standard six acres is very simple.

suburban life elements

The serene and joyful style gives mankind suburban life elements

This elegant garden with flower beds, hanging from aPumpkin fence and scurrying over the fruit trees, bees gently takes you in the days of your youth grandmothers. The best place to relax you just do not find, because there is no need to loosen and daily watering, mow the lawn and shape of the crown.

The main principle of country style in gardeningIt is natural. The miraculous and natural beauty should be at every step. Each element of the decor must be laid out in detail, it is desirable to use only natural materials: clay, wood, vine, plant a lot of flowers.

Country in the American

Many people hear the word "country", associate it withclop of hooves and the sound of the banjo faces cowboys. Yes, our landscape designers borrowed a certain amount of paraphernalia old "cinematic" Texas: low zherdyanye fences, bollards konovyaznye and wagon wheel. But the list of American fashion "chips" ends. It should be noted that they are not the main country garden decorations. In fact, these gardens came to us from Europe.

country garden

Primogenitors country cottage gardens were gardens for growing herbs and flowers

She founded the style of Gertrude Jekyll, known landscaper UK. Small cottage gardens for growing herbs and flowers were the progenitors of modern country gardens. Gertrude has added utility of its refined aesthetics, while maintaining a pristine charm. The world saw a completely rural garden on the other side. Naturally, the novelty soon became popular throughout Europe. Everyone tried to bring elements of its style, typical of the culture of his country.

Fashion influences and innovations of the last centuryadapted village gardens to changing environmental conditions and directions of landscape design. As a result, a new trend - low-maintenance gardens, that is, it does not require painstaking care. As already mentioned, the site should look as natural as possible. The main task of the designer - to create such an area, so that it seemed that the people here do not work, and the nature itself.

First came the guest must be surelandscape your garden live their lives. Therefore, rural gardens, besides the usual bushes of gooseberry, currant, phlox and roses, are often planted cultivated wild plants such as plantain, yarrow or variegated goutweed. This greatly helps to solve the problem by filling the flower beds with flowers. Although the word is inappropriate bed here, rather it will be available beds.

garden landscape

Guests should feel that the landscape of your garden live their lives

Align lawn and neatly trimmed his notfollows. A more natural it will look like, if in addition to the grass to grow on it bells, buttercups, clover, daisies and even dandelions. But behind the apparent simplicity and naturalness have to hide well-thought-out structure of the landscape.

Country's Style in the garden - a rustic style for the Slavic soul

Garden design in the style of the country does not require largecosts, but you need to think through all the details. First of all, you must define destinations. Traditional design element of the garden village - a bench. It put at the entrance of the house, in the most remote and beautiful parts of the area and right in the middle of flower beds. It is therefore appropriate to order or make himself several benches. If the area of ​​the country enough to do the construction of the gazebo, but if the place is small, it will replace the awning stretched between trees.

Bench in the garden

Traditional design element of the garden village - a bench

Of course, in a rural garden thoughts of bedsimpossible to drive away, the Slavs are always trying to combine aesthetics and functionality. It is therefore necessary to decide in advance that you will grow and how you can decorate the beds. Parsley, chives and lettuce on their own will look attractive. But if between them to plant decorative cabbage, marigolds and pyrethrum, the bed will look no worse than the most exquisite flower beds.

Country style often makes it possible tolook anew at the very familiar things. For example, if a conventional greenhouse to decorate the door with ornaments skate and unpretentious, he will not only decorate your garden, but also serve as the perfect backdrop for the compositions of the flowering vines. experts recommend separate from decorative garden fence or trellis economic zone.

scarecrow in the garden

Discard the sculptures that violate the natural world, it is best put in the garden scarecrow

Making flower beds and paths

Tracks in a rustic garden should not be smoothand perfectly straight. The smooth curves of the paths visually expand the space. Material for laying of tracks may be different: limestone, wooden walkways and gravel, granite screenings. Along the perimeter to revitalize the landscape worth living pillows plant thyme or stonecrop.

When choosing flowers and shrubs as possibleuse your imagination. Plants should be different heights and the most vivid. Wicker fence very appropriate obsadit hops and small trudging flowers. The area must grow sunflowers and hollyhocks. For the decoration of flower beds, you can use various old household items. For example, in a bucket or basket put some favorite bushes and put them on the beds.

The pond in the garden can be decorated with floating flower bedsa duck slot, but this look at all should naturally. Cane growing in the pond, too, need to make the most of, but only last year. From it you can make small rafts and let them swim in the water, decorated with moisture-loving flowers.

Waters in the country garden

The pond in country garden can be decorated with floating flower beds

Country style in landscape design does not acceptartificial scenery like gnomes, frogs and mushrooms. These mini-sculptures only disturb the harmony. From alpine gardens and rockeries is also best avoided, rustic garden they do not belong. Take to the arrangement of his corner with a sense of humor and put in his own garden made pretty scared. Garden Nature rustic to be a wild and charming. About this comfort does not need to dream, and to do it with their own hands. Creative you success and creative mood!

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