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Standard and non-trivial decorative fences of plastic and scrap materials for beds

Flower bed itself - is aestheticallya self-contained object. What could be more beautiful than real flowers? That's right, nothing. But the limit of perfection, as we all know, does not exist. And sometimes without beautiful floral arrangements would be desirable to arrange somehow unusual, select your site from a number of works such as amateur gardeners. This is where to come for help and decorative fences for beds. How to decorate your flower beds, to unite disparate klumbochki in a single composition and correctly fit them to the exterior of your site - read our article.


  • The unity of style: a connecting link one fragrant flower beds in the chain
  • The expediency - a key point
    • pursued goals
  • A special case
  • How to deal with perennials

The unity of style: a connecting link one fragrant flower beds in the chain

If the beds in your yard a lot, there is a questionhow to avoid clumsy, because you want to plant different flowers, different colors, and it is desirable that as much as possible. Many gardeners there is fear: and whether such "ill-matched" to create a single ensemble beds will not be there to look out of the scraps of stories?

Afraid not need - fences and bordyurchiki,made in the same style or something in common with each other, solve the problem, saving you from unnecessary worries. If your beds already have their fence, poorly combined with each other, you can always arrange and bring to mind Wheelbarrows own hands, achieving the aesthetic integrity.

fence for flower beds

Decorative fences effectively separate the beds from the lawn

Identical or echoing fences to allow the flower beds to give the landscape in the area of ​​perfection and harmony.

The expediency - a key point

Before you give free rein to imagination and immerse themselves in the creative design of your garden, ask yourself a few questions, the answers to which will help to avoid unnecessary spending of money and save you time:

  1. What for?
  2. What and why?
  3. Which color?

pursued goals

The main point that should beguided in choosing shape, dimensions and material (and therefore the cost) of your fence - this is the function that you lay on it. If you just want to visually separate from the flower garden paths or lawn, it is light enough low fence. You can simply designate a barrier between the flowers and the rest of the space with the help of scenery. They can serve as a spectacular Plastic Products, stylized snags, sticks, mini-fences and palisades. You can even use old CD-ROMs, or sets of cymbals. Do not hesitate to apply the rhinestones and blёstochki - looks great.

fence for flowerbeds

Wooden fence - no less spectacular than the glass or stone

If you want to help protect their fence flowersby unruly pets or afraid, like little kids do not hurt yourself on the sharp spikes or ate poisonous sprouts (and in fact is the case), give preference to fences higher, that they are not wanted, and "could not" jump - from 40 cm is sufficient. Iron bars, glass or stone slabs will look very good, especially if you decorate them with ribbons, paint or apply patterns. You can go ahead and use the elements modeling - Only your imagination limits you.

A special case

If your beds are raised off the ground, fencesfor they must be chosen very carefully - only one is guided by the beauty is meaningless. In this case, you need stone, brick or concrete structures, fit, however, and glass - plastic fences for beds is not much help here. After all, this fence should support the entire structure, not to give ground sprinkle. Do not forget that the strong gusts of wind can shake the flower bed, which not only negatively affect the aesthetics of your site, but can also damage the flowers themselves.

types of fencing

Do not be afraid to seem like a miser, choosing plastic fences - they look alive and provocatively

How to deal with perennials

Fences for flower beds with perennials -this is a separate conversation. Here at the forefront of materials strength. There are many ornamental plants, such as ferns, the root system that develops very quickly, trying to crawl out of the flower bed, and selecting the most nutrients out of the soil on which you grow from / crops. And to prevent such plants to carry out their evil plans to conquer territory, draw up special fences that block the growth of roots in breadth. Use the special plastic tape that dig in the soil to two-thirds, creating an impenetrable armor for the roots. The tips of these tapes will look neat rim for a bed - voila, problem solved. To beat these rims you too can somehow.

Knowing these simple rules, you can easilychoose for your garden fence and the site, which will be the highlight of your exterior and benefit. Do not limit yourself to the geometry and height of fences, experiment, and your garden will be the only one of its kind.

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