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Luxury flower garden at the cottage - mixborders do with their hands

Luxury flower garden at the cottage

Grow a spectacular and stylish of mixbordersperennials can landscaper. But even if you are - a novice gardener lover and want to try myself in a new role, nothing prevents you to create colorful mixborders own hands. Arm yourself with the theoretical knowledge and patience, will reward your hard work!


  • The first step - planning
  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Planted plants height
  • Choosing a color scheme and style

The first step - planning

  • Mixborders, photo you see below maybe unilateral or the monitored from all sides. Selection of plants for flower bed height depends on the distance of the main viewpoint of the flower bed edge. In other words, the farther you will be from a flower bed, the higher shrubs and grasses can be planted in it.
Terms of flowering plants for mixborders

Table "flowering dates for mixborders" will help you to draw up a scheme for the flower beds.

  • When you create mixborders used: dwarf trees, shrubs, herbs, ornamental grasses, pot plants.
  • Lay flower best in early spring. If you do landscaping of the site in the fall, try to have time to plant a flower bed to the end of September to the root system has had time to prepare for winter.
  • Learn about the features of your chosen speciesplants. So, rock grass and shrubs will suffer in the wet and rich soil fertilizer. A plant with a creeping rhizome or root, sprawling wide, begins to oppress their neighbors, gradually seize foreign territory in the fight for a place under the sun.
  • As it develops, perennials and shrubsgrow, consider this when making their planting. Annual plants can fill empty seats to make the composition more colorful and bright. When mixborders from bushes "matures", annuals are planted in the form of small inclusions to make the composition more interesting and expressive.
  • Plants are planted in accordance with their height, color and, most importantly, the timing of flowering. When some plants wither, replaced by others should come.
flower beds

Landscape style garden: flower beds against the green lawns.

  • When planting, keep in mind all: soil composition, lighting, protection from the wind.
  • When the joint planting get along well with each other perennials with loose root system and spring bulbs and tulips dwarf phlox.
  • Despite the fact that in the foreground are placed low-growing perennials are always one or two tall plants in the "front row" will flower more expressive.
  • Include juniper or fifth song, mixborders from conifers will look elegant all year round.

Useful tips and tricks

  • Do not neglect the "green weight". Decorative and deciduous plants (ferns, Heuchera, hosts) will be the perfect backdrop for bright garden flowers, flower bed will give splendor. They also help in the period when the main plant has wither.
project plan

plant scheme - this is your project plan

  • When laying a flower garden can be planted in the gapsTulips, Fritillaria imperialis, muscari, crocuses. Do not be amiss to add plants that repel pests: cilantro, tarragon, thyme, marigold, nasturtium.
  • To initially on your flower bed had no voids to fill their container plants can be. When perennials will grow, simply remove the pots from the flowerbeds.
  • Try the border between the height of various plants do too sharp, otherwise the composition will look unnatural.
  • Do you want a large flower garden? Pre-schedule it a narrow path that will facilitate your work in it.
  • Very convenient computer graphics programs,which allow designers to landscape to see the "finished" mixborders at the stage of its design. If the client does not like the virtual mixborders, plant scheme for mixborders easily corrected.

Planted plants height

Low-growing plants: ageratum, ornamental onions, Astilbe, periwinkle, Galanthus, viola, cloves, Heuchera, crocus, daffodil, Aubrieta, wormwood, phlox, chickweed, Iberis.

Average height: aster, cornflower, St. John's wort, bellflower, buttercup, mallow, sedum, Rudbeckia.

Screen plant (they are placed in the background): foxglove, sunflower, amaranth, kosmeya, lavatera, kochia, Monarda, gypsophila paniculata, lily, Astilbe.

Not only do mixborders of perennials with their own hands, we must also be able to take care of him. In order not to complicate their work, choose perennials with similar agronomic requirements.

Mixborders of perennials, a photo of which is presented below, can be transported to anywhere in the garden.

creation of mixborders

The basis of mixborders up perennials. Choose what you prefer.

Choosing a color scheme and style

  • You can put any kind of a mixed flower bed: monochrome, contrast, toning, motley - their names speak for themselves. If you have enough experience, choose 2 colors that are in harmony with each other. To create a professional mixborders, you need to be aware of the color scheme, to be able to use the color wheel.

    flower garden at the cottage

    Driving mixborders and beds (1 - Geranium Endress,2 - Alchemilla mollis, 3 - Geranium, 4 - coreopsis, 5 - bloodroot, 6 - yarrow, 7 - decorative bow 8 - Agastache fennel, 9 - verbena, 10 - boxwood, 11 - wormwood, 12 - Mint, 13 - Echinacea 14 - lavatera, 15 - clematis)

flower bed near the house

Kind of a flower bed from above (1 - Geranium Endress, 2 -Alchemilla mollis, 3 - Geranium, 4 - coreopsis, 5 - bloodroot, 6 - yarrow, 7 - decorative bow 8 - Agastache fennel, 9 - verbena, 10 - boxwood, 11 - wormwood, 12 - Mint, 13 - Echinacea, 14 - lavatera, 15 - clematis)

  • You make a bet on the contrast? Purple and yellow, red and white - these combinations will be visible from a distance. Did not land melkotsvetkovye contrasting colors (such as alyssum).
  • With roses great neighbor: geraniums, Echinops Sphaerocephalus, delphinium, campanula. Near delphinium plant aconite. "Friendships" with roses: lavender, ageratum, salvia.
  • One-color flower bed looks very elegant, itmost notably a variety of shapes and sizes of buds. If you choose monochrome, your mixborders will look like the Queen of England - severely refined and tasteful.
  • Do you want to create in the garden area a la "Backwoods"? With the help of coniferous wood and you can make a natural undergrowth.
  • The landscape garden style, where most and can besee mixborders of trees and shrubs, it became popular in Europe in the XVIII century. Soft, smooth transitions - unchanging feature of this style. Flower of wild daisies, cornflowers, poppies, bluebells, nivyanok most suitable for the garden landscape style.
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