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Suitable for planting flowers in pots, street

In addition to ornamental plants in the open field,suburban area and the courtyard can decorate compositions in pots - flower vases for a variety of uses. Well-chosen combination of plants can delight their flowering all summer. The main thing - to combine green neighbors so that each approach conditions: the required amount of light, humidity, etc. Look beautiful and single plants.


  • Using vases in home gardens
  • Planting and placing flowers in outdoor pots
  • Making the central part of the flowerpot focal flowers

Using vases in home gardens

On small plots is not always possiblesplit flower garden, but many housewives like to have your green area. In such cases, a great option - the plants in pots. They look good on the porch, concrete covering or paving tiles. The main charm of the flower beds that are easy to rearrange, and simply replace the withered plant. Besides pots can quite easily be cleaned in case of bad weather.

flowers at the cottage

Cascade composition can be arranged on the steps of placing similar flowers of different colors

Look beautiful cascade composition, whichcreated using the stairs, shelves or suspended structures. Generally vase is a waterproof container to be used for landing one or more plants, and also to accommodate the one or more pots.

The biggest problem withusing containers are moisture surplus. Watering very carefully. The most difficult to regulate the amount of water for vases of small size. In this case, it is recommended to do at the bottom of the hole and put the container on the pan.

The choice of vases is very wide. They use a variety of shapes and materials. This can be a plastic box, a copper bowl, a wooden box. Besides popular containers from porcelain, marble, clay, etc.

Planting and placing flowers in outdoor pots

Direct planting flowers in potsIt begins with the laying of the drainage layer. To this end, small pebbles or gravel is poured on the bottom of thick? height of the container, and then lined with a thin layer of charcoal to soil and the plant is planted. If you decide to place the container in a pot, then drain in principle optional. You can put on the bottom of a small layer of coarse sand, small stones or pebbles.

their own hands

In one container can be planted some flowers by pouring pre-drainage layer of pebbles or small stones

In general, use potted plants more convenient,since it is possible to rotate them periodically, so that the flowers are not leaning to one side, and change the composition after the flowering period. Transplant in this case, it is easier because the roots are not intertwined. It is essential that the pots have drainage holes. Free space in the container it is advisable to fill in the peat.

Often planted in watertight bowlsspring onion. Distillation of these plants has some peculiarities. Not dormant bulbs are planted in ordinary soil, and a mixture of charcoal, peat, crushed shells, although typically used for pots already growing flowers.

If growing a few plants in a container, the best location is:

  • In the center of the focal flowers planted;
  • on the edge of the pot is removed the background area or fringing plants;
  • curly or cascading plants look best when planted on the perimeter or circle.

Making the central part of the flowerpot focal flowers

It is important that the height and shape colors correspond tocontainer size. When choosing plants for a few formulations, optimally, when each of them needs to be about the same lighting, watering and temperature conditions. Beautiful contrasting color combination, where there are differences in size, splendor and shades of inflorescences.

Pelargonium in pots

Pelargonium is suitable for planting flower pots in the street because of their stamina

In the central part of the composition is advisableenough to place tall plants, which account for the focus. The source of interesting ideas for choosing the best option may be a photo flowers in pots. Looks great pelargonium, more familiar to us under the name of geranium. This flower has a rich color scheme, brings sudden changes in temperature, it is easily propagated by cuttings and seeds.

Another remarkable focal plant isdwarf asters or srednerosloe grade (15 - 50 cm in height), blooming heavily and continuously. This color is suitable sunny places. Propagate by seeds of asters. If you sow them in October, the first flowers begin to delight in June, and if the early spring, the asters will bloom in late summer or in September.

Annuals dahlias with a stalk height of 20 - 50 cmwell suited to the creation of the group compositions. If you combine a few bushes of different colors you get a bright vase, which is ideal to complement the porch. Can be planted dahlias in April. Flowering plant will start from July until frosts.

dahlias in pots

For outdoor vases suitable dahlias, flowers which have a variety of colors

Popular background and creepers

When deciding on what flowers to plant inpots, keep in mind that the height of the background of plants should not exceed 20 - 30 cm, while the composition looks harmonious. For bordering the container well suited:

  • pansy (also have the name of Viola tricolor or viola);
  • ageratum (goes well with asters and dahlias);
  • Iberis - beautiful flower, which seeds are planted in increments of 15 cm The most common cultivar used an umbrella Iberis;.
  • limnantes - a wonderful backdrop for the focal plant with red or blue inflorescences;
  • dwarf verbena combined with pansies or ageratum for creating a blue-violet compositions;
  • low-growing varieties of marigold, and others.

Flowing colors look great in hanging baskets as a single plant, as well as used for group compositions.

lobelia and fuchsia

A good example of a combination of several hanging flower (lobelia and fuchsia) is this photo

The most popular curly flower vases to street:

  • petunia bloom all the warm season, it has many shades, ranging from pure white and ending with rich red and purple;
  • lobelia has an inflorescence of blue, white, purple, red;
  • fuchsia presented hundreds of hybrid forms nemahrovymi, double and semi-double buds purple, white, pink and red color;
  • Nasturtium is good to decorate the walls, because the length of up to 2 meters. The plant is unpretentious and suitable even for a fairly cool climate;
  • Scaevola, etc.

Decorate infield street flowerpotseasy and convenient. Containers for flowers are mobile and, if desired, can be moved. There are a number of plants suitable for planting in pots. One of the most striking examples of such flowers are petunias, pelargoniums, pansies, fuchsias, etc.

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