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How to make a flower bed at the cottage or a paradise for relaxation

Subject beds is currently breaking all recordsRelevance. This is because people go to the country, not only in order to plant and dig potatoes. A piece of private land beckons all the opportunity to create a haven for relaxation. And what comfort can be without a flower garden and aroma of favorite plants? Not every woman knows how to make a flower garden in the country, so many turn to the professionals. But if a good try and connect the imagination, and it is possible to save money and surprise yourself. So much so that all the neighbors will be jealous.


  • Types of flower beds.
  • How to make a flower bed.
  • How to achieve color harmony

Types of flower beds

To create a flower bed itself, it is necessaryhave a desire and a little knowledge. Typically, summer beds are represented in the form of a geometric shape, but everything depends on the master's creativity. The presence of the Internet gives rise to new ideas. Here you can find thousands of different decorations, from the cascading machine products from tires to sprout flowers old bed. To make a work of art, one must first decide where you want to arrange a flower garden. The selected location must get sun light and views of the guests. Among the main species of flower beds, you can select regular, free and tiered. Regular have fixed a clear layout and are divided into garden curbs, flower beds, ridges and parterres.

  • Garden curbs - a plant strip about half a meter wide, which is framed by lawns and paths.
  • Flowerbeds - a geometrically correct areas planted with flowers that are often rectangular, round, square, or diamond.
    flower garden in an umbrella

    Subject beds beats all records of relevance

  • Rabatki - long floral bandwidth upthree meters, often consisting of several rows of plants. Typically, a flower-bed on the perimeter of some objects. rabatki length approximately three times should be greater than its width.
  • Ground floor - this flower arrangement and any non-living elements, sculptures, sand or stones.
  • Free beds are a landscaping that does not have a clear smooth lines. The most popular of them - mixborders, rock and band.
  • Mixborders - a mixed flower beds, having a variety of shapes and a large number of plant varieties are often planted patterns.
  • Rock gardens - beds is based nearelements of nature, like brooks, ponds, rocky hills or wild plants. A prime example are the rock garden beds on the rocks, so-called rock gardens or rockeries.
  • Groups - floral arrangements of various shapes placed on level ground.
  • Bunk beds - a sublime flower beds,planted steps. Special garden vases for them can be bought in a store or personally lay out of the stones. The easiest and most popular option - it tires of different sizes, laid out the pyramid.
flower beds breakdown

Flight of fancy in creating flowerbed unlimited

How to make a flower garden

  • Select the size and shape

To make a flower bed in the first place need toprepare the planting scheme, choose their varieties, to determine the amount. The size and shape of the flower garden fully depends on the area allocated for the garden. If the area is large enough, experts recommend to create several different compositions of flowers.

regular flower garden

Regular beds have a clear plan

  • We take into account the time of flowering

To bed continuously blooming, very importantearly-flowering plant it at the same time, and late-srednetsvetuschimi plants. With little experience of creating ideal flower beds are flowers that bloom from late May to the first frosts, such as marigolds, salvia or mignonette dushistaya.K early-flowering plants include crocuses, daffodils, pansies, saxifrage, tulips, primroses and saxifrage. These flowers are pleasing to the eyes from April to June. From late June to August blossom: purslane, Astilbe japonica, phlox, bells, petunia, Eryngium alpinum, daisy garden. August begins to bloom most of the species of asters, sedum prominent, and chrysanthemum.

  • Do not forget to plant height

It is important to take into account the height at landing. On circular flower bed in the center of the highest cost plant plants. Curbs, mixborders and adjacent to the fence unilateral vysokorastuschimi flowerbeds are planted flowers in the background. The closer to the foreground, the lower should be the plants complete the composition can be ground-covering tsvetami.Samymi high flower beds flowers are poppies, delphinium and kosmeya. With proper care, they reach 80 cm Slightly below, 60-70 cm. - Cornflowers, zinnias and phlox. Dimorfoteka, calendula marigolds and reach only 30 cm.

bunk beds

Bunk beds - a sublime flower beds planted steps

  • Cares about plot-light under a bed

When choosing plants for flower beds need totake into account the illumination beds. After all, the sun like some flowers, and others - no. For light-loving plants include salvia, lupins, dahlias, peonies, phlox, gladiolus, rudbeckia, delphiniums, marigold, petunia and marigold. Comfrey, tiarella, periwinkle, fern, nasturtium, balsams, daisies, aconite, daylilies, Astilbe and lily of the valley - a shade-loving flowers. There are plants that grow well in the shade and in the sun - it Aquilegia, lilies, pansies, irises, Brunner and cornflowers.

  • We share the moisture-loving and drought-resistant flowers

Another very important factor when choosing colorsfor a bed - is the ratio of moisture to the plants. Rudbeckia, forget-me, Astilbe, saxifrage, peony and globe-die without regular watering. Drought tolerance are marigolds, asters, eschscholzia, kosmeya, purslane, saxifrage, stonecrop.

flower garden at the cottage

Landscape planning flower beds available has no clear lines

How to achieve color harmony

Generally, planting a flower garden, you just have tocherish your desires and tastes. But consider some aesthetic aspects still need. The main colors in the flowerbed are red, yellow and blue, other colors - extra. White combined with any colors, both main and additional.

Very impressive look monotonous beds. For example, if you are located in the garden of bunk beds, one made red, the other - yellow, and the third in blue. It is not necessary to use one kind of plant, the main thing - to choose the color.

Harmonious look two-tone combinationsyellow and purple, blue and orange, green and red. Also interesting combination passing from red-orange to yellow, blue to violet-blue. Pink, merging with pale blue, blending into the lemon-yellow - is a hit combination. These colors are suitable for recreational facilities has a positive effect on the nervous system and create comfort in the garden.

growing flowers

Any plants should be planted with love

Do not forget to dilute the composition of herbs,which will decorate a flower bed before it blooms. There is one major rule of creating a flower garden: any plant should be planted with love, then it will respond in kind. Be creative, improvise and be happy!

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