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Interesting ideas for improving gardening area

Thinking how to ennoble the suburban area,owners can at least break bright flower beds. A variety of construction (eg, patio, children's playground) and small architectural forms (arbors, pergolas, bridges, garden furniture) have their functional purpose, however, is decorated with the territory, make it cozy and comfortable.


  • The use of colors and small architectural forms for the refining area
  • Lightweight tent gazebos and capital - cozy corners rest on the plot
  • Construction of the playground and patio
  • These dry streams and - the highlight of the territory

The use of colors and small architectural forms for the refining area

Optimally think about ennoblinggardening area on the stage of development of the site. Often, this is not possible. In any case, there are a number of decorative elements, as well as the small architectural forms, which improve the overall appearance of the site, making comfort and convenience. For climbing plants erect trellis, screens, arches, pergolas. They smartly suited for installation on verandas, or along the tracks near the pond.

The highlight of the area can be rest areas,such as gazebos. There are many variations of this construction, manufactured from various materials: wood, metal, plastic, etc. Magnificent wrought iron design, entwined with vines, clematis, climbing roses.

Various flowering and decorative deciduousPlants are always popular, as well decorate the area. Therefore it is necessary to break a flower bed, and on paved and concreted surfaces to place the pots. Also look good hanging baskets placed near the entrance to the house.

beautiful garden

Continuously blooming mixborders requires a certain knowledge of the gardener

Ennoble garden plot, as a rule,helps mixborders, which will please their flowering from early spring to late autumn. It is based on a variety of perennial, annual and even houseplants. Mixborders get beautiful if the gardener has sufficient knowledge in order to get along on a garden of flowers, differing in terms of flowering, height, etc.

Lightweight tent gazebos and capital - cozy corners rest on the plot

If there is doubt whether the gazebo fit insite landscape and whether it is necessary in general, can be divided into lightweight tent. Make it not so difficult. On the four sides of the structure settles the foundation where the fixed-bearing arch, on top of which is dense fabric. Around the pillars and the roof tent is easy to pull the mosquito net or fishing. In her cell, you can weave vines, which will make the tent more cozy and secluded.

gardening area

The original arbor-chair will decorate the gardening area and a favorite vacation spot.

Capital gazebo - the perfect place to relax. Craftsmen is fed into the electricity, placed BBQ, garden furniture. If the arbor glaze, it will be like a room in the garden. For fans of the original designs, there are other solutions. You can build a gazebo, rocking chair, which is a gable roof on poles and wooden shield with benches and a table mounted on the suspension.

Unusually look pergola from growing trees. For this purpose, suitable planted in 1 meter easily bendable trees, such as willow, ash, maple, birch, linden. Between the trunks advisable to place additional supports connected wire which is attached to the branch.

After reaching the trees 2 meters in heightproceed to the formation of a living roof of the gazebo. This construction requires more care, because you need to adjust the direction of the growth of trees, trim excess and dry twigs. Garnish with bare trunks of trees planted next to allow the vines.

rest zone

Chatter from live trees is an unusual variant design recreational areas, inside which you can put garden furniture

Construction of the playground and patio

Patio is another wonderfulconstruction for families or entertaining. In fact, this "little room under the open sky" with a cobbled floor, which is adjacent to the house and connects it with the garden. Patio can be quite a small area, lined with paving slabs on which is located a couple of chairs and a table, and can be a multilevel structure with flower beds, pergolas, ponds, permanent furniture.

When deciding how to elevate site isworry about children's recreation area. For the younger kids are building a sandbox, swing or even entire systems with a slide and exercise equipment. The functionality of the playing area are most dependent on the age of the child and his needs. For the tiny kids enough sandbox, lawn, etc.

for a child

Children's play areas will make the baby stay in the country interesting

At the age of 3 - 6 years gaining relevanceswing, simple sports equipment, slides. You can create a closed path around the site for the first trips on the tricycle, and later on a conventional bike. As the child grows erect more elaborate playground equipment: the hut, castle, pirate ships. Playground is actual from 12 years of age. For it should be given a new place in the garden, and out of the sandbox, you can make Alpine hill or flowerbed.

These dry streams and - the highlight of the territory

Happy owners of the pond on the site candignify it with moisture-loving plants, strengthen the coast rounded boulders, stones. For planting suitable: saxifrage, sweet flag, ferns, reeds, swamp irises. Also planted on the banks of a weeping willow, barberry bushes, hawthorn, Viburnum.

Reservoirs decorate using fixtures,Create a romantic atmosphere in the evening hours. Besides using all sorts of figurines fairy-tale characters and animals (frogs, snails, herons). If the body of water at the site created artificially, it is good to settle his natural inhabitants: water strider, amphipods, mollusks.

Another option other than decoration area -dry creek, which placed even in small areas. The process of creation starts with marking contours using ropes. Then, the upper part of the soil is removed, and the bottom is lined with plastic or geotextile that will prevent germination of weeds and keep the form of a dry creek. For the bed is suitable coarse sand, gravel, pebbles. Sometimes add beautiful brilliant cut glass in the sun.

site improvement

Dry creek is an excellent alternative to the present body of water and can be equipped by even a small area

To the shores of devices use boulders and large rocks. In addition, through a dry creek can throw a garden bridge. He was also satisfied over these ponds and small ravines.

Refining area - a pleasant and sometimestroublesome task. Use a variety of plants, hardscape, water. The result of such activities is a comfortable and beautiful gardening area.

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