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Proper design of the beds with a practical and aesthetic point of view

Proper design of the beds

What is considered the pride of the modern gardener? The fact that he grew a good crop? What's on the table in the winter will be all your own? And this, of course, too! But, according to many, the work on the ground should bring both pleasure and accompanied sport. And it is not only in the yield. For example, you can surprise a neighbor rare varieties of strawberries or cucumbers collected prior to the frost! Our article is dedicated to those who wish to get to work on the ground aesthetic pleasure. And nice beds occupy the last place in this issue! From it you will realize that the creation of a well-tended garden and a decorative flower garden - is a fascinating and rewarding activity!


  • Make your site beautiful
  • "Raisin" decorative garden

Make your site beautiful

To create a decorative vegetable garden does not need too much money. The main thing - it is your imagination and a little knowledge!

  • You can make a beautiful garden in the simplestway - the beds need to be alternated with different crops (cabbage, beets, carrots, etc.). Due to the alternation of vegetables that have different shapes and leaf color, your garden will become more "alive". He will not look dull and boring. The main thing is do not be planted in the neighborhood plants that can interbreed with one another and which do not get along with each other. For example, did not land near the carrots and fennel, cabbage and parsley, cucumber and herbs.
  • It is worth paying attention to tillering and plant height. At one station, they should be planted so that the height is gradually increased - from low to high.
  • A bed on one recommended planting crops that have a need for water. Otherwise, one with the same watering will become wet, while others - dry.
  • For those who are not afraid of difficulties, you canoffer to plant a plant figure scheme. It is made in advance to see the end result on paper first. As a rule, the decorative scheme of the garden is made in view of symmetry. It suggests that the left and right sides are the same, although asymmetric planting plants sometimes looks very original.
  • Deciding to make your garden special in its own way,We need to realize that it is necessary to abandon the monotonous rectangular areas. It will consist of a triangular or arched landings, which should ideally be combined planted near the plants companion. Moreover, the main difficulties you will be expected at the planning stage of non-standard beds and flower beds, as well as during the landing of plants. Further care for them is no different from the usual.
how to make a bed

Beautiful beds add to the weekdays, maximum pleasure

"Raisin" decorative garden

So, talk about how you can decorate your garden. Various design beds, a photo of which are well represented on the Internet, will help you make the right choice.

  • The first thing that catches the eye on the site - it istrack. Their decoration makes attractive not only gardens, but also garden. For the latter are more suitable woven lattice and treated lumber or boards. Moreover, braided fence can do yourself, using his pegs and flexible twigs of aspen and willow. From the side of the beds it should be closed film that will protect it from premature decay and spoilage.

The first thing that catches your eye - Track and curbs

  • You can use the device to track or small cobblestone tiles. They are often sprinkled with gravel or fine gravel.
  • If you want to emphasize the contours of the various segments of the garden, along the edges of the tracks can install plastic curbs or plant chives, parsley, chives, lettuce.
  • Great find for the decorative portionThey are curly culture. We are talking about cucumbers, peas, beans, melon. If you set in their places of landing cute wooden or metal arches and stairs, the plants will be for them to curl. As a result, you get in your garden a very beautiful area.

Vertical ridges - the original decoration area

  • Today it has become fashionable to grow along with vegetablesflowers. So is their protection against pests, as well as improving the aesthetic appearance of the garden. The colors do just edging vegetables and put them already after the first shoots. In this capacity, well suited marigolds and nasturtiums. Once they sprout, they need to be thinned out, so that they interfere with the growth of the main crops.
combined landing

Vegetables and flowers can be amicable neighbors

  • When a small area of ​​the site, some fansbackyard practicing vertical ridges. In this capacity act cultivated vertically set pipe. They are used for growing vegetables and berries - strawberries and strawberry, that with such a landing look like something special and original.
  • If you cut these pipes along their comfortableused as a horizontal suspended beds. The flowers that you plant them, will bring variety to the traditional form of the vegetable beds. Suspended beds can be attached even to the walls of houses or outbuildings.
  • Quite an extraordinary idea - is to grow vegetablesand greens in boxes to the ground. They can be made of different sizes and arrange for your site perimeter. So not only do you make the most of the area, but also to decorate your garden.
  • More than a modified way - is to growgreen, low-growing vegetables and flowers in small containers. They are fixed on stable shelves that you can place in a convenient place for you.

Hopefully these tips will help you create beautiful beds, which will decorate your garden! After all, you want not only to work on the ground, but also benefit from this joy ?!

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